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8 Worthy Applications That Will Make You More Productive

Mobile Application Development February 17, 2017

What might today’s lawyers manage without their cell phones? The legitimate calling has turned out to be progressively quick paced and versatile, and legal advisors are presently totally reliant on convenient processing gadgets for correspondence, look into and different capacities. Truth be told, lawyers could do a great deal more with their telephones, yet it has turned out to be practically difficult to stay aware of the majority of the new applications that are turning out every month. With this article, we will attempt to help you deal with the huge number of uses that are accessible so as to locate the couple of genuine diamonds.


Mobile App That Make You Productive


1. Evernote Scannable (iOS)


With this application, you simply point your camera at an archive, a receipt, a whiteboard or pretty much anything with composing. Scannable will quickly catch the picture and afterward consequently turn, edit and alter it. It even expels wrinkles in collapsed reports. You will be flabbergasted at how much the record resembles a genuine report. You can then import the picture to others or spare it wherever you need.


2. Last Message (Android)


With this application, you just point your camera at a file, a receipt, a whiteboard or basically anything with making. Scannable will rapidly get the photo and a while later thus turn, alter and modify it. It even removes wrinkles in given way reports. You will be confounded at how much the record takes after a real report. You can then bestow the photo to others or extra it wherever you require.


Worthy Mobile Apps For Productivity


3. Hangouts (Android)


Google Hangouts has consumed Google+ Messenger, Google Talk, Google Voice, and SMS, consolidating these four informing frameworks onto a solitary stage. This single application along these lines permits you the capacity to send moment instant messages, make voice or video calls and, for Google+ clients, the capacity to video meeting with up to 12 other individuals. Meeting with partners or customers has never been so natural.


4. Chrome Remote Desktop (Android; iOS)


Distributed storage is for the most part perfect for recovering or sharing reports from an inaccessible area, there are times when, for any number of reasons, an attorney needs to get to something specifically from their home or office PC. For instance, one may need to get to a record that is excessively touchy, making it impossible to transfer or utilize a program on their desktop PC that is too huge and intense to introduce on a cell phone. This application makes such get to conceivable from one’s cell phone.


5. TripIt (Android, iOS)


Voyaging is regularly an essential part of the lawful calling, and this application makes making an agenda a breeze. In the event that you utilize Gmail, TripIt consequently associates with one’s email record and deals with any affirmation messages; else, you simply forward reservation messages to plans@tripit.com. TripIt then takes the critical data and makes a schedule that incorporates plane tickets, auto rentals, eatery and lodging reservations, and the sky is the limit from there. It will even give you maps of goals and air terminal terminals. You can likewise adjust your outing arranges with your Google Calendar or Outlook.


6. Dashlane (Android, iOS)


At no other time has it been so imperative to shield one’s information and gadgets from programmers, and that is the reason Dashlane has made our rundown. With this application, you can utilize longer and more unpredictable usernames and passwords for each record or site on the grounds that Dashlane stores them for you in one area. More up to date iPhones can even utilize the TouchID highlight as the client’s authenticator. Facilitate, Dashlane can fill in as a safe computerized wallet, one that consequently spares screenshots of your receipts and buys.


7. MyScript Calculator (Android, iOS)


How did a common adding machine make our rundown, you inquire? Since this is no customary number cruncher. This application permits you to utilize your own particular penmanship to lay out an issue similarly as you would on a sheet of paper. Having the capacity to picture a whole condition can make finding an answer much less demanding than contributing one number at once on a handheld adding a machine or your telephone’s inherent application. In the case of nothing else, it implies you require not stress over getting wrong outcomes since you overlooked the right request of operations.


8. Feedly(Android, iOS)


Feedly can be of extraordinary advantage to any legal counselor who needs a la mode data regarding any matter, however, who does not have room schedule-wise to scour the Internet. This application takes news encourages from an assortment of online sources, for example, websites and online distributions, and gathers them into a solitary, altered view. Thusly, a client can all the more effectively get to and share vital data. Your most loved news will be accumulated and conveyed straightforwardly to your cell phone so that you no longer need to independently visit each of your most loved destinations.


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Impact of Mobile Apps in Productivity


Impact of Mobile Apps in Productivity


We do know about the apps that can boost productivity, let’s explore how those apps can improve productivity.


Work Monitoring


Employers are responsible to keep a check on their employees work and managing each and every employee can be really time-consuming. With a mobile app, the work can be delegated easily and the update about the completion, pending, or any other status can be feed in the app. This will make management easy and also keep transparency between both the parties. The employees can feed the amount and type of work done by them in the app and the employers can check at their own convenience.




Whether it is about planning or work from home, or it is about reminders, a mobile app makes the task easy, speedy, and highly efficient. Also, people don’t need to carry any documents, they can just be updated in the app and shared with the people you want to. The data and resources can be accessed from any corner with the mobile app which definitely increases the productivity.




Do you ever forget to take your medicine on time just because you are tangled in the middle of the work? If yes, a productivity app can help you. You can feed the time and add a text “medicine time” and set the reminder. Now, its the apps duty to remind you about your meds on time. A timely reminder about the work which is of priority is reminded by the mobile app. This keeps the work in tune and assures timely and efficient execution.


Rapid Communication


When all the parties of the work are on the same platform, communication becomes easier than ever. The need of calling 10 different people and repeating the same thing will be totally eradicated. This saves a lot of time and makes each of the people connected through the app and makes them more productive.


Enhanced Security


With mobile apps, the information and data are stored safely. Also, the apps will log out automatically when it is not used for a long time or has stayed idle for a long time. This will also keep the stored data safe and secure. Also, it would be easy to fetch any data when everything is stored right in one place. You don’t have to faff around to check, collect, or share data as it can be accessed by everyone through a single platform.


Easy Availability of Resources


Mobile apps make everything so easy. There are dating apps to find a partner. Are you finding someone to get married? You have matrimonial apps as well. Are you looking for jobs? There are job search apps as well. Are you looking for candidates to hire? There are apps for that as well. Want to buy groceries, yes there is an app. So, now you see, how doing the tasks get eased up with mobile apps. So, mobile apps make resources easily available making people more productive.



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