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How Mobile Application can Boost Your Business after COVID-19 Lockdown

Android Application Development, iPhone App Development May 20, 2020
MHow Mobile Application can Boost Your Business after COVID-19 Lockdown

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]What’s on your mind these days? What’s on your TV these days? What’s in your conversation these days? Well, the answer is the same for every question, its Covid-19. It has turned the entire world upside down. Nothing is the same as before, not the income, not the expenses, not the business and brands, and more importantly, people have changed. The question here is after the pandemic is at bay, will everything get back to normal like before? It is not that simple, is it? This has changed and even after all this goes away, there are plenty of obstacles especially for the businesses. Those businesses which are able to manage during this crisis are due to Android or iPhone app development.

Due to lockdown people have turned more digital and get hooked to mobile apps. They use apps to fulfill their necessities, pass their in-house time, stay connected to the loved ones, and many more things. Well, the trend of mobile apps was high as a 100-degree fever. The pandemic has made some of the apps to boost very high and while some of them to doom. But one thing stays common, businesses need mobile apps before, during, and even after completion of the COVID-19 crisis.

Let me give you some of the top reasons to show mobile apps can boost your business post lockdown.

1) Travel will Resume

At present travel, apps are not in a very good position. From a top-ranking app category to the least ones, they have seen a great fall. Travel planning apps, hotel booking app, flight/train/taxi booking apps all are not in use at present. The companies find difficult to survive with no traffic and visitors.

People might not plan vacations so soon. But, after the lockdown opens they will want to go back to work. People have either stopped working or started at home. Their homes might not be in the same city and most of them have shifted back to their homes. To get back to their workplace, people have to travel. To facilitate that, flights, trains, and buses will start running just like before. To book the tickets, they will want to use their iPhone or Android mobile application development. This will increase the traffic and use of travel apps. With work resumed, people will eventually use taxi booking apps to commute to work regularly.

Even holiday planning might begin. People are definitely bored with staying indoors. They are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to be the next Columbus. There will be people who will be ready to keep aside the threat of getting the infection and want to go for a holiday. So, you never know the rise of travel apps can be like spring, the deeper it suppresses, and the higher it rises.

2) Sports App will Surge

There are no new sports games or events due to lockdown. This decreases the revenue in the sports industry. Once the lockdown finishes, the sports game will resume and fans will make every possible effort to watch the games. This gives a chance to the sports app to make a comeback. There is a high scope of revenue generation from the app of this category.

3) Grocery Delivery will Gears Up

After sitting these many months in the home, people would want to go out later. But, would they want to go out to buy groceries? Well, it doesn’t seem likely. All these months one thing they feel blessed about is getting their necessities delivered at the doorstep. Every local grocery store owner should have an app to deliver the items to their loyal customer’s doorstep. Because this is something people are going to continue. In fact, I can see increasing competition in this sector. The general stores are also doing good business. But, to improvise their business opportunities, having an Android mobile app development is a good idea.

4) Healthcare Apps will be on Hype

No divergent ways to this fact. Just because Corona slowed or hopefully gone doesn’t mean people will stop falling sick. Health will always be the priority and the biggest concern of people. So, healthcare apps providing services like online consultation, online prescription, medicine delivery, maintaining online health records, booking appointments will either remain the same or surge post lockdown. If your business relates to the healthcare industry, having an app is noteworthy.

5) Business Apps will Boom

The culture of work from home became quite popular not by choice but by force. You never know if the culture can create a space for itself in the post lockdown world. To ease up remote working there are plenty of business apps used by the companies and the employees. The companies having business overseas might avoid traveling and continue using a business app after completion of the lockdown.

6) Fitness Apps aren’t Falling

People will become more conscious about their fitness. Sitting at home has surely given most of them some extra weight. So, definitely, once life resumes to normal, people are going to take fitness apps very seriously. These days they do keep track of their increasing calories but, can’t really hit the gym to burn them. Once the lockdown opens and things get back as before, people will focus on their fitness. Obviously, they are going to use fitness apps to check the calories gained, calories burnt, steps walked, stairs climbed, diet plans to follow, consult with fitness experts, and many more. Fitness app development is one of those categories that might flourish. Fitness is not just a hobby, it’s a necessity, a habit (a good one though), and an addiction for some which don’t go off that easily.

7) Cab Booking Apps will Cure

Not to lie but cab booking apps are not working at the moment. Uber is laying off 3700 employees during the outbreak. The taxi booking is so out of business at the moment. But, they aren’t going to be the same post-pandemic. Not all people have their own vehicles to commute and not all of them want to use public transport. They might want to avoid public transport for a while to avoid coming in contact with too many people. Even after all these ends, the fear will prevail for a longer span of time. This will give a taxi booking app a new chance to improve its popularity and give a comeback.

8) Salon App Will Shoot Up

Girls can’t resist grooming for long. The lockdown has kept them away for so long. Once the business gets back to normal, the salons are going to be super busy. The salon service apps will come in handy to check the nearby open salons, check the rating and reviews of the app, book an appointment, check the work hours of your favorite stylist, and many more. Those who want to avoid going to crowded places might want to call the salon experts at home and get the grooming services they need. In any of the above cases, Salon apps will shoot up.

Things to do Post Lockdown

Now, we have learned how mobile apps help build the business back after the pandemic gets over. Now, the competition will also boost after the recession. You have to be extra creative on how to resume your business the right way. There is a lot of stress and pressure on how to do it the right way. Here are some of the things business owners must do to get their business back on track and running well.

1) Communication with Your Loyal Customers

The best way to communicate with your customers is through a push notification. Let them know you are back in the business. A push notification will inform every user that you are open, what products or services you have got in stores, and any other things they should know. It’s important to let them know you are back at their service.

2) Plan Home Delivery

Even if the lockdown ends you should continue providing home delivery services. People have acquainted the habit of ordering things and not going out. If you stop the extra feature in your app after lockdown ends, it might lose you some of your regular users. At a time when several other competitors are trying extra hard to get more users with additional benefits in Android and iPhone app development, you shouldn’t stand back.

3) Roll out an Update

I know it might seem an expensive option to hire an iPhone/Android mobile application development company to plan and roll an update. But, money that brings attractive returns is worth spending. So, make your business app better than ever by adding a new feature, fixing some existing bugs, improving current functionality, or any such thing that might add value to the existing app.

4) Remote Working in Progress

Several businesses observed better work efficiency in output during work from home. If that is the case, even after the lockout completion, certain organizations might continue to follow the trend for the good. This can continue the use of business apps, communication apps, time tracking apps, and several other apps used for remote working.

5) Sale to Sell

People will spend their money very wisely. Few months of lockdown has put a hole in savings and everyone will spend only when it is totally necessary. Some of them might also stop spending on luxuries. So, if you want to survive your business and sell your products and services, giving them a discount that they cannot refuse is the right thing to do. Bigger profits should not be on the agenda, just keeping the work going and getting back the loyal customers back is the basic aim after the lockdown completion.

Wrapping Up

See what’s coming next and prepare your business for it. You have time to create a proper plan and execute the business strategy in the right way while you are at home. Develop an iPhone or android mobile app development if you don’t have any. If you already have an app, roll out an update, maintain it, and make it ready for the restricted yet free world.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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