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A Comprehensive Guide to Integrate AI & ML in Your Mobile App

Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Application Development September 20, 2021
MA Comprehensive Guide to Integrate AI & ML in Your Mobile App

Technology has now moved to the future! That implies; the things that you are going to learn about in the present are all futuristic. Generic and more straightforward technologies are all outdated now. You are more in the times where AI is ruling the industry. That implies; you are achieving accessibility in every work these days.

Are they still not clear? Then here are some real-life examples that will help you know how the AI in apps helps you achieve your needs faster. For instance, when you access an online food delivery app, you will witness that the app shows you all the restaurants with food items you like or frequently order. Now, artificial intelligence development services play a vital role in this time-saving achievement. AI and machine learning analyze your activity and collect data to help you with the best results. 

Further, there is one more example that proves how important AI and ML are in app development. When you book a cab with any taxi app, you can notice that the app shows you the real-time location of the taxi. Thus, ML and AI enable you to finish your work faster. Therefore, if you are developing AI applications and want to boost your online portfolio, you need to integrate AI and ML into your application. 

It is because; AI and ML are spreading out in the industry at a rapid pace. Further, the people are also accepting AI and ML with warmth. They just love integrating AI and ML into the apps as they offer ease in work. 

From the ML developer’s point of view, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence were once the most complicated technologies to learn and integrate. But these days, the developers find it easy. It has become a part of daily life. Thus, the developers are now learning it without any hassle. 

The contributions of AI and ML to the industries 

AI and ML as a technology offer an extensive range of accessibility and activities in the world of business. AI has a huge demand in the field of disaster management as well. The professional employs the AI to anticipate the disaster and takes measures to achieve the minimum impact. 

The banking industry also employs AI to offer financial bits of help with ease. The banking industry uses AI to complete transactions online. Similarly, AI in the healthcare industry also enables patients to get advanced healthcare. 

These were a few examples that enable you to know the role of AI and ML. Any business’s ultimate goal is to achieve profits in the end. In such cases, AI and ML offer you an excellent opportunity to gain consumers and retain the old users. However, the integration of AI and ML can be tedious sometimes. Here is the consummate guide that will help you integrate AI and ML into your business application.

The three vital approaches to integrate the power of AI and ML into the application

If you want mobile app development that is smarter and efficient, three approaches can help you. These three approaches even help in answering your most frequent questions. So, here are those three ways that enable you to find your goals quicker.


This is one way where AI deals with solving problems. The AI in mobile application development makes it efficient to solve issues. Some of the examples of reasoning in AI are the employment of AI to beat humans in games like chess. Although humans are the wisest, the computer playing against you can also defeat you. The following example is when Google Maps uses reasoning to find out the route with less traffic for you. This encourages you to get to your destination faster. 

This part of the AI enables the computer to work more efficiently. Thus, this one helps you make your application powerful.


This is no doubt the most common characteristic of integrating AI and ML. Many top-notch eCommerce platforms analyze your search pattern and behavior to know what you need. Then they recommend the products that you need. This is the power of AI that enables your business to find more consumers.


Learning the behavior of the users is the best thing that you get from AI and ML. This has set a new trend in the world. The behavioral analysis by the AI enables your app to analyze unusual behavior. That implies; each time when the system witnesses any unusual behavior, it ceases the complete transaction. The most common example is when Gmail sends you a notification when you log in from a new device. 

These are the three vital approaches to why you should integrate AI and ML into your business application. Now that you know the three approaches to integrate, here are the few reasons that enable you to know the importance of AI and ML.

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Why should you integrate AI and ML into your business?


The most vital reason why you should integrate AI and ML into your business is personalization. The integration of AI can help you crawl through several pieces of information from social media platforms. With the help of these pieces of information, you can credit ratings and render your suggestions. The AI and ML in your app can help you learn the following things:

  • Who are your consumers?
  • What are the likes and preferences of your users?
  • What can your consumers afford?
  • How many types are the words that they use for products?

The AI and ML, with the help of all these pieces of information, will make your business stronger. This is because; you can know the behavior of your consumers. Moreover, with the help of AI and ML in the application, you can get the target marketing and develop content that is more appealing for your consumers. You can render your consumers and come out with a more impressive application for your users. 

Advanced search options

This is the second most vital reason why you should integrate AI and ML into your business application. Any user who uses an app would want the auto-fill application that they want to search. In such cases, you can also optimize your mobile app to show results to your users based on their search behaviors. The algorithms here focus on the outcomes of the queries.

The AI and ML in the app will aid you in accumulating the data like search history and your user’s actions. You can use them to offer advanced search options to your users.

Predicting and forecasting the behavior

Another great reason you should integrate AI and ML into your business is forecasting the market’s future. The integration of AI in the application can help you accumulate helpful data. You can understand the user preferences and the behavioral patterns of the users. This will help you forecast the market size and growth during a period. 

With the help of the forecast, you can also make equal marketing efforts to impress your consumers. You can also use the user likings to create their profile as they want.

Offering them relevant ads

The only way to retain your consumers is by offering them what they want. The best way to market is by promoting your business when a user needs you the most. The AI and ML in the application collect the data and search history to know what the users need the most. Then with the help of these data, you can show relevant ads that your consumers are looking for. 

With the help of machine learning, businesses are now investing in a tailored way of advertising. 

Better security stage

Besides offering a great way to promote business, AI and ML can also help you make your app more secure. As a result, you can streamline your app and offer a secure platform to your users. In most cases, the payment apps and the fintech applications use ML and AI. 

Face recognition and authentication with voice and images is a form of AI. The integration of AI reads the user’s face, voice, and image. Thus, it makes these applications more secure to prevent fraud. If your business deals with the transaction, you must integrate the AI into your business; this will help you authenticate every user and secure your platform. 

Many apps have already invested in AI to integrate fingerprint scanning and Face ID into their apps. 

Top platforms that allow you to develop apps with AI and ML

Now that you comprehend why you need to integrate AI and ML into your application, here are some top-notch platforms for developing AI and ML infused apps.


Azure is a platform developed by Microsoft. This is Microsoft’s cloud solution with an extensive support community. You get a higher volume of multilingual documents as well; The developers like this platform the most because of its accessible tutorials. The more you know about the platform, the better efficient app you will develop. The programming language that gets employed in this platform is Python and R. Due. With the help of this platform, you can develop mobile apps that have adequate predicting capabilities.

IBM Watson

The main reason why most businesses use IBM Watson is it permits the developers to work on the user request at a rapid pace. That implies; it can be any type of data, but this platform helps you access all the data with multiple approaches, and that too faster. 


Tensorflow is a free platform that comes from Google. This is the best platform to develop an application with AI. The most important reason why it is recommendable is its ability to solve nonlinear issues. The app works by the interaction knowledge with app users in their surroundings. This helps your app to find the answers as per the user’s request. This is why most developers use this platform to develop AI-based apps.


It is another excellent application development platform that the Google Development team has developed. This platform is famous for the employment of contextual dependencies. Further, it is also an efficient platform for the development of AI-based apps. Roles and entities are the two main concepts on which this app works. 


Wit.ai is another excellent platform for the development of AI-based applications. It is pretty similar to the platform Api.ai. The most significant thing about this platform is it converts the speech file into the texts. This platform is also famous for offering apps that effectively process user requests. The most common examples coming from these platforms are chatbots. Moreover, this is an excellent platform for developing iOS, windows, and Android apps with Machine learning.


This is one of the best and popular platforms developed by Amazon. This platform is famous for creating apps that can recognize human speech. In addition, the platform employs visual objects and the best machine learning process to help you create the best apps.


This is the last platform on the list. This is a platform that comes based on AI. It accesses the data with capacitive algorithms and complex processes. The app that gets developed using these platforms is known to enhance the user experience. 

Steps to begin with while integrating AI and ML

  • Identify the problem you want to solve; this will help you create a streamlined AI-based app.
  • Be clear about the data you want; this will help you accumulate the precise data about your consumer
  • You should know that APIs are not precise
  • Set the metrics that will help you know about the APIs.
  • Hire ML developers to achieve the best result


Keeping it brief, this is whereby you can integrate AI and ML into your application. Now that you are clear with a comprehensive guide, you should develop the best AI-based apps by hiring the best app development company.

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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