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iPhone App Marketing: How To Do It In The Right Way?

iOS / iPad / iPod, iPhone App Development September 4, 2017
MiPhone App Marketing: How To Do It In The Right Way?

Developers in the league of developing an iPhone app, launching it in the app store should know what to market their app. The task is quite challenging as there are innumerable roadblocks and challenges lying in the way. Whether you indulge in the process yourself or you hire mobile app development India, it is a cumbersome task. Your iPhone app is not magically going to end up in the hands of your users. You will have to take some out of the box marketing steps and make people know, there is something amazing coming in the market that can either add to your comfort or luxury or redress any of your issues or show you a new way of handling one of your routine tasks. Here are some of the ways for your iPhone app marketing.


iPhone App Marketing In Right Way


iPhone App Marketing In Right Way


1) Scrutinize your idea


Well, you have an amazing app idea and you are wholly and solely convinced it is going to be a big boom. Well, really? Is it that amazing? With already 2.2 million existing apps, you think your idea is going to change the world. Before you go on with this thought, don’t you think it’s kind of practical to validate the actual scenario and scrutinize whether the idea you have come up with is feasible or not and can generate adequate revenue or not. Well, before investing resources like time and money, there’s nothing wrong with checking whether the thing you are coming up with is actually in demand or not.


2) Mull over your revenue model


Well, not each and every is out in the app store to generate revenue but if your intention is to generate it, you better choose your model likewise. Certain apps are just for the promotion and being visible to its customers all the time. If this is not your strategy, you better pick a lucrative model. Well, this also depends on the type of app you are developing. In-app ads are one of the most preferred ways for revenue generation.


3) Create your online presence


Before you create any buzz about the iPhone app development you have indulged into, it’s advisable you first create a strong and influencing online presence of yourself. When you have a reliable brand recognition, your app will get benefited from the same when it first enters the market. Hunt the right platforms and get in touch with the right type of people. Well, this will build a right amount of audience and a better and bigger platform choice to give your app a better push at its intuitive stage. Well, you can also hire a social media manager for doing this on your behalf.


4) Nomenclature of your IOS app


Well, picking a name that’s catchy, cool and something users can relate to is never a piece of the cake. This directly relates to branding. Well, there is a maximum limit of 255 characters for picking an app name and it’s not necessary to use them all. So, while you are brainstorming for your IOS app name, you might fall for something fancy and unusual to grab more eyeballs. Well, no. Abort that thought right there. Choose a name that’s simple and your audience can easily remember. Come up with a catchy tagline if possible with your targeted keyword describing what your iPhone app is all about.


5) Market your app


Well, this is similar to build your apps online presence, Just like you did with your online presence, Now its high time your people should start getting teensy weensy news about what’s coming their way. You need to create a buzz about your app and yes a positive buzz. Your app should be best from all ends, say it from design, UX, UI, and content. You just don’t want to bluff around and show the users a sky full of stars to make them watch the dark night when they actually install the app. This will give you nothing but uninstall on the moment they install your IOS app.


6) Reviews


If you are short on budget and can’t afford for paid marketing, then positive reviews and getting your app reviewed is cost effective tips to make your app climb the success ladder. Positive reviews from different platforms and by different people will make audience indulge trust in your iPhone app and get it increased number of downloads. If your app gets coverage on different channels and if more bloggers review your app then it can attract more users to your app.


7) Viral loop


Well, this is one of the simplest and easiest ways of iPhone app marketing. You share with your friends about your upcoming app, they share with their friends and the process goes on. Well, this won’t show prompt success, it will take time but don’t fall back from trying.




Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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