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Keynotes of Apple Event 2020: All Apple Have in-Store for its Users

iOS / iPad / iPod, iPhone App Development September 22, 2020
MKeynotes of Apple Event 2020: All Apple Have in-Store for its Users

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]One of the biggest events has passed but this event was a bit different from all the previous ones that we have witnessed. Of course, the first-ever virtual event is the major change Other than that, the major change here every September we hear about the new iPhones. Well, not this year. This year the new iPhones will arrive in October. Well, there are other eye-popping launches we will discover this year to keep the users engaged.

The event majorly focuses on the “Time flies” announcement; Apple has Apple watches in store. Not one but this year Apple users will have two Watches, Apple watch series 6 and a lower-cost version. One of the astonishing features is blood oxygen monitoring on the top model and the lower-cost model is named SE. There are many more exciting features for the users and the iPhone app developers.

Let’s get started to explore them one by one.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple gives your health on your wrist. The watch allows you to measure your level of oxygen with a new sensor and application. You can take an ECG anytime you want anywhere you want. You can check the fitness metrics at just one sight on an always-on retina display.

It also allows checking a blood oxygen level which is a key indicator of overall fitness. This will help you understand how well your body can absorb oxygen and the amount that your body gets. The new sensor measures blood oxygen level and background reading all day and night.

With the ECG app, the new Apple app can generate an ECG similar to the original ECG. It is a great achievement for any wearable device which can generate critical data for doctors and mental piece. Getting the ECG is as simple as a touch.

Electrodes in digital crown and back crystal work together in the ECG app. It helps to read the heart’s electric signal. The user just needs to touch the digital crown to get an ECG waveform. It takes just 30 seconds to generate. It shows whether your heart is beating at a regular rhythm or an irregular rhythm.

Sleep app establishes a bedtime routine and tracks your sleep hours. So, it’s not just fitness goals, you can set your sleep goals as well and help the app to achieve it. The new Apple Watch also helps to stay fit not just in the gym but in the water and on the road as well. The watch also offers different workout options for you. You can pick from running to swimming, from yoga to cycling, choose whatever you want, and keep track of everything.

The retina is now 2.5 times brighter and hence in the bright sun, you can easily see your metrics without needing to raise your hand. Also, it has the new altimeter that tracks elevation changes both indoors and outdoors. It tracks your steps whether you are hiking a trail up or having a ski run down.

The Apple Music 4 offers 70 million songs to keep you entertained while you working out, traveling, or just getting bored. The watch also provides activity rings which are kind of a reminder to sit less and do some exercise. You can also share this activity rings with your friends and family to motivate them to stay fit and active. There is also a seven-day activity challenge where you can invite them.

This was all about the new features and functionality, the new look is even more interesting. There is a seamless band that joins the league of Apple Watch Series 6. It doesn’t have any buckle or clasp and available in two different materials. The watch is available in nine different sizes and can also be tailored according to the wrist size. It also has a solo loop that is designed from a soft stretchable silicon rubber which is lightweight, super comfortable, and easy to slip on and off.

Watch SE

The SE watch is all about great features at affordable rates. It has an expansive retina display to see things easily. Watch SE also has advanced sensors and extra smart features to keep you fit and fine. The watch offers much more in much less. It offers the same large display just like Apple Watch Series 6 along with an S5 dual-core SiP for faster performance.

It also has fall detection and emergency SOS feature for your safety. It also has cellular to allow users to go without their devices. The activity ring follows three simple metrics – Move, Exercise, and Stand to show your moves for the entire day. For encouragement, it also offers competition, coaching, and awards.

One of the best qualities is that it is water-resistant 50 meters. So, now dive in the water with your watch on. You can track your split, sets in pool, and even map your route in the water. Plenty of workouts to keep your body fit and mind fresh. It includes cycling, yoga, running, walking, dancing, and high-intensity interval training. It can also pair with compatible gym equipment and do more than you can imagine.

The app allows you to show the metrics of everything you do sit, stand, run, twist, turn, and everything. Just raise your wrist and measure heart rate, calories burnt, pace, distance, and every such thing. There is an always-on altimeter which allows seeing elevation changes in real-time. Also, get access to 70 Million tracks through your wrist.

Apple Watch SE can lead you to a healthier life by monitoring heart rate and informing about any changes. In case something is wrong, you can consult the doctor immediately or call for emergency help. Track your sleep time with the Apple watch to complete your sleep goals. The Apple Watch also gives you reminders to wash hands and a gentle tap if the noise level gets very high. Girls can also track their menstruation cycle right from their wrist.

It also has a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope. It helps to detect any hard fall and connect with emergency services if needed. Even when you are traveling internationally, you can have immediate help in an emergency by just pressing and holding the side button. The watch allows making a call to the office, replying to emails, get directions from the map, and a built-in compass. You can do everything without your phone around.

The Apple watch SE can connect watches with kids and adults who don’t have their own phones. This way the entire family can stay connected with a text message, walkie-talkie, or call. You can also make payments at stores or transfer it through your watch.

Get the beautiful watch in three different colors, gold, silver, and space gray. There is also an entirely new range of solo loop for Android Watch SE. It is super comfortable and lightweight with no clap or buckle and available in nine different sizes.


Well, Apple has taken fitness to a whole new level. Apple Watch has sensors that have everything needed to track your workout. With Apple Fitness+, every information can be transferred to the iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV to keep you inspired. When you achieve some key moments, the metric will come to life on the screen. The screen shows to celebrate the milestone which is a perfect blend to give information about the achievement and inspire to celebrate.

When you are on the verge of burning calories and following a specific workout, fitness+ shows the metrics of other people who follow this workout and the result received. Fitness+ also offers a variety of workout plans for beginners as well.

The workout plans are designed to do in the living room, hotel room, gym, or park. It also provides smart suggestions based on the type of workout you choose on the workout app. The app also suggests new trainers and helps you with your fitness routine. Fitness+ also allows choosing the duration, trainer, and music customized as per the needs.

iPad Air

The iPad Air has a stunning all-screen design with a 10.9-inch liquid retina display. It has a fast, secure, and easy touch ID. It has also integrated the most advanced A14 Bionic chip. You can take the good quality videos in 4K and edit it right from your iPad. The iPad Air also has a pencil and a magic keyboard. You can use it to paint and illustrate with shading and dynamic brushes. It also allows taking notes and mark screenshot, answers emails, and even more.

You can even write a short story with all-day battery life. It is available in five different colors, space gray, sky blue, green, rose gold, and silver. iPad Air performs functions that a laptop does simply and magically. It also has a 12MP back camera having focus pixels and 7MP with HD camera quality. It also allows fast internet connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 and LTE. This makes the speed 60% faster.

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New iPad

The new iPad has immense capability, versatility, and ease of use. It has a powerful A12 Bionic chip, an Apple pencil, and smart keyboard, and a bunch of interesting things you can do with iPadOS 14. With all these features, you will fall in love again with the iPad. The new iPad makes it easier to get work done. It makes it easy to make changes in a document while searching for something on the web or even having a FaceTime call to a friend at the same time.

You can also attach a full-size smart keyboard for easy typing. It is also great for the tasks which need high precision, support f]- V

*or a mouse or trackpad with a multi-touch experience on the new iPad. The Apple pencil makes note-taking a piece of cake. You can also sign the document, mark things, or draft an idea. Apple pencil is as easy as using a regular pencil but with more efficiency.

You can also download apps from the iPad and learn new languages, attend online classes, and try geometry. You can also use augmented reality and have fun using your new iPad. With the A12 Bionic chip, Apple users can now enjoy the great gaming experience. It boosts gaming performance. One of the greatest additions is that you can connect an Xbox wireless controller through Bluetooth or control the MFi game controller with your iPad and have your own portable gaming console.

It has an 8 MP back camera to take amazing pictures and editing them on the big screen will be another level fun for the Apple users. The look and sound are also taken a notch higher with a 10.2-inch retina display and stereo system.

If you buy this new iPad, you will get a complimentary year of Apple TV+ which is a streaming service having the original shows and movies from the best storytellers globally. The device supports fast wi-fi and gigabit-class LTE. So, download wherever you want and whatever you want. With 10 hours of long-lasting battery, you can do it on one single charge.

iPad OS provides an extensive experience which makes the notes look like just the types text. It also recognizes shape and makes drawings more precise. The iPadOS 14 also has some exciting features

Apple One

This model bundles six great services into one single subscription package. You can have a plan that fits you or for your whole family. Also, every member can have their personal access to every service in all their devices. This is a one low priced package for plenty of Apple services.

Apple One makes it easy to sign up and manage. It provides two plans family and premier which allow joining up to 5 people.

Here are all three plans with a description of what they offer.

Individual Plan Family Plan Premier Plan
Apple Music Apple Music Apple Music
Apple TV+ Apple TV+ Apple TV+
Arcade Arcade Arcade
iCloud 50GB iCloud 200GB iCloud 2TB

Apple One has something for everyone whether it is unlimited tunes, Apple’s original shows, movies, and many more. It offers one free trial and then you continue and manage the account or cancel it at any time you want. Every user on the Apple one plan can sign in with their personal Apple ID. So every user has personal access and gets recommendations accordingly.

That’s all for this event. This is everything that Apple had in store for its users. Now, its time for the iOS app development company to learn the revelations and integrate them into their upcoming apps or their updates.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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