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Why Should You Integrate IoT In The App Development Process?

IT Technology, Mobile Technology January 7, 2019
MWhy Should You Integrate IoT In The App Development Process?

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]At present IoT is not something which is new to people or needs an introduction about. It is at quite a popular stage that the corporate world and IT industry are fairly acknowledged with what it is capable of doing. Despite this fact, there is a plethora of mobile app development company who refrain from integrating it into their process. It can be lack of knowledge or the client’s need or fear of adapting the new things. Whatever the reason is, a little enlightenment would not harm any of us. Let’s dive into what benefits a business would avail by integrating IoT into app development.[/blog_single_full_content][blog_single_title_with_content quote_image=”16610″ blg_lft_title=”Integration of IoT Application Development”]1) Esteem Acumen

It is a term for connected devices and we do know how these things work. You will have your smartphone connected with your smartwatch. You will have your phone connected with your TV as well. So, the things are multiple devices are connected and they can be controlled through one single thing which makes it easy to handle and control. IoT is the technology which holds them together. All these devices collect and process information and data to work in sync with each other. Having IoT in the loop will allow you to get insight on all of these and make the process of decision easy, seamless, and swift. When you are looking to convert the complexity into simplicity, the answer lies right here, IoT it is.

2) Interactive

I don’t think this is questionable that IOT makes the mobile application highly interactive. Also, there will be increased options for customizing the apps and giving them an innovative touch. You can beat your competitors by entailing the users they haven’t seen before with the use of IoT in the process. Adding new features and twisting them to stay updated with the latest will be a lot easier with IoT in the process.

3) Customer Retention

The ultimate agenda of any mobile app would be engaged and retain the users. This would be the primary agenda and after a span of time, convert the users into the payment making customers. IoT can make that happen. This was one side to look at it. If this is implemented in the business cycle, the employees can get a helping hand, it can make things smoother and faster. The efficiency and productivity will be taken on a whole another level. Speed, convenience, satisfaction, and motivation would have surged with IoT in the loop.

4) Budget-friendly

The primary thought that runs in the brain is it would be costly to use IoT in the mobile application development. The reality is just contradictory of your thought. In fact, it helps integrating several features in a cost-effective way which would otherwise charge higher. It gives you a room for innovation, improves brand image, and makes the app interactive and yes not to forget in a cost-effective manner.

5) Idiosyncratic

Just like we discussed at the beginning, not many companies have started using it in their routine. This can be an upper hand for you if you start using it. We have always talked about giving the users something which others cannot. IoT can be the cutting edge addition to lure the users your way. Having an IoT developer would make the working easier, simpler, and an added feature to highlight in your portfolio.

6) Remote Access

IoT apps can be accessed from any location. Let’s say you are not present at the workplace yet can monitor your work and share your input from your home or any other place. So, this is one benefit IoT based apps can avail and when you have such an app working in your own company, clients are bound to get impressed and will demand something like this. This is not just limited to the corporate world, it can be used in any industry whether it is healthcare or agriculture or any other industry you want to target.[/blog_single_title_with_content][blog_single_full_content]While you are planning to embrace IoT, there are certain important aspects to be considered before you take the initiative.

1) Connectivity

The IoT based apps would need continuous connectivity to the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

2) Licensing Agreement

There are certain considerations to be followed while developing an IoT based app. There are prevalent standards and licensing agreement which the IoT apps should be in the compliance with.

3) Hardware and Software Abilities

The IoT apps must be compatible with different devices of different sizes. They should also be able to maintain complex operations.

4) Programming Frameworks

While you are on the run to develop an IoT based mobile application, make sure to choose the right framework for each platform. Say for example if you are using an iPhone, then it should be able to connect with the IoT hardware through Bluetooth or Apple lightening.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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