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Shh…Keep it Secret: Money Making Through Mobile Apps

Mobile App Marketing January 17, 2018
MShh…Keep it Secret: Money Making Through Mobile Apps

Try searching a restaurant app in the play store in your mobile app. What probably you will get is plenty of suggestions for the restaurant app having almost similar features. What’s your first reaction looking at all those plenty of apps? Which one to install? Which will be the best one among all? Am I right? Well, it’s good to have options, but it’s not good to have options more than they are needed. This will complicate the things even more and confuse you. The number of apps in the Google Play store is 3.5 million and whereas the number of iPhone apps in the Apple app store is 2.2 million. Almost every business these days are hiring mobile app development companies and making their presence in the digital space and this is making the online store cluttered and messed up.




Isn’t this too much of competition? You have been told not having a mobile app for your mobile app is losing a heavy amount of business, but is it really beneficial to have one? The ultimate agenda of any mobile app is to generate revenue out of it, all lead to that. Before you get trapped with the wireframing and designing phase, ask yourself how is your app going to generate revenue out of it? If you are very sure that it will, let me give you some numeric fact to give your confidence a second thought. 60% of the iPhone apps are not able to give an adequate return to their developers. Being a newbie, you just can’t keep paid download for your app as no one will download it, so how to make money exactly? To your astonishment, there are still various ways to make money from the mobile app. Here’s how.


Money Making Through Mobile Apps


1) Do Your App Have The Money Making Market?


Do you sell garments in the fruit market? Even if you do, will you get potential customers and sales? No, right. The mobile app development is also similar, you need to spot the right market which is lucrative, less competitive and trending. Study the entire digital space, look for the emerging sector, list down the needed features and frame your app likewise and most importantly launch your app to the right set of people to get the right set of downloads. Take a deep breath, it’s not too much, it is up to the mark.


You might be caught by the thought skipping this process is a huge time saver and you can be half done with development part if you skip these steps. Well, you can skip this, but it will be like hitting the hammer on your own toes. Go ahead if you are okay with it. At this stage involve business specialist, growth advisers, UI/UX experts to sort the functionality of your mobile app. Data analysis is also one of the tools to be taken into considerations as we all know numbers never lie.


2) Generate a Fan Following


Making money through mobile apps largely depends on the way you market your app. Create a customer list and before the app actually steps into the app store and reaches the audience, market in a way that they are already in the know of the same. Do you know “curiosity creates magic”? Make your customers curious about the app that is about to come in the market, show them a little glance and make them wait.


3) Simple will Put Dimple on Your User’s Face


Do you know that 90% of the apps are deleted after using just for once? There are only 16% of the users who are ready to give a second chance to the app if they are not satisfied by using it for the first time. So, you better not make any mistakes or else you will lose 90% of your users. There cannot be any room for bugs as well. So test it rigorously. To get the return through your mobile app, you can either opt for the in-app purchase, choose subscriptions, or you can also make your app a communication channel to get in touch with more customers.



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