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How Mobile Apps Have Improved Travel Experience?

Mobile Application Development April 11, 2016

Do you have an itchy feet?

Who likes to travel? Is it a question to ask? Definitely, not. Today, with everyone becoming wanderlust, travel industry is booming like anything. With the whopping turnover of $5 trillion every year and increasing daily, travel industry is becoming one of the largest earning sectors. Why and how it has steeped so promptly? Mobile applications have certainly helped it reaching to people. With quick technology and smart apps being developed daily, people are no more dependent on compasses, maps or guidebooks, booking tickets, finding new places to the tourist or destination places, searching good restaurants and any travel related assistance. In short, tourism and traveling has become globalized because of the involvement of the mobile devices.How mobile apps have improved travel experience?Sleek travel mobile apps for Android, iPhone and other devices have simplified the journey and that is why countless apps are coming up to guarantee your trip to go outstanding. Obviously, quality mobile applications is helpful in navigation irrespective of your location. So much so, it is defining map’s legacy which retains a lot of modern technology’s imprint. It has leapfrogged all the hurdles to reach the safe lane. People are naturally stimulated to travel domestically or even internationally if financial condition permits. It’s like ‘To re-imagine their future, people are rewriting the rules.’ Let’s peek to some improved advantages people are clutching through traveling with mobile apps.

Travel Sophistication

The mobile apps have probably uprooted the hustle and haziness from the ground. Conceptually, people are being intellectual and smart when they have a smart phone and the relevant mobile app, they don’t worry about anything as they know and are sure that they wouldn’t get stuck anywhere. Nevertheless, it is to mention that present user experience is astounding in comparison to decade-ago’s trivial undergo.

Cheaper, and more Cheaper

There is no monopoly now, no pioneer in travel industry because of the furious competition. Huge discounts, amazing offers especially through mobile apps, freebies and cash back have become seemingly mandatory. Who is in the gain? Customers, Travelers, and Wanderlust. Who is in the pain? Actually, no one. The travel industry is profitable even though they are assuring the cheapest travel expenses to customers. Thus, if you haven’t begun your journey, now is the time.

Take a break, and see some astonishing figures:
  • 85% plan their travel through smart phones
  • 15% users specicially download travel apps to plan a trip
  • 55.8% travelers use mobile applications to check on restaurants, nearby tourist places, hotels, cinemas, and public transportation systems.
  • 29% use mobile apps to find the best flight deals
  • 30% travelers make use of mobile apps to find hotel deals
  • 46% check in to a location while on holiday

All things considered? Let’s move on to see few more revolutions mobile technology have brought to the travel industry. From the above facts, it can be speculated that the tourism industry might as well fail without smartphones and mobile apps.

Heap of choices

Hipmunk, Skyscanner,TripIt, TripAdvisor, PackPoint, Expensify, LiveTrekker, Airbnb, booking aMetro, etc., and many more travel mobile applications. The brands are striving hard to make a strong presence through the apps giving lots and lots of benefits to the users, so that they stick to them in any of their future travels, trips, tours. The plenty of choices opens the gate to to attract the crowd than the travel agencies that wok through just a single brick and mortar shop. This extends to all kind of tourism business including travel packages, hotel bookings, ticketing, F&B, guided tours, car rentals, and much more.


Zero in on your favorite destination spot from anywhere and anytime. Why? Because the booking facility is 24*7, and you get digital guide in mobile application. You can track your itinerary. If you are a travel freak, then you have just found your long lost mobile app mate. True? As a matter of fact, these digital tour guides allows monitoring Facebook or Twitter and respond to visitors when they mention the area’s tourism facilities.

The insight of the above sketch shows that in this globalization era, mobile apps are working as service layers for the travel industry. Developing Top Mobile Applications for Travelers have become a compulsory part of their scheme that has revolutionized the travel industries such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, Booking.com etc. Are you an aspiring travel industrialist, if yes, it’s time to be ‘Modify’ and be ‘Mobi-fy’.

Vihar Rana

Project Manager

Working as a project manager in 360 Degree Technosoft since its inception. Loves to learn new technology, train the team with the latest technology advancement, develop mobile apps, and share the knowledge. I love to write on Android and iOS updates, a guide to developing apps, recent designing trends, and such subjects.

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