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How Mobile Application Can Help To Grow Your Gym or Fitness Center?

Mobile Application Development February 10, 2020
MHow Mobile Application Can Help To Grow Your Gym or Fitness Center?

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]Do you feel that our recent lifestyle has made us lazy? Every task we do these days are from our smartphone. The corporates were already glued to their chairs and desktop and now their non-office hours are not so different as they get glued to their sofa with their smartphones. Mobile apps have made a huge impact and entirely changed our lifestyle not to conclude for good or for bad.

Back in the days, if you want to talk to your neighbor, you will go to their home, meet and talk. These days you just call up and talk it out or video calls can also do the job. You don’t feel like cooking? Just open the food delivery app and order. People have stopped moving or realistically say they move less. This has started several health issues in people. Obesity, abnormal blood pressure, anxiety, depression, increased sugar level, cardiovascular disorder, and plenty of different health issues have evolved.

So, the question here whether mobile app development is a boon or a curse? Don’t jump to the conclusion of technology being a curse. Just like a coin has two sides, mobile apps also have both negative and positive impacts. Here are some of the benefits of using health and fitness app development.

Benefits of using fitness app development

  • Set Your Fitness Goals

With mobile apps, you can set a fitness goal. If you are unfit and trying to lead a fit and healthy life but don’t know how to, fitness apps can guide you. They measure your BMI and suggest a reliable fitness goal based on your current height and weight.

  • Get A Workout Routine

Setting an alarm for the next morning is enough? No, it’s not you have to actually wake up when the alarm rings to wake up at your desired time. Similarly, setting a goal is not enough. You need to follow a workout routine to achieve your goal. Fitness apps can help you get a perfect workout routine.

  • Monitor Your Routine

Mobile apps help to keep track of the days you followed your routine. It also helps you to know how well you have followed or vice versa. It stores your workout days and time and creates a daily, weekly, or monthly report.

  • Introduce You to Your Fitness Pals

It becomes easier to achieve a goal when you know other people are having a similar struggle as yours. Fitness application introduces you to similar users to share your struggle stories and get motivated.

  • Suggest Diet Plans

Are you a food addict? Are you avoiding food to lose excess weight? In both cases, you are doing it wrong. Eating more or eating less is not going to help, eating proper food at the proper time is what you should be doing. Fitness mobile apps create a diet chart with what to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat to maintain a healthy eating habit.

  • Get Reminders

The hectic lifestyle that we lead, it is common to forget things. Not when you have an app that remembers and reminds whatever you want and whenever you want.

Do you want to provide all these benefits to your loyal customers? If yes, running a gym is not enough. It is high to launch a fitness application development for your fitness center. It’s not just them that app would help. Having an app can help you in multiple ways. There are different types of fitness apps you can develop to increase your customers. Choose your target audience, choose a type, and get started with the development. Let me jot down types of fitness apps for you.

Types of Fitness App Development

1) Fitness Tracking Apps

The ultimate agenda of these types of apps is to collect data about the user’s activities. It includes keeping a track of the number of steps walked, stairs climbed, kilometers walked or run, and such other key fitness indicators. Mobile applications also provide charts, calendars, and also save routes. One of the latest trends is to connect the fitness apps with wearables. Here are some of the interesting facts to prove it.

  • 51% of people in the US use fitness trackers on a regular base.
  • 40% of people use wearable devices to track their exercise, health or sports performance.
  • 39% of people use a fitness tracker to count steps, 36% used to count calories, 31% used to measure heart rate, 28% used to measure distance, and 25% use it to measure sleep quality.

2) Diet and Nutrition Apps

According to the Statista report, 26% of people between the age group of 18 to 29 years use mobile apps to track nutrition regularly. 23% of similar age use these apps occasionally. Must-have features of these apps include:

  • Calorie Count

These apps keep a track of the number of calories gained, number of calories burnt, and daily calorie goals.

  • Food Logging

This feature helps the users to add their food intake and recipe used to cook the food item. Logging food will help the app to count the calorie intake.

  • Wearable Device Integration

With the help of fitness trackers, the information about the user’s fitness activities can be automatically integrated.

  • Recommendation

Based on the user’s daily fitness and nutrition activities, they get relevant recommendations about exercise, food habits, activities, and goals.

3) Exercise and Workout Apps

Exercise and workout apps are for both the newbies who recently joined and also for the ones who are fitness beasts. They suggest a set of exercises, videos of those exercises to follow, and also motivating music to play while doing those workouts. There are plans for beginners, intermediate plans, and heavy workout plans to choose from for the users. The users can also customize their plans.

4) Social Fitness Apps

It is one of the most motivating factors for social media addicts. These apps allow the user to share their fitness data on social media platforms with friends, family, and other fitness freaks. In a world full of people obsessed with social media, allowing them to share their fitness achievements is a highly motivating factor.

5) Competitive Fitness Apps

If social sharing is not for some people, this category of fitness application is a notch higher. Certain users are extremely competitive. These apps connect friends, relatives, and various other anonymous fitness users to compete with each other. Now, there can be cycling competitions, running competitions, or workout competition.

6) Altruistic Fitness Apps

How about doing charity while you workout? Now, exercise with a good cause. These types of fitness apps track your running and bike rides and allow the sponsors to donate to a charity organization of your choice for every mile you run. Stay fit for a cause.

Confused about which type of fitness app to develop? Or confused with other questions. No worries, we have got your back.


1) How to gain more members in the fitness center with a mobile app?

By promoting the app on the right platforms and providing them discount deals no other gym offers. This is how you attract new members to your fitness center through a mobile app.

2) Why mobile apps are essential for gym promotion?

Because most of the popular and reputed gym have their own mobile app for their fitness freaks. If you want to compete with them and overthrow them, you should and must have a mobile app for gym promotion.

3) What are the must-have features for the fitness app?

Here is the list of must-have features for your fitness mobile application:

  • Login
  • Exercise videos
  • Chat with fitness experts
  • Workout plans
  • Track progress
  • Steps counter
  • Push notifications
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Reminders

4) How can I create a fitness app for my gym?

You can leave that work to professionals. You can hire a top mobile app development company, explain to them your idea and get started with the development.

Wrapping Up

To keep up with the heavy use of mobile apps in the fitness industry, you definitely need a mobile app. They are of great use when they are working out in the gym and also when they are away from the gym and working out at home. Stay connected and stay trendy with a fitness app for your gym.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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