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Top Online Job Time Tracker for 2019

Entrepreneur, Mobile Technology May 16, 2018
MTop Online Job Time Tracker for 2019

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Are you facing difficulties monitoring job performance by freelancers or your VA? If you feel that you’re not getting value for money from your team, there’s a solution. Read on to discover a revolutionary job time tracking solution for you.


Why You Need the Best Job Time Tracker


  • Reduce Time Wastage


A good job time tracking software enables you to remotely monitor what your team is working on. More importantly, it tracks the actual time spent on the job. This is presented in a timesheet.


  • Scheduling of Employees


Prepare a schedule for your employees to facilitate job completion and avoid coordination problems.


  • Facilitate Project Management


A good software application will make project management less stressful. It simplifies allocation of time and resources. In addition, it monitors the entire process and helps you meet deadlines. You can use a smart time tracking system to budget for your project and track expenses.


  • Save Money and Time on Payroll Preparation


A job time tracker with multiple integration capabilities helps you prepare payroll faster. This is suitable for growing businesses operating on a small staff. You can use the time and money saved this way on other duties.


  • Efficient Staff/ Fleet Management


GPS location ability of a job time tracking system helps managers to monitor and manage staff or fleet of vehicles efficiently.


  • Get Accurate Employee Data


Internet and program monitoring applications will show you what your employees spend most of their time on. In this manner you get to evaluate how the best employees use internet and programs.


Based on the above solutions Hubstaff application is the top online job time tracker for 2019. The description below shows you how Hubstaff software can be your best partner in business management.


  • GPS Location


Hubstaff is able to accurately determine the location of your staff or fleet. It uses GPS technology to provide you with this information.


Online Job Time Tracker for 2019


  • Accurate Reports


Hubstaff prepares advanced weekly or monthly reports. Its ability to integrate multiple functions enables this online job time tracker to give you information about time, task, and payroll. With this job time tracking system you’ll know when a job is completed and invoice it.


  • Track Time with Screenshots and Activity Levels


Hubstaff can take screenshots once, twice or three times a day to provide time spent on a job. It also shows you the individual activity levels. This means your employees will put more time in improving productivity. Businesses who have used Hubstaff application have reported increased efficiency, productivity, and effective management.


  • Automatic Online Payroll


Once you’ve set the payroll the first time, Hubstaff will do the subsequent ones for you. The application uses the information it has gathered to generate a payroll and pay your employees via PayPal or Payoneer. This process is faster and more accurate than the manual system.


  • Track Website Visits


Hubstaff app monitors the kind of websites your staff visit and the time spent. You’ll be able to know if they’re spending time in a productive way or not.


  • Staff Scheduling


Hubstaff allows you to manage your more efficiently by using a scheduling app. This provides you with employee attendance, shifts or missed duty.


  • Easier & Flexible Invoicing of Clients


This online job time tracking system allows you to invoice clients faster. You don’t have to go manual invoicing again. It’s also flexible, whether time based or fixed rate payment.


These key features of Hubstaff software make it simply the best remote business management tool.

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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