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How To Implement Agile In Your App Development Process?

Mobile Application Development April 19, 2018
MHow To Implement Agile In Your App Development Process?

Chuck off the excessively prolonged app development time. Clients no longer have such patience, if your mobile app development company offer rapid delivery, they will jump to your competitors. You can’t lose your potential clients just like that, am I right? This brings agile methodology into the limelight. So, let’s get started with the introduction of this methodology.


What Exactly is Agile Methodology?


Agile is an app development methodology for early delivery of the project eliminating the possible hurdles. Agile methodology is just like the installment system, you don’t pay the entire amount all at once and pay a fixed amount at regular intervals. In case of app development, the software is built in an incremental and iterative manner instead of building the entire software all at once. Here the client is not sure of what exactly he wants and hence the developers have to change the code along the way with the fluctuating needs. So, summing it up, Agile is a breakdown of a wholesome project into smaller bits and constantly delivering those smaller bits at pre-determined intervals. Here solutions can be obtained by collaborating a team, constant communication about the needs, enhancing the performance and getting rapid output.


How Agile Methodology Works?


1) Client satisfaction through quick and continuous delivery of the project.


2) Constant communication between the client and the development team.


Implement Agile In Application Development

3) Co-ordination of team internally and with the client as well.


4) Uninterrupted input of the technical assistance and delightful design.


5) The app delivery time span can range from weeks to months based on the increased requirements.


6) Launching one of the phases and making changes as per the feedback.


7) Each and every phase needs rigorous testing.


8) Transparency between the team members and client.


9) Simple design and easily navigational UX.


Types of Agile Methodologies


1) Scrum


It has three parties: The product (client), The scrum master (Project manager), Development team (Designer, developer, and tester).
Essential elements of scrum agile methodology:


1) Product backlog

2) Sprint backlog

3) Regular meetings

4) Sprint review

5) Retrospective


2) Crystal


This method involves acquiring a team with the diversified skill set to accomplish a project from a different perspective. The method focus on inserting creativity into the mobile app development process. The agenda is performing a similar task in varied ways. Here’s how it works:


1) Chartering

2) Period delivery

3) Training and system conversion


3) DSDM (Dynamic Software Development Method)


Here the app development team is assigned the power to take decisions and pays major focus on frequent delivery of the project. Here’s the technique used in DSDM system:


1) Timeboxing

2) MoSCoW rules

3) Prototyping


4) FDD (Future Driven Development)


This method is usually adopted when the team is large and project management becomes a tedious affair. Here’s the step for FDD.


1) Domain object modeling

2) Development based on feature

3) Component ownership

4) Feature driven teams

5) Inspection stage

6) Managing configuration

7) Uploading regular builds

8) Visible progress

9) Visible result


5) Lean Software Development


The major focus of this methodology lies in app development on the low budget and giving the clients best out of it. Here are some of the core elements of lean software development.


1) Curtailed wastage

2) Strengthen learning

3) Delayed commitment

4) Building strong team

5) Developing integrity

6) Optimizing entire process


6) XP (Extreme programming)


Software development methodology which targeted to surge the software quality. This method has to be adopted when the customer is unsure of the functionality. In this method usually, each iteration is released within a time span of 14 days. Here’s how XP works.


1) Planning

2) Analysis

3) Design

4) Execution

5) Wrapping

6) Closure




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