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Are Users Using iPad As A Replacement For Mac?

iPad App Development January 31, 2018
MAre Users Using iPad As A Replacement For Mac?

iPad is now in the tremendous position. This was never the thought at the inception stage of the iPad launch. The agenda of iPad launch was neither to replace Mac nor to replace the iPhone. iPad was mere third device fitting in the space in between mobile devices and Mac. In the past few days, iPad has undergone some massive alterations which have powered it up. If an iPhone is too little for you and mac is too big for you, you can have a two in one device, we call it iPad. The iPad model launched last spring can be a perfect fit for your needs for $329. All the Apple devices have gone through updates in a timely manner except for this one. Now, that iPad is updated, it has such massive improvements which had made it so powerful that people are seeing it as a replacement for the traditional desktop. The iPad app development company has buckled their shoes to make their apps ready for iOS 11 and iPad Pro.


iPad As A Replacement For Mac ?


When you shift from a huge Mac to an averagely adequate size iPad, you might feel some transition pain. Well, it’s not that difficult and with iOS 11 updates, it’s more pleasure than pain. The need for Mac by the people iPad is becoming extinct. Mac is not that easy to get extinct, they hold certain unique features that iPad lacks and tie the Mac users to their basic devices. If these features are feed into iPad, it would be a perfect replacement without any glitch. The revamped iPad has a bunch of computing features integrated, let’s have a look at those which it lacks.




1) Multiple Instances of a Mobile App


One of the antiquated yet favorite UI feature of the MAC is windowing. For an app, this is one of the best features to be used for the opening varied screen of the same app. It can be multiple notes, word documents, PDFs, everything can be opened in separate tabs. This feature is not existent for now in iPad and it will never will in the future date as well. There is a way out which Mac and iOS both have as a standard interface in web browsers which is tabs. The feature has been existing since 2005 but it was polished after MacOS sierra was added which installed the ability for an app to have the tabbed interface.


2) Diversified Hardware Options


While you search for the options to buy a Mac, you have a varied range to choose from. Your choice is not limited. You can be overwhelmed with the number of options available. You have MacBook, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, when it comes to Mac options. I am not saying you don’t have options for iPad, of course, you have. Options for iPad are iPad, iPad Pro, and iPad mini 4. If iPad has any planning to replace Mac then it needs to offer some more diversification. This is one thing that users want in iPad which is already existing in mac.


3) Multi-User Support


This is the most simple and basic features that laptops have had for decades and it’s not that the iPads are entirely devoid of it. Even iPad has multi-user support, but not as good as that of laptops. Multi-user support does exist for iPad but it is strictly limited to that with the educational users. One pro tip for Apple: make it available to the user of every category. Whether the above-mentioned demand is reasonable or realistic or not, that’s not decidable. It might happen or might not happen, but what is sure is that iPad app development will continue to grow despite the fact whether it will be replacing Mac or not.





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