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Apple’s WWDC 2020: Everything They Announced at Glance

iOS / iPad / iPod, iPhone App Development June 29, 2020
MApple’s WWDC 2020: Everything They Announced at Glance

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]The biggest event of the year has gone digital this year. This is the very first time the event is conducted without the crowd. Apple’s WWDC (worldwide developers conference) is the most awaited event for the iOS app developers and all tech geeks.

Because of the corona outbreak, the event has gone digital but the excitement for the nuances was still the same. Some of the announcements were huge where some of them were expected from the tech giant.

Let’s know about all the announcements Apple made at the event.

1. Major Software Update: iOS 14

iOS 14

We just discussed iOS 13.5 and here we are talking about the new software update iOS 14. Apple shared the first look of the new version in this very first digital WWDC event. The update is expected to come later this year. One of the most exciting changes in the newer version is the widgets that can be placed on the home screen.

Apple is planning to provide these new widgets in different sizes and shapes. The basic agenda is to have data-rich information on the home screen. If the iPhone users are looking for more, they can get them in the Widget Gallery.

There is also a new feature where the apps automatically get organized in the widgets based on the categories. It is very useful to manage apps that cannot fit on the first or the second page. Also, the picture-in-picture mode is coming to iOS 14.

If the Apple user swipes a video while watching, it will float on the home screen. The user can adjust the size of the video and move it. The feature is not very new but Apple has added a twist by allowing to adjust the size and moving it. The user can minimize it to the size of a button and put it on the side of the screen. By doing so, you don’t need to exit the video if you want to use the full screen for a moment.

2. More Memojis are Coming

Memojis iOS 14

In the newer update, memoji is getting much improvement with more age options and cool accessories like facemask and exciting emotions like blushing. This looks like a very small update but using it is a great experience for the user who likes to have a little fun. Those who like to communicate just through memojis, this might seem like a great addition for them.

3. Apple Maps are Getting Updated Map View For Cycling and EV Users

Apple Maps are Getting Updated Map View For Cycling and EV Users

iOS 14 is a great update for the Apple maps with a brand new cycle-specific navigation with several other improvements. This feature will send the cycle riders a notification about an increase in elevation along with carrying the cycle up through the stairs to make you reach the target.

Apple announces that this feature will come to New York City, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Beijing, and San Francisco first and later to other countries. In the few months of the iOS 14 release, it will reach the rest of the countries.

An added feature is for the EV drivers. The updated Apple maps will let them know about the chargers along their route.

4. Digital Car Key is Coming

Apple has never stayed back when it comes to bringing innovation. Here is a new one, Apple has launched a unique way to unlock and start the car. For now, the innovation is limited to the BMW 5 series.

All you need to do is register a key in your Apple wallet and when you go to a supported car, the car will get unlocked through NFC. Start the engine later once the phone is resting on a pad. The keys will be stored in the device and you can delete it from your cloud whenever you want.

One of the interesting things about this is that you can create different driving profiles for other iPhone users. You can give user-specific access for your family members like your kid or give no-restricted access to your spouse or any other trusted person.

5. Welcome the App Clips

iOS14 App Clips

WWDC revealed iOS 14 is bringing app clips that look like a version of Android instant apps but for iOS. There is no requirement to download the entire app to use what is in store for the users along with being able to buy it through Apple Pay. If you are someone who is not looking for apps that you don’t need, this is what you need.

6. iPadOS 14 is Going to Get Some Changes

Apple iPadOS 14

Widgets are also coming to the iPadOS with iOS 14. We cannot confirm that it will work in the same manner as it does on the iPhone. Apple is bringing a new sidebar which will make it easier for the users to navigate the iOS apps. This worked well on Apple Music and other iOS applications. Think of it this way if you are using your iPad as your laptop, this sidebar can smooth things up.

The search on the iPad is also going to get redesigned and looks like a spotlight on macOS. The search comes in handy for finding contacts, surf the internet, or can be used as a launchpad for the app launch.

7. Better Handwriting with iPadOS 14

Handwriting with iPadOS 14

Apple is bringing in a new feature named Scribble. This feature will enable the Apple users to write with Apple pencil in any field and it will be converted into text. It is also becoming smart by detecting the information you wrote and turning you to the relevant app.

Say for example if you are typing an address or a phone number, they will direct you to the contacts app. The handwriting feature can also create writing in multiple languages in the text form on the iPad.

8. What Do Airpods have in Store?

  • Switch Devices with Airpod

Apple also announced at WWDC 2020 about the software update on the Airpods. It allows them to automatically connect to the paired devices and play the audio. The need for manually selecting a source to connect is eradicated.

  • Welcome Spatial Audio for Airpods Pro

Apple announced at the WWDC event about the integration of accelerometer in the Airpods Pro to provide spatial audio. It tracks your device’s location. Spatial audio entails a highly intensive sound experience by giving users the experience like they are inside the audio mix.

  • Choose When to Charge

Airpod batteries will now last longer than usual. One of the interesting WWDC announcements is that Airpods can predict when to stop charging and automatically does it for better battery life. It is said that stop charging when devices are at 80% to make the battery life longer. Now, with iOS 14, Airpods stop charging automatically at 80% and then resume it later.

9. WatchOS 7 Have Plenty New in Store

WatchOS 7

  • Track your Dancing

The workout app of Apple watch uses an accelerometer and gyroscope and combines it with the heart rate data for tracking the type of dance style. This workout style is very unique and not used by any other company yet.

So, users will be amazed and curious about this innovation. Even iOS app development companies will also have to work to integrate the feature into the Apple Watch app.

  • Track your Beauty Sleep

Machine learning is coming to Apple Watch to track an apple user’s sleep. The mechanism uses an Apple watch sensor to track the user’s motion.

There is also a companion app Apple users can get on their iPhone’s and can track their sleep without Watch. If you are looking for in-depth metrics on your sleep, you will need an Apple Watch.

  • Keep a Track of Handwash

Hand washing and hygiene is a great deal. With coronavirus everywhere, maintaining hygiene, and following safety protocol is very important.

Before the WWDC 2020 event, Apple along with Google launched contact tracing API to detect corona infected people and warn them in a timely manner. This is why Apple has watchOS 7 is bringing a feature that integrates machine learning to know and tell when to wash your hands.

The microphone of the watch will listen to splashing water to check that you are washing your hands. Then it will start the countdown on the watch face.

10. Apple TV also has Great Amendments

  • Multi-User Support for Apple Arcade to Apple TV

Have you ever wondered if you can switch profiles so that anyone else is able to play the Apple Arcade title without having to delete any of the progress? Well, now you can do that and that too very easily with the upcoming update. Apple is starting the support for the Xbox Elite 2 wireless controller along with the Xbox Adaptive.

  • Picture-in-Picture is Coming to Apple TV with tvOS 14

Every video application in tvOS 14 will display in PiP on the Apple TV. The comfort and convenience of your watching will be lifted by not having to switch apps while watching plenty of stuff on your TV. You can stay updated with the news while cooking or working out.

11. Silicon for Future Computers

Intel-based processors are used by Apple for years but rumors are there now it will shift to its own silicon. Apple will now use its own technology for iPads and iPhones. The tech giant will make a great jump for covering the entire suite for computing their own products.

12. macOS Big Sur Software Looks like iOS

Apple revealed its next huge desktop update macOS Big Sur. It shows a huge overhaul in design which relates very closely to the iOS and iPadOS. At the WWDC conference, Apple also said it is getting plenty of the same features that are coming to iOS 14. Some of the features include widgets, memoji editing, messaging enhancement like grouping, and pinned conversation.

This is huge news for Apple hardware. This is a step by Apple in making their own components instead of relying on intel for them. The big update is not limited to hardware, it is also coming to the software. It will be possible to run the iPhone apps which are based on intel to run on the new Mac. It will also run on other environments like Linux.

13. Offline Working Translate App

An all-new translate app is coming to users. The app supports 11 different languages and the best part is that they can even work offline for voice and text translation.

The app is already loaded with iOS 14 and the 11 languages include English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, French, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. On certain eligible iPhones, the app also functions in landscape mode.

Well, it doesn’t end there; it also allows the users to have a conversation in two different languages. Predictions says Google Translate app is going to have a tough competition.

14. Support for Xbox Elite Wireless Controller by iOS 14

Apple confirms that the Adaptive Controller and Xbox’s Elite wireless controller series 2 extends their support with iOS 14. Also, there is exciting news for the game developers, they can now have the keyboard and mouse support to play games on iPadOS.

15. Welcome ‘Hey’ Mail App with 14 Days Free Account Option

The email application ‘Hey’ of Basecamp revealed to open the platform for everyone to join without any kind of code requirements. The public launch of the service might lead to a fight over appeal for App store policies before the WWDC event. Hay has launched its version 1.0.3 update with a trial period of 14 days for the iOS users with random addresses.

16. Face and Touch Identification with Safari 14 to the Web

Apple already made it easier for its users to unlock the iPads, iPhones, and even some Mac by providing the Touch ID button. Well, it’s time they come on the web. At WWDC 2020, Apple is guiding iOS app developers to add support for face and touch ID for the websites. This will allow the safari users to log in without any need of entering username and password.

17. Take Faster Photos with iOS 14

iOS 14 allows the Apple user to click faster pictures with improvements in the camera app. It allows you to take a faster first shot and also improves shot-to-shot performance. One of the major improvements is that it allows us to lock in the exposure separately from the focus. Fine-tune your pictures while capturing it.

18. Enhanced Audio with Voice Memo

New tools are coming with iOS 14 with improvements in the audio recording in the voice memo. An enhanced-recording feature is also on the way that improves the quality of the sound of the recording.

Wrapping Up

This is all the tech giant has in store for the Apple users. There was much great news that captured the attention and to get more exciting nuanced, we will have to wait till the next WWDC event. Till then iPhone app developers have a lot to learn and integrate them into their next iPhone applications they develop.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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