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Factors Under Consideration for Integrating Payment Gateway in a Mobile App

Mobile Application Development December 14, 2016

Security has been the crucial and critical factors that become a huge headache for all the developers since when it comes to the privacy of the end users. Especially in the mobile applications when today, every single application is thriving to strengthen their payment gateway (PG). Before 5 years, this thing would have just a theory since people didn’t trust the mobile applications’ security and the user restriction was specifically due to this factor, but not today.

Payment Gateway

PG allows the customer to complete their buying process with more authenticity. They are also useful in increasing the on boarding experience of the mobile apps with increased user retention.

Is not this a millennium of mobile applications and smartphones? The more are the number of users resorting to online shopping, higher is the need of an individual to go for shopping, sending flowers, riding taxis, etc. Integration with a payment gateway is one of the critical factors for a mobile app, more so for the merchants and the developers.

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In this article, we will talk about various factors that are to be considered for integrating the payment gateway in a mobile application. As it is well known today that mobile application development business has gained such a momentum that it won’t stop soon. Not only this but also the reliability of users and the businesses on the Mcommerce has increased drastically. So, this fact has acted as a catalyst for the overall scenario. Being a CEO of a mobile application development company, I know that it becomes complicated and convex when it’s about the privacy and security of the end users.


The first and the foremost concern is the sensitivity of the data. The certification of a secure payment is really important as it encourages end users to put trust on it. The shoppers will always feel much more secure when they see that your payment mode is certified with it which eventually is guaranteeing them with 100 % security.

Webpage Payment

There are many payment mode on a mobile, with the help of a web page. Though it includes several steps before reaching payment and is quite hassle some, it is seamless and offers smoother experience for the user. Here, the added advantage will be that the app will be capable of saving the debit/credit card details for future payments.


Many users come with the prejudice of using the debit or credit card payments than using PayPal. There are many other too. All the modes of payments for your app ensures that the needs of the maximum number of target audience are addressed.  The best is to offer the user with a variety of payment options.

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The Cost Structure & Analytics

Cost effective structure in the long term is mostly preferred. Per transaction, periodic and one-time payment are the three options for making payments through apps. The cost structure must not provide any form of interference with the app. Analytics is the tools for finding whether the user is able to stick to a plan, so that everything falls under control.

It is quite easy to commit a mistake when it’s a matter of handling the data of several users as done through the payment gateway. It is equally not possible to make a mistake when several steps in the payment processing needs to be remembered.

Now that, all the vital factors are listed altogether, it will be easy for the developers to checklist these and the end users to take care of these list to ensure they are using the right application with the right payment gateways.


Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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