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Mobile App Development or Mobile Website: Which is a Better Choice?

Mobile Application Development, Mobile Technology April 6, 2018
MMobile App Development or Mobile Website: Which is a Better Choice?

In the past year, the number of smartphone users was 4.7 billion and by the end of 2018, this number is expected to increase 50% more. This is a huge set of the audience out there in the market to catch if you have a well planned mobile strategy. As a business owner, you would want the best solution to cater the needs of your customers. Being one of the top mobile app development company, we have undertaken plenty of app development as well as mobile web projects, let us help you spot which is the best fit for your business. Well, the ultimate decision lies in your hand but we will throw some light on both the options. Scrutinize them from your end and take a well-informed decision.


So, Why Mobile App is Better?


Mobile first, have you heard it? If yes, then you know why it is the mobile app and not mobile web.


1) Offline Access


A mobile app is installed on your device, you can have access to the content you have saved for future access. When the device is devoid of internet connectivity, the user can access if it is app and not web.


2) Best For Gaming Applications




If your agenda is gaming, then my friend there cannot be any better choice than mobile apps. Users prefer mobile apps over the mobile web when it comes to gaming.


3) Personalized Usage


The mobile app gives more personalized experience and if your app idea is anywhere around providing your user with a personalized experience and you intend to make them your regular customer then the mobile app should be your preference. Take an example of notes app, this is very personalized domain and users will choose a mobile app over mobile web.


4) Calculation or Reporting


If the idea includes higher complexity, a huge amount of data and needs the higher amount of security and privacy then mobile apps have an upper hand. Take an example of the baking apps, you can’t have a mobile website for it, you need to have a mobile app for that.


5) Push Notifications


When you have a mobile app for your business, you can notify your users about the offers, discounts, events and such other details through push notifications and of course, it is not possible with the mobile website.


Why Should You Choose Mobile Website?


1) Quick Access


Compared to a mobile app, mobile web can be accessed easily and quickly. There is a long process for the apps to access, you need to visit the app store, search for the app, download it and then you finally get to use it. There is no such long process when it comes to the mobile website which makes it easily accessible through any browser to every user.


2) Multi-Platform Compatibility


A mobile website can be accessed through any platform whether it is Android or iPhone through the browser. It is not the same with mobile apps. Different apps have to be developed for both the platforms.


3) Instant Updates


A mobile website is comparatively more flexible when it comes to content updates. Whether it is updated in the design or in the content, you just have to publish the edit and instantly the update will be visible. Coming to the mobile app updates, it will need to be pushed to the users which are then to be downloaded in the app on each of the device types.


4) Can’t Be Deleted


Until the app is not unique or highly useful, the user will delete the app within a time span of one month. It is a matter of dilemma whether the app will stay on the user’s device or not. This is not the case with the mobile website as they can never be deleted.


5) Don’t Block Storage Space


A website doesn’t need to be downloaded to the mobile device and hence they don’t consume any storage space on the user’s device. When it comes to mobile app development, it definitely blocks space on your device.



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