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How To Avoid Mistakes In Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development March 15, 2016

Mobile apps have become extremely popular in the recent years. According to recent statistics, users are able to choose from nearly 1.6 million apps on Google Play and 1.5 million apps on Apple’s App store. This apart, the number of downloads worldwide is expected to reach nearly 270 billion in 2017.

However, there is more behind these figures to understand. The more number of downloads suggest that users are increasingly getting disinterested quickly in the apps they have already downloaded and move on to newer apps within six months.

Avoid-Mistakes-In-Mobile-App-Developmentavoid-mistack-while-developing-an mobile-app

This also suggests that the about 90% of the downloaded app’s activity is within the first six months of the download. Also, the user engagement falls by 75% after the first usage. The answer is clear – the apps don’t have staying power. So, what should be done by mobile app development companies to add staying power to an app? What are the mistakes made during the mobile app development process that prevent downloading of an app?

According to some of the top app development agencies in the world, most apps developers make significant mistakes while developing apps. Let us take a look at these app development mistakes in this article and why they should be avoided:

Not understanding the business fully

While developing an app, it is essential to understand the business fully. Even if app seems like a good business or social idea, there is really now guarantee that it will make money unless attempts are made to understand the business fully. The app may fail to solve the related problem or the problem itself might not exist like imagined earlier.

Solution: Understand the business fully before moving on with your project.

Attempting to solve another problem rather than the user’s.

Yet another possibility is that the app attempts to solve someone else’s problem unlike the user’s problem. Actually, the app needs to be able to solve the user’s problem directly. In other words, the app should be able to deliver value within a short time after its installation on the user’s  smartphone or mobile gadget. If the app is unable to solve the user’s problem within a couple of hours to a couple of days, then it stands a better chance of being uninstalled by the user.

Solution: Stick to solving your user’s problem and stay on with the process.

Assuming that the app will go viral

When user acquisition is considered, many developers make the mistake of assuming that the app will go viral. Unfortunately, this level of success is achieved only by a very few apps.  One needs to be developing an app with the entire design plan for the app laid out in front of him or her.  If there is any deviation in the plan, the chances of failure due to product flaw certainly exists.

Solution: Don’t over assume the viral prospect. Work as things happen

Assuming growing user base and a lack of a monetization plan

Many application developers also believe that a growing user base will be fundamental in generating a fully flowing revenue stream. It is a common notion that apps with numerous users will earn big money through app ads or via acquisition by a big company. However, many app developers tank up and ends up having financial hiccups. What is also necessary is a solid monetization plan. Many apps despite their unquestionable market position still struggle to determine the appropriate mix for generating profits that can sustain them in the long run.

Solution: Be realistic in your assumptions.

Quitting too soon

Yet another reason is many app developers find it difficult to sustain their dreams after a short time into the ride.  They stop investing in their apps, and claim failure. What was really required is a little more push that could have taken them further down the road of success.

Solution: Success is always round the corner. Keep it up!

Considering the mobile experience to be a cousin of the desktop experience

Many app developers consider the mobile experience as a downsized or miniature web experience. They still consider the mobile screen to be a smaller version of the larger laptop or desktop screen. This is actually a fallacy that will not help the developers go any where. Frankly speaking, a mobile app is different ion slope and function from a desktop app. In actuality, the mobile app is different from a desktop version. Mobile apps can be accessed on the go. Additionally, these apps are more customizable and create a new as well as enjoyable experience.

Now that responsive web design helps developers craft a new experience for desktop apps on a mobile device, there needs to be even more justification for a mobile app. Hence, before you jump into the fray, make sure that you have a unique proposition that can brign to life the exceptionally designed software in the form of a mobile app.

Solution: Treat the mobile as a separate beast!

Not assuming competitors

Finally, you can be really optimistic about your launch. However, when you proceed with the app launch, you are actually competing against hundreds if not thousands of similar app publishers. Hence, you might need a comprehensive plan to increase visibility, but if you don’t have one, could spell doom for your app.  You need to define at the outset who your audience is going to be – whether it is a small niche target audience or a broader market. Once of the goals that you can set is to work towards  your app to be listed in the ‘featured apps’ section of an app’s store. And this magic can be worked out by enticing more and more users to download your app.

Solution. There’s going to be competition and you could be at the bottom of it all.


Recent trends as well as projections indicate that the popularity and consumption of mobile apps will only continue to increase. The demand for mobile apps is going northwards and the supply for such apps is ever increasing. Consumers will continue to download these apps and if these apps don’t satisfy them, they will continue to be uninstalled at an equally fast pace.  Hence, the best way out is to work as a team and avoid the mistakes concerned to the best extent possible.

Jignesh Audichya

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager and Sales Generation Leader who thrives to take the personal and professional growth to the next level.

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