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What is an API Strategy and Why is it so Important for Digital Businesses?

Entrepreneur, IT Technology April 23, 2018
MWhat is an API Strategy and Why is it so Important for Digital Businesses?

Having an API strategy is crucial for leading digital business. A company that operates without API, which allows program interaction, is missing a core value. We can compare the importance of API for digital business to the importance of www for the Internet. To conclude, just like the Internet needs a network of online content, digital business needs APIs. WWW enabled the use of the internet for billions of people. APIs share services with external companies and open up the doors for companies’ fast growth.


Important of API Strategies for Digital Businesses


Some people don’t like and don’t use APIs. However, a company that doesn’t use API lack huge potential and sooner or later wouldn’t be able to compete with companies that are using APIs (stoplight for example). We can assure you that APIs and companies that use APIs will make great prosperity in the future. The use of APIs was limited sometime before, as companies couldn’t share services among themselves. Now when the API’s potential is completely revealed, everyone can get access to it. APIs today have many supporters and consumers.


Even companies that were in a lock before blossomed thanks to the help of APIs. APIs allow companies to expand, generate growth, and rank higher on the market. Some people see APIs as a technical concept, but they lose sight of the strategic importance of APIs. The actual influence of APIs goes far away from the technology.


We will compare the API strategy to an umbrella as it serves as a cover. If you want to have a successful API, then you have to have a good API strategy. The strategy has to be compatible with your architecture area and design. API strategy actually dictates the objectives and API design use these objectives according to plan. Further, the strategy is important for the use of APIs and SDKs.




SDK – Software Development Kit and APIs


As APIs are a part of SDK, we can compare them to building blocks which create a platform for system communications. APIs and SDK are an irreplaceable tool which covers the market, maintain clients’ engagement, and keep shareholders satisfied.


The main reasons for SDK and APIs importance are:


1) They encourage innovation,


You just have to keep the hold with the competition, as companies are increasing mass production on a daily basis. The market is so dynamic that companies reach the top one day, while tomorrow they are at the end of the list. Yet, if you constantly improve your strategy, you have a great chance to maintain the business. Companies that stick to a conservative approach lose their value and ranking. New demands require a flexible approach and innovations, so you can fulfill it.


2) And collaboration,


External innovations are also important. Sometimes you are searching for a solution inside your company, while it is somewhere outside actually. You should open the door to your data to the outside developers, as you will get access to their technologies too, and then pick the ones that will bring a solution for your issue.


3) And increase the quality of customer experience.


You should never count on your customers’ patience. People ask for efficiency and want everything now. Oppositely, if you are offering a low experience quality, it will drive off both your actual and potential customers. You should understand how important the customer experience is for your business. The solution to this issue is very simple – just use APIs. This way, you will fulfill the demands of your customers and stay competitive.


The importance of an API strategy


APIs nowadays are weighted with the new demands. One of these is an API strategy. It is one of the essential parts of leading digital business. However, building a strategy is not so easy. Some percent of all companies fail while making it and this makes uncertain conditions for the future of their business.


Don’t think twice about it. You will make a good API strategy, as we will point out principles that lead to building a successful and executive API strategy.


1) Identify value


Each API produces large values. Your job is to figure out how to apply them. How do you do it? You should analyze customer experience, as this is the best indicator of eventual API opportunities. Your knowledge here has to be much more than basic, so give some time to yourself. Once a developer identifies these possible opportunities, he would easily realize which APIs are needed to open a particular value.


2) Obtain the value


As a developer has a vision now, the company should focus on ways of obtaining the identified value. After a throughout investigation, you should combine the results with your company’s strategy and this way you will get a monetization method.


3) Central authority


Companies are faced with security and data privacy issues. That is the reason why you should create a central authority which will supervise the process of applying strategy and supervise the development process.




Before you start designing an API, make sure you build a good API strategy. As you have seen through the article, a company without an API strategy is bound to fail, and you, of course, don’t want it. Pay attention to APIs and SDKs equally and collect the fruits of your work after a while.

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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