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How Coronavirus is Changing Trends of Educational Apps?

Mobile Application Development June 3, 2020
MHow Coronavirus is Changing Trends of Educational Apps?

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]When we thought everything was going to be fine, there came the biggest change not just in our lives but in the entire world, “The CoronaVirus”.

All of us thought of it as a small temporary illness. No one knew it would become an inseparable part of our lives, create such a huge impact, lock us in our homes, distance us from our friends, relatives, workplace, colleagues, hobbies, travel, and everything else.

This has changed our lifestyle and made us shift to digital platforms. Kids felt a flair of happiness at the beginning. They got an early vacation and cherry on the cake was that their exams were canceled. They thought it was a happy ending but educational apps for kids have replaced traditional learning.

These days’ mobile app development services have helped the entire nation to fulfill every requirement whether it is groceries, medicines, staying updated with the news, or getting an education. Every nation has received a setback and good and continuous education can be a backbone to get the nations back on the feet.

Education app development is very active to keep the students on track and doesn’t have any loss. Schools, colleges, coaching classes, everybody have become extra active and have developed their own education app to continue imparting education.

If you are considering developing an app during this corona outbreak, then education will be a good fit. Pre-schoolers, school kids, college kids, students of competitive exams, everyone uses the app of this category. Even the target audience will be huge and in the time where people are in lockdown, education will no longer be locked in the schools and tuitions.

According to Statista, the software market for education will reach the revenue figures of around 8.3 Billion US dollars by the year 2023. Let’s take a look at the education mobile app market worldwide from 2018 to 2023.

Worldwide Market for Educational Apps


Year Market in Million US Dollar
2018 7604
2019 7741
2020 7880
2021 8022
2022 8166
2023 8330

The numbers are bound to increase because of the CoronaVirus lockdown and more people depending on online education. Take a look at the mobile app categories that showcased an increase in downloads due to the Covid-19 crisis. Take a look at the chart by Statista.

The maximum increase in downloads was of the remote working and the second category of apps is educational apps. The apps have shown a 1087% growth. This brings us to the question: is online education the future? Maybe yes, maybe no but one thing is for sure, it is the present.

So, now are you convinced that education is a good sector to build an app for?

If yes, there are several things you should know before you move ahead with your decision. We are here to cover them for you.

Coronavirus Changing Education App Trends

  1. Impact of CoronaVirus on Education applications
  2. Features to have in an education app
  3. Best Educational Apps
  4. Things to consider while hiring an education app development company
  5. How to generate revenue from an online education app?

1) Impact of CoronaVirus on Education Applications

The covid19 outbreak for sure doesn’t have a good impact on the entire world. For the education sector, 1.37 billion students are at home instead of schools according to UNESCO. A curse for someone can be a boon to others.

Now that traditional schools are at the break, the trend of online education is experiencing a serious rise. E-learning was popular before the schools shut down but now it seems to be the only way.

Online Learning - Online Education

Educational apps might be in acceptance because of compulsion at this moment but it has shown positive results. It has increased the retention of information, been productive, interactive and engaging, and easy for both the sides, students and teachers. Whether it is language learning apps, video tutoring apps, virtual class apps, or online learning software, there is a significant rise in the use.

This brings us to the question, is online education the future of the education sector?

Well, it seems likely that even after the school resumes post lockdown, digital education might become an inseparable part of the learning process. The only issue with that is there are still people who don’t have a device or connectivity to be a part of digital education. This isn’t going to stop the trend of mobile apps.

One of the best examples of this trend is BYJU’s, an Indian education app has seen a 200% increase in the number of students since this pandemic. If you want to be a part and better be a profitable part of this transformation, start developing your education application. Start by knowing the features.

2) Features to Have in an Education App

Create a Profile

The student and teacher both can create their profile on the app. The teacher can add their image and their number of years of experience, achievements, and specialization in particular subjects. The students can create their profile by choosing their class, their interests in extracurricular activities, their awards, and such other details.

Entire Syllabus

An app shows the entire syllabus of the students. Parents and students both can stay updated about the syllabus to cover in the entire year. They can start preparing before the school resumes and gain a lead in their studies. The students can know the subjects, the number of chapters, exercises to cover in those chapters, and every such detail.

Tutorial Videos

The app has tutorial videos that explain the student’s math problems, subject-wise chapters. Kids can learn from the videos and study easily from their homes. Those parents who pay extra attention to their kid’s attention can also learn from the tutorial videos and help their kid study.

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Give Assignments

The teachers can assign tasks or homework through the app. The students can also submit their assignments through the app. The studies can continue without any hindrance. The method changes a bit but as we all say change is the only constant. Accept and embrace the new method of learning.


This feature allows students and teachers to chat with others. Even the parents can have a chat with the teacher through this feature. They can discuss their studies, any queries, any doubts, and every other thing. Parents can also discuss their kid’s academic performance with the teachers.

Check Time Table

The teacher can add a study time table to the app for the students. Students can follow that timetable and even parents can keep a track of it. Follow the timetable to not have any loss during the lockdown sitting at home.


With the notification feature, the app can keep every member updated about any new addition of the feature or any test, or any other updates. The users don’t have to keep checking the app to see if there is anything new. Push notifications will notify you right away when anything new arrives.


There is a feature of the complaint as well. Students, teachers, and parents can share their complaints regarding the app or the performance of the students or regarding any teacher’s guidance.

Group Chat

This feature enables all the students, teachers, parents, and any relevant parties to join in one group and chat to discuss on one single topic. Apps help you keep connected and resolve several issues.

Online Classes

Online Education-During coronavirus disease

The school runs as it is but in the virtual is all this feature is about. Teachers can start and run online classes to keep the learning going even during the time of this crisis.

Conduct Quiz

The quiz allows fun while you learn. Students stay engaged and make learning highly interactive through quizzes. They can test their knowledge and see their points for improvement through quiz results. The students can choose a random opponent or they can choose their opponent themselves.

Raise Doubts

The students might have doubts while taking online classes or watching tutorial videos. With the help of this feature, the students can raise doubts and get it solved by the teachers.

Chapter-wise Test

The app allows the students to take a chapter-wise test. This feature helps them to know how well they can perform after investing certain hours in learning. There will be a question paper from each chapter and after the test; students also get a report card with test marks.

Show Report

The report feature of the educational mobile app shows the number of tests that appeared and the result, number, and type of extra activities participated in and their performance, the number of classes attained, and attendance level, and report of every other activity.

Digital Notice Board

This feature will post every new activity about to take place, schedules of the exams, the timing of the activity and exam, competitions, and every notice to post on board.

3) Best Educational Apps

There are two reasons you must know the top ranking apps in the education category, one is you can use them and another is it can be of your use.

Google Classroom

What is a school all about? It’s about learning, tests, and getting reports.

Sounds very simple but is it really that simple? I mean we all have been there and done that.

How many times have you called your friend to ask for homework? How many times do you have to meet to do group projects? How many times your parents visited your school to get a report card or discuss queries with teachers?

Well, that was a pre-app era.


Google Classroom has made all that easy and possible from our respective homes. It has made classrooms virtual allowing teachers and students to create a classroom, send announcements, submit and grade assignments, start discussions, share resources, and give remarks and answers.

Creating a virtual classroom is very easy, teachers share code with the entire class. The class enters the code and joins the classroom.


edx mobile app

Plenty of students wish to join top universities like Columbia, Harvard, and MIT. However, for many of them, it is just like a dream with open eyes as it’s not easy to enter those universities. Not anymore, edX brings all those universities in your pocket.

It offers more than 2000 courses of top universities in different fields like linguistics, engineering, computer science, business studies, and many others. By the end of the course, you get a professional certificate and university credit which will surely be a great benefit for building your career.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

It definitely secures the spot of the best education app. The app intends to deliver world-class education to anyone and everyone willing to learn and get knowledge from any corner of the world. They have been quite successful at it as well. They have made learning very interactive by giving lessons through video tutorials.

These videos show a recording of drawings on a virtual blackboard just like a teacher giving a lecture in their classroom. The teachers explain their concepts through drawings. The mobile app provides courses for tests like MCAT, SAT, LSAT, and many more.


Duolingo App

Learning new languages sounds very interesting but it is never easy. Not everyone can grasp a new language but with Duolingo and its interesting methods, learning can be fun. The learning techniques of Duolingo are very adaptive that keeps learners interested and focused. It has a bunch of interesting languages like Spanish, Latin, French, Mandarin, English, and many more.

The learning starts with basic picture labeling games and as you move forward there are other games to improve grammar skills and vocabulary. You can have your daily goals and a report on how well you perform. The better your performance, the more XPs you will receive. XPs will help unlock interactive stories to improve your reading, listening, and learning abilities.


Photomath app

Math has been a challenge for so many people. It’s not only during the school days, weak math follows us our entire life. This brings the Photomath app into existence. The app helps users to solve difficult math problems and turn you into a pro.

The learning process is very interesting. You take a picture of a printed or handwritten problem and upload it to the app. The app will itself solve the problem and explain it step by step with illustration and instruction. The app works offline with great features like scientific calculator, animated instructions, multiple solving methods, and graphs.

4) Things to Consider While Hiring Education App Development Company

When you decide to help students stay connected with education through apps, you can’t do it all by yourself, can you?

You will need the help of a professional to get it done. App development is not an easy task and an expensive one as well. But, it is very important to search and hire mobile app developers who are well experienced, reliable, and reputed. Here are some of the points to consider while hiring.


One of the most important things is to hire a company with good experience. An experienced company can integrate complex features with ease. Also, check the experience of the company with different platforms and technologies. Just checking the number of years is not enough while hiring a company.

Domain-Specific Experience

You want to develop an educational app and hence the company you pick must have enough experience in that particular domain. Check how many apps the company has developed in this category and what type of features and functionality they have integrated. If they match with the type of features you want, you seem to have found your partner (Development partner of course).


It’s very important to hire a company that gives a competitive budget. I won’t say hire a company with a cheap budget but spending too much on app development is also not the right thing to do. Make a survey of pricing from multiple companies and see whether the company you are hiring is giving the right budget or not.

Client Testimonial

Make the right move and ask the company about their past clients. Contact them and take a review of the company, how was their experience with the company? How are they with communication? Do they deliver the app on time? It’s safe to know about the company and their work before making the final decision of hiring. It’s better to make an informed decision.

24*7 Availability

It’s never a good decision to hire a company that doesn’t respond on time. A good company is always available to answer client’s queries, discuss their projects, give updates about the progress of the project, and every such detail.

It’s important that they take your feedback on every stage and keep you involved during every stage of the process. A company must be answerable to their client all the time.

5) How to Generate Revenue from an Online Education App

The goal of developing an online platform for education is to continue learning even during the time of the Covid-19 crisis. But, making money out of it is an added benefit. You are investing money into development; you would want to have a fair return out of it for sure.

Here’s how you can make money from the app.

Charge up-front

It is one of the simplest ways to make money. Right at the beginning of the course, ask for a one-time fee from the users. It is easiest for the users to understand and for the app owners to implement.

Users might prefer a one-time fee payment instead of keeping paying recurring fees at regular intervals. It also helps to sell other courses at a later stage.

Free Courses Charged Certification

This model for making money is very powerful. The most important part of the app that is learning, acquiring knowledge is totally free. The only part you are charging for is a certificate. There are several reasons this model will work like a miracle. Here’s why:

  • Users can put their trust. As they don’t have to make an upfront payment, they won’t worry about making the right decision or not. They can decide at the very end.
  • You can get data and build an email listing of the interested people.
  • After investing time in learning, people won’t hesitate to make a little payment to certify what they have learned. It will have a professional value that people will pay for.

Looking at these benefits, making money through certification is the easiest way to sell courses online.

Keep Subscription

People have a habit of paying fees upfront for school or tuition. But that’s not entirely true for all the users. Several users are willing to make recurring payments for ongoing lessons.

Recurring fees will make the customers come again and again. If what you provide is valuable, the users will keep coming back and keep paying subscription charges to learn more.

Tiered Payment Method

Sometimes users don’t need access to all the features of the education mobile app. You can keep some basic features for free for the students to use. Keep certain features locked for the premium version to make money from the app. This is one of the most popular models for making money from apps.

Place Ads

If your mobile app is popular, you can allow other apps to place their ads on your platform. Of course, you can charge money for allowing them to use your app. This way you are not locking any features and driving your users away but still get the opportunity to make money from your app.

Wrapping Up

You have witnessed the situation of education during the crises. You have also seen the hyped demand of mobile apps during the lockdown. So, we have provided you with all the information you need.

It’s time to make your decision. Go ahead and hire mobile app developer USA and create your online portal to connect the students, teachers, parents with the education.


1) How is the education app helping during a lockdown?

These apps connect the students and teachers and help them take video lectures, assign tasks, check the assigned tasks, and help the students to stay on track.

2) What are the best features to have in an educational app?

Here is the list of features to integrate into an educational app:

  • Video lectures
  • Sharing files and data
  • Assign projects
  • Syllabus
  • Tutorial videos
  • Chapter-wise test
  • Group chatting
  • Push notifications
  • Complaint
  • Time table
  • Notice board
3) Which is the best education app to use during a lockdown?

There are several apps to use during lockdown but it depends upon your type of education or your class or choice of subject.

4) How much does it cost to develop an educational mobile app?

The cost of development totally depends on the type of features, timeline to develop the app, the type of company you select, the platform you choose, and such other things. It’s not possible to define a cost without deciding the details.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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