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Mistakes to Avoid While Developing A Mobile App For Your Company

Mobile Application Development November 5, 2019
MMistakes to Avoid While Developing A Mobile App For Your Company

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]“When you make a mistake, there are three things that can be done: Admit it, Learn from it, and Never repeat it.”

Well, there is a fourth thing that can be done, “Not make a mistake at all.” Read the blog, know about all the possible mistakes you can make while developing a mobile app and save yourself from all of them. Most of the blogs we read have the success stories of the startups or are about the increasing revenue of mobile apps or increased downloads of the Apple app store and Google play store.

This has encouraged plenty of people to hire a website and mobile app development company and launch their mobile application. They pour their heart and soul and also a huge amount of their savings into the app yet it fails. No one talks about these failures and mistakes behind these failures.

When we say there is an app for everything, that’s great from the user’s end. However, for the business owners and mobile app development company USA, it is just increased competition and struggle of survival. The challenge is to come up with something new along with integrating everything that the old ones are offering. Let me jot down the mistakes to be taken care of while developing a mobile app.

1) Target Audience
The prime thing you need to decide is to create a business plan for a mobile app development company. Before moving ahead with the development, proper research and planning must be done. You can start from creating a roadmap and deciding the target audience. You should know what you are serving and to whom you should be serving. Not defining your target audience or defining the incorrect target audience is one of the biggest mistakes a mobile app development company USA can make. It’s like selling chicken wings to vegetarians.

2) Meeting User Expectation
It is important to attract new users to the app, but it is equally important for the website and mobile app development company to retain the existing ones. User has different expectations from the app but, some of them remains the same like short registration, easy navigation, and simple design. Difficult login and confusing home screen drive away plenty of initial users. Now, it is difficult to bring the users in the first place and driving them away with these silly mistakes is a huge cost to bear.

3) Overseeing Development Cost
App development needs heavy investment with no guaranteed return. One mistake and it all goes in vain. While hiring a mobile app development company New York, discuss the hiring model and development cost. If you are a startup and have to work with a shoestring budget, a fixed cost model works best for you. This way you know how much money you are putting and it will not exceed more than that.

4) Not Choosing MVP Model
MVP stands for a Minimum Viable Product. Here the app is developed with only the minimum features needed and launched in the market for a test run. If the idea works and gets the user’s attention, new features will be gradually added in the updates. The cost is low, the risk is limited, and if the app doesn’t work the loss also remains low. Not considering an MVP model at the initial stage and opting for a feature-filled app is a huge mistake. Hire the best mobile app development company USA for your MVP model.

5) Developing For Multiple Platforms
Big businesses and brands think that deploying apps on multiple platforms at once is the best strategy to increase the presence and visibility. Let’s burst this bubble, “it’s not”. Just give a thought on the amount of money and efforts needed to cover multiple platforms. Instead, pick one platform having the majority of your target audience and increase your chance of success.

6) Filling the App With Features
There are several mobile app development company New York believing in the strategy of more the features, more the users. Well, as per user feedback, it is not something they look for. In fact, more features confuse them. It makes the app clustered and messy. Instead, pick the features which actually add value to the app and are needed by the users. It will make the app meaningful and demanded. More features increase the loading time and make the app slow which is again a huge drawback you would want to avoid.

7) Developing Huge Sized App
Mobile devices have limited storage space and multiple things to store. If you come up with an app that eats up a considerate amount of space, the user will sooner or later delete the app from their device. So, stay steer clear of the mistake of developing a heavy sized app. Here are some of the easy ways to reduce app size:

  • Compress JPEG and PNG files
  • Crunch PNG files
  • Reuse resources
  • Reduce useless code
  • Support limited densities
  • Clear unused resources

8) Unattractive User Interface
The first thing any user sees in an app is the UI. Even if the features are out of the box, the idea is unique, it will go unnoticed with a bad UI. On the other side, a good UI is the best way to attract and retain the user base. Avoid these pitfalls while designing the mobile app:

  • Always start with a wireframe and not with the designing.
  • Avoid low-resolution designing.
  • Don’t integrate any animation that cannot be skipped. Users get annoyed and opt to uninstall.
  • If animations are used, make sure they are not taking too much time to load.
  • Try adding gesture-based UI.

9) Terrible Testing
Doing the improper testing or not doing the testing at all is the biggest mistake of all times. The competition in the app development field is so high, even a minute mistake can make your app get uninstalled. The app has to be compatible with devices of all sizes and all types, shouldn’t crash and should be devoid of bugs.

10) Follow User’s Feedback
After launching the app, the user shares their valuable feedback. One of the biggest mistake app development companies make is not to act on it. The next update must be planned and it must include the changes as per user feedback.

Summing Up
You have the list of mistakes before you even start with the development. Don’t just read these mistakes but also learn from it and don’t implement any of these into your app.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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