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App Development Process, No More Pain Only Gain

Mobile Application Development July 31, 2017

Every second individual thinks he has an idea that can make the world even better, smarter and faster. Well, with the advent of modern tech and the mobile apps, the global boundaries has totally eradicated and the world is now a small place. Back in the date, all those people with ideas were not having the guts and the sources to convert it into the app. Well, not anymore. Idea generators now carry an opinion that their app idea can alter the world and they indulge in the development process on the go. Well, yes the world has a room for every new and great idea, but do you have any idea about the competition you are dealing with? 2.8 million apps are already there in the app store, not to demotivate you but to alert you.


mobile app development process

How many of you actually know what undergoes the app development process? What’s your strategy to compete with already existent outnumbered apps? Which is your choice of platform Android or iPhone app development? With this sector showing commendable advancement and the revenue figures going higher, it might seem intimidating, but the task can be really daunting without adequate knowledge. Enough of the pessimistic discussion, let’s explore the optimistic one and show the path to follow to deploy a successful mobile app in the app store.


1) Clear your app agenda


App development can take almost 4 to 6 months and yes a heavy investment. To avoid encountering a situation where you are left with the half developed app and an empty pocket, you should clear out your apps agenda. Before you initiate tapping your keyboard and coding the app, ask these questions:


1) Which is the captivating feature of your app?


2) What’s the customer issue that your app is going to redress?


3) Do this app adds value to the app store and users life?


Once you answer these questions, you will be clear on what you want to target with this app and who are the applicable audience for the same. Sometimes it will also put you in a dilemma whether you really need an app? This is the red signal and you better know it.


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2) Wireframing


Despite the fact, whether you are outsourcing your project or working in house, wireframing your app is a smart thing to do and can also be easily done by just selecting some of the tools. At this stage, you will probably be hooked up with how your app is going to look. Utilize this time to plan other things as well like promotional ways of your brand and the major one is user experience. Considering these tit bits right from the inception stage of the application development, by the time you are done, you will have an adequately functional app and also bit popular one. Well, don’t miss out on the different usage criteria of mobile website and mobile apps.


3) Back-end


What differentiates a normal company from the top mobile app development agency is the strong back-end infrastructure. The process can prove to be a bit complex if you lack adequate technical knowledge, but don’t lose your patience. Here you might come across need of things like API, servers, data integration, push notifications, and data diagrams. These might leave you confused, but here’s a way out. Keeping these complex things you can go for BAAS (backend as a service). This is a service wherein you can combat scalability issues without being dependent on the in house technicians.


4) Data storage


Well, the data that your app store should be attached with the options of sharing. In the trend of being visible, users are always keen to share interesting things on their social media. Adding a feature to share data directly from the app to the social media will work as a promotional activity for your app.


5) Front-end


When you have a strong back-end integration, now it’s time to strengthen the front one. This is that part of the app, where the users will be actually dealing with the app. What should be laid more emphasis here is app designing and user experience for sure. Keep the user in mind while you are working with front-end of your app. Speed, accessibility, functionality, navigation, and usability should be just like user love.



Gopal Rathod

Project Manager

Working as a Project Manager in 360 Degree Technosoft with 10+ years of experience. I have expertise in client communication,team management,learning new technology and imparting knowledge to my team

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