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Why Should You Adopt Swift for Startup For IOS App Development

iPhone App Development May 10, 2017

Developers of 2017 have turned their ways towards swift if they are taking up the project of IOS or macOS. This fresh programming language introduced by apple consist all the upper hand of C and objective C, leaving behind all the deprivation of it. However, many users thought that the trend is directing somewhere else but the recent updates show that Facebook, Uber, Mozilla, LinkedIn, IBM and all such giants have already turned their ways towards swift. Well, this has also driven the startups this way including the silicon valley considered as the fastest growing ones.

Swift for Startup

This programming language has been introduced in the year 2014 at WWDC and has replaced objective C very successfully. In the year 2015, it was declared as open source and thereafter, Apple and IBM jointly started investing in it. This programming language basically supports OSX, IOS, tvOS and watchOS. If you are an IOS app development company and still using objective C, wake up and “shift to swift”. Swift has not flourished so speedily and that too effectively on the grounds that it is properly designed and structured, the actual reason backing the success is people’s support. Let’s hunt the reasons why startups are also heading their way towards swift.

Adopt Swift for Startup For IOS App Development

1) Utmost security with easy maintenance

Security is the top notch when it comes to app development specifically if you are a newbie in the market, your point of focus should be upcoming with a secure app. When safety accompanies with easy maintenance, it’s the best combo ever. Turning your ways towards swift avails you with dual sided benefits. There is no legacy code dealing when it comes to swift along with no issues of bug handling or pointer variables.

2) Go for swift, when you want immediate costing drift

For developing native IOS app, swift and objective C are the only options in the market. As per the researched data of stack overflow, users of swift programming language charges lower as compared with that of users of objective C language. According to the estimates, the swift developers charges $95000 whereas the objective C developers would charge around $100000.

3) Benefits of open source

There is no necessity of license acquisition after the swift is declared open source for both projects, commercial and nonprofit ones. Startup companies get on go access with the low cost if there is open source programming language available. Business owners can accumulate savings of around $60 billion annually by turning their ways towards swift. Till 2014, the IOS app market was ruled with objective C but the advent of swift has put a full stop to it.

Adopt Swift for Startup

4) Coding simplified

Quality in short span is the target for startups which is tenacious to achieve. Well, well, well…..never fear, swift is here. Swift integrates the use of high order functions and this will end up reducing the coding. Idioms and closures, nested and anonymous functions along with several other possibilities will transform your complex coding to single line expression.

“Give your IOS app lift, with swift.”

5) Dynamic libraries enabled

IOS app developers who are stuck up with objective C and don’t move on to swift disdain one of the biggest ascendancies of dynamic libraries support. These are the sources which facilitate the future app updates. With the aid of this inticing feature, developers can connect apps written in the older versions and compile them with the newer ones by using NSA certificate and electronic signature. One of the other pros is of downsizing the app size with dynamic libraries. This feature is the part of the app store and to your luck is also open source. The end conclusion is that the ultimate user spends less time downloading your IOS app giving them satisfaction and your app better reviews.

6) Memory Management

Objective C has never unified the language in a way that Swift does. It has complete support for ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) when it comes to object-oriented and procedural code paths. The chances of memory leaks that Objective C has is totally eradicated with Swift programming language. So, when you ask why Swift, I have a counter question why not? The developer doesn’t have to worry about the memory every time they create a new product. ARC takes charge of every memory management in minimum time. This allows the developers to pay heed on more important tasks of development and testing to make the app even better. The productivity level of the developers shoots up with automatic and high-performance memory management. The developers are free from the mental switches as ARC in Swift works across both the platforms object-oriented and procedural.

7) Future of iOS App Development

It’s not been that long since the evolution of Swift but you can see the pace it has attained and support it received from the Apple. There is no chance it is going to slow down. In fact, it use and importance both is about to rise and rise very fast. Be if you are a futuristic developer and want to stay competitive in the upcoming times, it is Swift you need to learn. If you intend to walk side by side with Apple as an iPhone app developer, Swift is the must.

8) Most Demanded Language

App development is one of the hottest career choices in the current time and Swift is one of the hottest languages liked, loved, and demanded by the developers. Every report shows a similar conclusion. Past years report of GitHub suggests that Swift is considered to the 13th most active language for open source projects. The report of TNW showed the demand for swift developer increased by 600%. The 2017 survey predicted that Swift came out as the fourth most loved language by the iPhone developers. The skillset of swift as a developer in your resume will increase the chances of selection and higher pay scale as well.

9) Experimenting is Easy

The best thing about Swift is that it has a Playground mode. When you are working on the new ideas, you don’t know what will work and what not. To experiment with the new app and new ideas, Playground mode is evolved to try and test. This will be totally segregated from the actual app and hence if you mess it up and want to ditch the whole idea, your actual app won’t be affected at all.

When you have so many perks, you feel like it is the best solution you can ever get. But, there are certain downfalls as well. Before you enroll yourself at any institute and get started with the learning, let’s make an informed decision by knowing the negative sides as well.

Glitches of Swift Programming Language

Glitches of Swift Programming Language

1) Does Not Support Previous OS Versions

Swift only work with the apps which are iOS7 or higher. This clearly means if there is any legacy project working on the older versions, it won’t be working with Swift. Research says that only 5% or fewer devices run on the iOS6 or lesser versions. Hence, this won’t be an issue if Swift language is used.

2) Bad Interoperability With Third-Party Tools

There are frequent updates and lack of backward compatibility, its kind of difficult to opt for the right tools to assist you with different tasks. The official Apple XCode and IDE lag when it comes to tools and support for Swift. Developers face trouble with Syntax highlighting, compilers, autocomplete, and refactoring tools.

3) Limited Resources

Well, the growth is quite significant in the number of developers but as compared to the community of other open source language developers, Swift has a limited pool of talent. The demand is hyping with each passing day and on the great platforms like Upwork, the Swift developers are asked for a lot.

4) Language is Young

Despite the fact, however popular the language is, it is still in the starting phase. This means that in case of any trouble or issue with the development, you won’t find an easy solution. The resources for learning are also scarce for Swift.


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