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Mobile App Development Company: The Impact of Hiring a Wrong One

Mobile Application Development March 5, 2020
MMobile App Development Company: The Impact of Hiring a Wrong One

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]Do you have a business? If yes do you have an online presence for your business? If not, it’s high time you should create one. Most businesses these days have their business on the web and the app. Your competitors are earning profits right now while you sit and think about whether to develop an app or not.

The first question that comes to your mind is:

Is It Easy to Develop A Mobile App?

If you are not a developer, it is definitely not your cup of tea. You need to hire a top mobile application development company to create an extraordinary app for your business. For an experienced company, developing a business app would be easy. They would have worked on several similar projects and gained expertise. This brings us to why to hire mobile app developers with a good reputation.

Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring A Mobile App Development Company

1) Hiring Local Developers
Do you intend to reach global clients for your business? If yes, why limit the search for your development partner to the local boundaries? Business owners must expand their search for mobile app developers and hire the ones who are best at what they do. Instead of looking for the development agency in the city or country, you must look for experience, quality output, and versatility.

Search far for fantastic. Here’s what need to do:

  • Jot down your mobile app requirements.
  • Search for the top mobile app development agencies.
  • Check the top 10 companies and approach them.
  • Pick the best one and hire.

If you don’t lookout for the best, you might not get the app that you expect.

2) Persuaded by Price
Don’t judge a company based on the price they provide. Cheap is not cool every time. What’s the point if you hire a company with a low budget and they deploy an app that has plenty of bugs and crashes now and then? Would that work for you? Of course not. You are developing an app to represent your business digitally and that representation has to be nice. Make sure to hire a mobile app design company that creates a visually appealing design and developers that builds a flawless app. Don’t get influenced by a company offering a low budget with poor services. A bad mobile app will make you lose your valuable users.

3) Insufficient Domain Experience
At times the company has years of experience which entice you to hire them. Well, just the experience is enough? What if you want a Zomato Clone App Development but the company has no experience of developing a food delivery app despite higher years of total experience? So one of the mistakes to avoid while hiring an application development partner is choosing the one with insufficient domain experience. Ask the company to show the projects of a similar category before hiring.

4) Consult Before Coding
One of the best ways to judge whether a company is worth hiring or not is by how they communicate and consult. If the developers are in a hurry to start the project and don’t focus much on what you want, how you want, do’s and dont’s, they are not the right people for your project.

The company must know your exact requirements to deliver to you the exact app you desired. Top iPhone or Android app development company would always have a consultation with the clients. They will discuss the project requirements before they jump to coding. A good development company will also provide a wireframe, take customer feedback and approval before moving to the coding.

5) Choosing the Fixed Cost Model
When you are unsure of the exact requirements, the project might undergo plenty of changes for getting the perfect output. In such a case, if you make the mistake of choosing a fixed cost model, completing the project might become a challenging task. When you are unsure about the number of changes, features to integrate, and time to deploy. Make sure to opt for flexible models like hourly or dedicated resource model.

Analyze your project requirements carefully, discuss with the company, take their suggestions, and pick the right model.

6) Scrutinize the Software Company
Before making the final decision to handover your dream app or your ticket to convert your business into a brand, clear every query you have. Not checking enough is one of the biggest mistakes you make while hiring. Check their previously developed apps. Here is the checklist to tick in those apps before handing over your app in their hands.

  • Was the app installation easy?
  • Was the user interface of the app attractive?
  • Was the navigation of the app simple?
  • Did you find any alignment issues in the app?
  • How is the ratings and reviews of the app?

7) Hiring Without A Technical Expert 
You are great at your business but, you are a fresher when it comes to technical knowledge. Also, mobile application design and development is a huge investment. You don’t want to spend more than required and yet not get the required output. You must seek the help of a technical expert while communicating with the development agencies. You don’t want to get fooled just because you lack technical knowledge. Seek the help of a technical expert while hiring.

8) Interview the Developers
The CEO or business development manager might be great at communication luring you to handover your business app. Well, they are not the ones to develop your app. Designers, developers, and testers are the ones actually working on your mobile app. So, before you finalize the company, interview the developers and check their knowledge, experience, and skillset.

Making these mistakes will result in app failure. There are several other outcomes of hiring the wrong company. Here are some of them.

Impact of Hiring A Wrong Company

1) A Crashing App
If the company you hire is not competent, the product would also not be qualitative. They might deliver an app that crashes frequently. Now, what if your users install the app, uses it for the first time and the app crashes. Why would a user want to use such an app again? They do have better options in the app stores. Eliminate the risk of launching a crashing app by hiring a reliable development company.

2) App with Bad Design
A company with less experience might have lesser creative designers with low experience. They might not be able to create an attractive design to engage users. Design is the first thing a user sees when they install the app. A bad design will instantly drive them away and never want them to return even if you redesign the app at a later stage. So, hire a mobile app designing company that has trendy and creative designers who can do justice with your app.

3) Bad User Experience
Not all users are technically sound. Complex user experience is nothing but a farewell for the users. The user experience must be easy and simple for the users to understand and get used to. Wrong mobile application development company would not understand and work their best to come up with good user experience.

4) Delayed Deployment
A reputed company will always deliver the product in the time committed. Well, this is not the case when you hire wrong partners. If you are developing an app for a particular event, getting the app in a timeframe is very important. The app will be no use after the date of the event passes. You can get the surety to get the final app within the decided time when you hire an experienced and reputed company.

5) Transparency
If you hire a wrong partner, they will not be transparent about the work. As the app owner, you have every right to know about the process of development. You should also know about the progress of development, team working on your app, and every other detail. A good company will always maintain transparency with their client and take their feedback at every phase and vice versa.

6) Poor Communication
Not hiring the right partner might result in poor communication. The team members might not be available at your convenient time to discuss the issues or updates about the progress. A good company will be available 24*7 and keep you posted about your application.

7) Post-Launch Support
A wrong company will take their hands off the project once the app hits the App Store. Whereas a good company will provide its clients with maintenance and support for a decided time period even after the app launch. It is mandatory that an app needs some fixes and minor changes after the launch. A good company will always be ready to roll out an update to retain the users and keep them engaged.

These were the impact of hiring the wrong company. There are several other reasons as well that can lead your mobile app to fail. Let’s jot them down as a precautionary measure and avoid them.

Reasons For Mobile App Failure

1) Stale App Idea
Sorry to break your dream bubble but App stores are full of mobile apps. There are almost 2.2 Million apps in the Apple app store and 2.8 Million apps in the Google Play Store. One more app won’t make any major difference unless and until it has something extraordinary to offer. There is nothing wrong with taking reference from other apps but copying them entirely won’t help you gain users you desire.

Say, for example, Netflix is a very popular video streaming app. Now if you are planning for a Netflix clone app development, you must be offering something extra at low subscription charges. Why else would people leave such a popular platform and use yours? So, try to come up with a unique app idea or fill an old app with unique additions.

2) Competitors Analysis
Before developing and deploying a mobile application, it is very important to check what others are doing. After all, it’s them against you and you have to be better than them. Make an in-depth analysis of your competitors, what they are doing? How they are doing? What you should do to overthrow them? Not conducting competitors is one of the major reasons for app failure.

3) Incorrect Target Audience
Not every individual out there needs your app. An app like Uber and Ola would not be of great use in small towns. However, they would be of great use in big cities with distant places to travel in routine. Research about your target audience, how can you reach them and what can you do to make them install your app and use them.

4) Lack of Market Research
Mobile application development trends keep on changing from time to time. When you are planning to launch your app, it is very important to check the current trends. What kind of apps are in demand and what features they have is something you need to research before jumping to development. Designing trends, new languages, and technology for development, user’s likes and dislikes have to be properly checked to avoid app failure.

5) Marketing Strategy
Marketing is a very tricky thing. Your app might be best but it will fail anyway it doesn’t reach the audience at right time in the right way. Pre-launch app marketing is important to create a buzz that must continue even after the mobile app is live in the App Stores. Some of the trending ways of marketing are writing blogs, answer quora questions and post questions, market your app on all social media platforms, and promote it. A good product needs equal good marketing to become successful.

6) Testing Troubles
There is a certain mobile app development company that doesn’t hire testers. However, great the developers are, there will be bugs in the code. Testing is equally important as designing and development. One of the major reasons of app failure is improper testing. The user won’t appreciate the app with lots of bugs and crashes. They will abandon the app permanently. So, make sure to test the app before launch.

7) Lazy Launching
The app launch strategy has a huge impact on acquiring and retaining users for the app. The users must know and make excited about the app launch prior to the launch. The period of pre-launch marketing and the date of the actual launch should be decided in advance. Committing the launch and not actually launching the app on the decided date is one of the major pitfalls.

It’s important to create a good first impression when a user lands on the app. Marketing strategy must include how to attract users and keep them interested.


1) How much does it cost to hire a developer for an app?
There is no definite answer to this question. The cost depends on the company you choose and their experience. It also depends on time to deploy the app, category of the app, features to include in the app, and plenty of other factors. It also depends on the hiring model you choose.

2) How do I hire an app developer?
There are several platforms available to hire an app developer like Upwork, Toptal, LinkedIn, and Freelancer. You can search for the top companies on Clutch and Goodfirms.

3) How long does it take to build an app?
The basic time to develop any time is two to three months. However, it varies based on the complexity of the project, features of the app, and such other factors.

Final Words

I hope by now, you have learned the importance of hiring a good and reputed application development company. Don’t rush into choosing a partner, take your time, dig deep about the company, clear your queries, and finalize them only when you are 100% sure.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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