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Get Ready For 2018 With This Social Media Trends

Android Application Development, IT Technology December 12, 2017
MGet Ready For 2018 With This Social Media Trends

We are standing here at the end of the year, I know you are having the same thoughts as that of mine. Just like me, you have no idea where the entire year just passed. Series of the intuitive things have happened in the current year launch of three iPhones instead of two, IOS 11. Android Oreo, Pixel 2 and many more. The trends are coming and passing just like the wind. Specifically, when it comes to social media trends, 2017 observed many new ones entering and many antiquated ones to vanish. Social media is no more just a medium to meet random people and chat, it has become a non-separable part of the business, entrepreneurs, and marketing. So, if you have learned about the marketing trends or business trends for the upcoming year and fully prepared to capture the market with such strategies, then my friend you should not be missing out on the social media trends as well. Let’s check which are the trends that are going to shape 2018.


Running Social Media Trends 2018


1) AI and chatbots


There are no two ways to the fact that AI and chatbots are going to drive not only the social media trends but every other field that you name. You tell mobile app development, travel, transport, video games, Music and many more. Well, the same trend for social media was predicted last years as well and these are going to be the same for the upcoming year too. Chatbots are becoming smarter and AI is becoming more advanced and both these conjointly are going to alter the entire communication system.


2) Don’t type just talk


Well, we use to ask people for directions, but then with Google maps, we stopped talking and started typing to get directions. Yes, technology stopped people from talking and made them to typing. Well, now the same technology is going to change the trend again. What I am trying to say is voice search. The iPhone and Android app development companies have already started developing apps that are compatible with voice search. What we are already aware of is Siri and Alexa for voice searches. By 2018, these trends are going to improve even more and influence the social media in many ways.


3) Fugitive content


People are more concerned about their privacy and have become more open and frank yet highly secretive. There is always a fear of someone seeing the image posted or someone reading the conversation on some of the social platforms. This gave birth to the fugitive content. Social media has already started following this trend and is going to shape the social media of 2018 as well. Don’t believe? Have you used snap chat? If yes, then you would know the message or image sent will disappear after reading it once or twice. This is exactly fugitive content.


4) Visual impact


Users and customers these days are more engaged with the visual content. Video marketing is going to be on the boom in the upcoming year. Marketing with video is generating a humongous amount of return on the money invested. The trend of vlogging is gradually increasing. If you want to make an impact online, there’s no better way than by vlogging, and for that you must have a dedicated camera for vlogging. YouTube and advertisements influenced greatly this year and a considerable amount of profit is also generated through it.


5) Automation


A huge set of small business is experiencing a loss on monthly base. Now, there can be many reasons behind the loss, but one of the major reasons came into sight is ignoring the automation in the marketing sector. Social media is a great tool for marketing and if you ignore automation here as well then you will also be on the count of the loss-making companies.





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