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App Development Partner: Choose Wisely

Mobile Application Development August 16, 2017

App tech is mutating with every passing day and any app that’ s not up to the mark with it is vanishing from the market. Well, Do you think this makes the task difficult for the app development agency? If yes, then you are partly wrong. Well, development agency is in this field hence it’s their job to be accurate with the up coming tech and make use of it in the process. On a contrary not every client knows about the latest tech, they want an app, they want these features in the app, this is what they know. Which tech is latest whether it is beneficial for the purpose of the app and all these are something clients are least in the know of. This makes choosing the right company at the top-notch that does not take advantage of the lack of knowledge and show you the right way of development.


Choose Your App Development Partner


There are companies that take your project and then outsource it as they don’t have resources inhouse that can integrate the demands. Choose the hands very carefully to shape your app. Let me help you decide which are the qualities to look for in your app partner.


Choose Your App Development Partner


1) Scrutinize the skills


Innovation drives engagement. When you portray your app idea and features you want to integrate therein. That’s when you can test the skills of your app partner. If the partner is able to show the mobile expertise here and show the areas which innovation can be brought even with the same old features or show the ways of improvement then yes this is one sign you are heading the right way. What else you need to consider? OS updates are the answer. These are constant talks of the town. Despite the fact you are indulging into IOS or Android app development, both of them should be constantly updated with the utmost version of the OS. A smart partner will always put a point of updating the app for the major OS updates.


When you are talking about the application development, one of the integral you can let loose on is testing. Ensure that your app partner tests your app with the real devices and not with the mere simulators. What your app partner should excel at are:


1) UX (User Experience)

2) App testing and deployment of bug-free app

3) App live in the Apple Store and Google Play store

4) Post app launch support


2) Weigh dual side of the app tech and tool


Your application partner should be equipped with varied app architecture like native, hybrid and web. Web app target on varied scope of users whereas native entails the perfect UX and hybrid is pro at providing platform portability but yes it do have some stringent rules and standards. Make sure your partner have this qualities.


Expertise with back end system to assist with strategic help and deploy enterprise app.

Make the payment terms very clear. Clear out the provisions of Licensing fees and on going fees. This will help you determine the overall cost of your app.


Ensure that the partner is not making use of any of the libraries or tools until the time you are handed over IP of the developed mobile application.


3) Opt for agile methodology


Generally, mobile app development companies have a habit of getting in depth details of the app and then keeping those specifications in mind, creating an app and then test it. Well, a company can be a pro at developing conjoined with the specification but devoid of that it can be difficult for them. What you need is a developer who can create a robust first version of the app eliminating the need of specification and ready for the alterations there after. Application partner must be prominent to assist you with troubleshooting strategic issues. Say for example partner must be decisive about whether geolocation is a feature to be integrated into banking app. Agile is not always related to being fast and coming up with the test version of the app as rapid as possible.





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