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Creative Android and iPhone Mobile Application Ideas

Android Application Development, iPhone App Development March 28, 2020
MCreative Android and iPhone Mobile Application Ideas

Have you heard, “Rome was not built in a day?” Well, yes we all have. Similar thought goes with mobile app development as well. It takes a considerable amount of time, planning, searching for the right people, and finally launching it in the open market. Coming up with a million-dollar idea is not an easy task. The idea of the app is one of the most important parts behind the success of an app. So are you planning for an iOS or Android mobile application development? Are you searching for some interesting app ideas to get started? Here is a list of top ideas to consider. Some ideas will be unique while some of them will be old with an interesting add on to lure the users. Check them out and decide which one works best for you.

Creative Android and iPhone Mobile Application Ideas

1) Pick a Problem

Mobile apps that solve any problems work best among users. Take a look around and identify a problem that users are facing. Not one, you will find many potential problems that might work as an idea for your first or probably next mobile application. You can even think of a problem that you are currently facing. Look if there are any possible solutions to your existing problem. Do others face the same issue that you have? If yes, then bingo! You don’t need to look anywhere else for a problem-solving Android or iPhone app idea. Just one thing, check both the stores, Apple and Google to see if there are any solutions available or not. You don’t want to copy someone else’s idea.

It might also be possible that the app for that problem is available on one of the platforms and not both. This can also be a window of opportunity to target one platform, gain enough users, and might be able to generate revenue. Just find the pain points of friends, family, and hit it.

2) Free Version of Popular Paid App

Apps start to charge after they become popular. This might even be your plan to make money from your app at a future date. Well, at present this cannot be your plan. Instead, you must target some of the most popular paid apps loved among the users. Your idea for a successful mobile app is to develop and deploy a free version of such apps.

Say, for example, you target Netflix. People go bonkers about Netflix and chill. So, your idea of a creative app must be Netflix clone app development. When you offer similar content and features as of Netflix but without any charge, users are definitely going to fall for it.

You can gradually make it some of the pro features paid just like Spotify did. It has kept the basic functions like access to songs free. However, to use its upgraded features, the app has chargeable options.

So, start shortlisting the popular paid apps that can be cloned and don’t forget to search for the Android and iPhone application development services provider to turn that idea into an actual app.

3) Turn Trash into Trending

Have you used computers or mobile phones for ten years? Were they these good? With times, there were some additions, some improvements and what we have now is impeccable. Cell phones before 10 years look like trash but smartphones these days are in trend. So, what you can do is look for loopholes in the existing apps. If you have ways to make it better, you have the correct way to launch your idea. Fill the missing gaps and you have got your idea.

4) Add a Touch of Innovation

Look out for the industries which are still antiquated. Well, it’s kind of difficult to look for such industries. Most industries are already digitally equipped. But some of them still have room for innovation. Say, for example, real estate applications are there but not all of them have a touch of innovation. You can consider adding virtual reality or augmented reality to these apps. The users can get a virtual tour of the listed properties with these features.

5) Watch Out for Trends

Mobile app development trends keep on changing. So, watch out for the trends. You might find something interesting. Some app categories are such where multiple apps of a similar domain have room. Try to identify future trends and develop an app that is in those trends.

6) Copy and Localize

Copying is not entirely wrong. If some app is working really nice globally then you can copy and localize it. There is nothing wrong with imitating the idea that others have used. Copying a global idea will not hurt its market and fulfill your agenda as well.

Here are some other Android and iOS app development ideas to try in 2020:

  • Consider developing apps that allow scanning and shopping. These apps will allow its users to scan any product to search it online through the image. Users can get their desired products easily from online shopping sites. Add extra and interesting features to engage the users.
  • Another idea to try is to develop a digital mall navigation app. These apps will store a digital map off every shopping mall in a specific area or a city. The app can provide directions to the mall. It can also search and show particular stores, restaurants, parking spots, and washrooms.
  • Visual graphical table booking app is another idea you can try for iOS or Android mobile application development. This way can book a table of your preference for you or even for your friends or family.
  • An on-demand car wash application is also something you can consider for your next project. Car owners need to service their car every once in a while. Having to drop it off to the garage and pick it back is troublesome. An on-demand car wash app solves such trouble. This takes us back to the first point where solving a problem of the user was the idea.
  • The crime alert app is also an app idea to work on for your next project. Such an app will help the users to stay alert and safe from the crime around them. The app will have an alert button. Pressing the button will inform the police. There will also be a GPS system to share the locations and directions to reach faster.
  • When we are discussing the app categories, we cannot leave behind education. Every nation focuses on this category for growth. The unique idea with this category is to come up with a virtual exam study app. The students can virtually meet and study for their exams. There can be other features to support them like study guides, discussion forums, study tools, help, and free study materials.
  • We have several navigation apps suggesting us the shortest route to reach our destination. Our unique idea is to come up with a navigation app that suggests the new and interesting unexplored route based on the user’s likes and interests.
  • The next idea is an online flower and gift delivery application. Here the users can schedule delivery for the upcoming birthday or anniversary or first day at the job or any of their friends and family. If you are lazy or tend to forget things, the app can automatically pick the best gift or flower on your behalf and get it delivered to them.
  • A recommendation and review app is the next great idea to work on. With a pool of options available, it becomes difficult at times to pick one. Also, the chosen one isn’t always good. Here’s where a review and recommendation app comes in handy. It allows you to follow your trusted people and check out their recommendation while choosing a product, place or service.
  •  One of the major problems these days is for parking. The number of vehicles is increasing and the number of parking spots is few. A parking app that allows the user to check the available parking spots in the desired location can be your next app idea. Start looking for the Android or iPhone app design company and get going with your next big idea.
  • Maintaining expense records, splitting bills, and managing finance is also a pain in the head for the majority of people. A bill management app is the best solution to this hassle. The extra features can be to send reminders about the bills due date. The bill automatically divides among the friends or roomies or relatives with a definite amount to pay or receive. Alerts with the amount going to each member are sent to avoid reminding them in person. Isn’t it great?
  • How about developing a combination of social media and shopping apps? You can develop an app where people can connect with each other like a social media app. The same app also allows users to buy and sell stuff. They can also give reviews and recommendations about the products bought.
  • Want to travel with less money? Well, everybody wants that. This brings us the idea of developing a ride-sharing app. If a user is traveling to a destination and another user has their destination in the same way, they can share their ride. They can also share the cost. Well, the app idea also benefits the environment. So hire Android or iPhone application development services and get started with executing the idea.
  • Do you forget to pay your bills on time? Does your subscription cuts automatically without your knowledge? Every commoner faces these issues on a monthly basis. What if an app takes care of it all? A subscription organization app will remind you every month that subscription is due and the amount will deduct in a few days. If the user wants to keep the subscription, they will continue. If not, the user can cancel the subscription and save the money. The user will also get notification about the bills that are due. They can set to pay the bills automatically at a particular date and they won’t miss a single bill.


1) How do you develop an app idea?

An idea comes at a time when you are not thinking about it. However, if you are looking for an idea, choose a particular domain and search for the top ranking apps in that category to get ideas for your app.

2) How to get app ideas?

One of the best ways to get different app ideas is the Google Play Store and Apple Store. All the developed apps go there. So, search there. Another way is to consult mobile app experts like 360 Degree Technosoft and take their advice on market demand of apps, ranking apps, revenue-generating apps, and any other suggestion you want.

3) Where to sell app ideas?

If you have any unique idea but don’t want to work on it, you can make money by selling it. The best way is to sell it to the leading mobile app developers and make money from it. There are also app-related portals to sell your idea and make money.

4) Who buys the app idea?

In general, app developers and leading companies and the business looking to develop an app are the ones who are potential customers to buy an app idea.

5) How to protect your app ideas from being stolen when outsourcing?

When you share your app idea while outsourcing your project, it’s better to protect your app idea by signing an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with the company. This will bind them legally to not to share your app idea with anyone.

Final Words

So, the list might never end but we will. We hope the Android and iPhone mobile app development ideas would have helped you. Pick your favorite one and start working on the same. If you need any help understanding the ideas, planning to execute them, check the best approach to execute them, contact 360 Degree Technosoft. Book a free consultation now and get started with your dream project.

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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