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Why Is Pageless Design Future Of The Web?

Web Development October 3, 2018

The world is shifting to mobile these days. More and more people are using mobile apps or using mobile devices to get access to the internet. So, when you are thinking of designing and developing a new website, consider how is it going to look on those miniature devices. With the browser capacity to the broadband limits and not to forget the CSS, HTML, JavaScript, a lot is ought to get better.

The pageless design is the way for that. For that, the audience need an awakening on what is there today and how can it get better with the pageless design.


Single Page Website

1) Kind Of Story To Make Call To Action


The reason for building websites is to communicate with the current and future audience. The audience can be in the form of users, customers, prospects, enthusiasts, or partners. In every manner, the agenda is to attain a specific task which needs some action on the part of the users. Which is the best way to do that? To narrate a story. Stories are the best way to deliver your message, create an interest, and also get a response. Creating a pageless design will bring up a new trend on the web of storytelling.


2) New, Creative, and Easy to Digest


When you visit a general website these days, you will watch the same old trends, a gigantic image slider, navigation on the top or side, the body including text or icons or images, a sidebar containing various links, CTA, and images. There are websites which ask for the name and mail ID just after you visit the website and know the company or individual you are visiting. These experience is quite antiquated and not something every individual will appreciate.


With a pageless website, you land directly on the main story with a simple design. The visitor doesn’t have to scroll up and down or go here and there to fetch for different information. Which is why the user will love the experience. The goal of the website is completed easily with having to visit the different homepage, sidebar, about page, etc.


3) Conversion Rate is High


Apart from the information sharing, the end goal of developing a website is to convert the user. Of course the design matters, of course, the flow of the app matters, of course, the content matters, what counts at the end of the day is the conversion. What a website needs at the end of the day are the generation of new leads, create more online visibility, to promote their products or services, increase the number of downloads, and increase the sales and user base at the end of the day. This thing is best represented through a pageless website. They are clear, upfront, straight design, and an appealing story.


4) Faster and Easy Iteration


When a minor change is to be executed, a bigger website needs time. In case of a pageless website, checking the analytics, viewing the user feedback, and integrating changes in the website is easy and fast. The reason is pretty simple, you only have to deal with a single page. The hustle of trying to create a good user experience in multiple pages is eradicated and you just have to deal with a single page and pour all your efforts in just one page. The iteration will definitely be faster and more effective as the efforts are not distributed with gathered at one spot.


Pageless website


5) Reduced Bounce Rate


When the user has to search multiple pages to get the information they are looking for, chances are there they will leave the website. In the case of a pageless website, the bounce rate tends to decrease as the user gets everything they want on the same page. This will make them stay for longer time span on that page hence decreasing the bounce rate. The visitors don’t get much to be confused about, an appealing look, an enticing story, and simple flow. What else does a visitor need? I guess everything is covered right here.


6) Increased Sharing


A standard website is heavy and sharing it with someone would be difficult. The heaviness of the website compels the visitors to refrain from sharing or manually pick the parts they like to share with someone. Those websites with landing page are even worse to share and the chances of positive feedback are even lesser. But, when there is a single page website with a good story and low weight, sharing is easy. Also, both the parties the one sharing and the one with whom it is shared enjoys the piece.


7) Visually Appealing on Every Device


There is a uniformity across platforms created through pageless design. The users are used to the habit of scrolling the content, use interactive elements and effective navigation. The mobile app which is currently developed by the top mobile app development companies are leaps and they are way ahead of the present web designing standards for giving the users memorable and smooth experience.


The designers and developers accept the technological advancement and ditch the older versions and make the website mobile friendly. They add new elements like pop-out menus, swipe gestures, animations, integration of GPS information, and gyroscope movements. These elements make the website look appealing on every platform and every device.


8) Budget Friendly


The last factor but not the least one I just must say. Building a full-fledged customized website would cost a fortune. But, this won’t be the case with a pageless website. A beautiful one-page website can be easily developed in very less time and budget as compared to the standard website.

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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