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How User Research Affects The Success Of A Mobile App?

IT Technology, Mobile Application Development February 26, 2019
MHow User Research Affects The Success Of A Mobile App?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For a successful app, the criteria you have decided will be the platforms, programming language, developers, budget, and all of these. A wide array of people neglects a major point that is “User”. Developers will be done once they get done with the project. Programming languages and technicalities will enhance and amend with time but what will remain constant is the user.


The ultimate agenda of the app is to satisfy user demand and any client or the developer neglects that part, the success ratio will be touching the ground. The app is bound to work and capture the market attention if it satisfies any specific user demand or solves any particular problem of the user or provide them with something they have never seen before.

[/vc_column_text][blog_single_title_with_content quote_image=”16832″ blg_lft_title=”User Research Affects Mobile App Success”]In short, everything revolves around “The User”. So, the primary thing for you should be the user. Let’s say who are your users? What is the category of your users? What is the age group of your users? The app development strategy must keep them in focus from the baby steps to the final ones. Here’s are some of the reasons which will make you believe why user research is at the core of the mobile app development.[/blog_single_title_with_content][blog_single_full_content]

  • Accumulate the statistical data of the number of users of the app.
  • Get the data about how much time a user invests in an app during the day.
  • How much is the duration of the usage and at what time of the day users use the app most is something you need to know.
  • What kind of audience is pulled to the app?
  • Which is the best way to market the app to the right audience sector?
  • What kind of feedback is expected from the users and what steps would be taken to work on that feedback?
  • What should be done to make the users spread awareness and positive word of mouth about the app and make others use it as well?


Every such minute detail should be taken into proper consideration before jumping into the mobile application development directly. Here are some of the tips that will help you see things from the user perspective:

1) Not All Users Are Techxperts

You might be the best at development, the designer may be the best at the design, the project manager might be the best at all the technology trends and latest tools but are the users expert? Not all users of your mobile app are on the same level and are techxperts. If they find your app difficult, they are bound to abandon it. So, create an app which even the dumbest person can understand and use.

2) Right Decisions For Revenue Generation

You develop an app with one agenda to make money from it. Well, that’s very understandable. But, looking from the user’s perspective, they are not using an app to spend money. If not one, another app would offer the same in free. So, don’t get your mind filled with the money motive and making your app a paid one at an early stage. There are other ways to generate revenue like ads, one of the most prominent and popular ways. In-app purchase is also something you can try. But, at any cost, a paid app is not going to get your mobile app the success you are looking for.

3) Research Is A Continuous Work

Well, you studied some facts and started the app development. There might be a possibility that by the time you get done with your project, the market has evolved and there is already a better product than yours. I know this can be heartbreaking but the app industry is an ever-evolving domain. So, keep researching on a continuous basis so that when something new enters, you know it, study it, and implement it in a timely manner.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Jignesh Audichya

Business Development Manager

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