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Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out For in 2019

Entrepreneur, Mobile Application Development October 23, 2018
MMobile App Development Trends To Watch Out For in 2019

Mobile apps – The solution to every routine day task. From ordering food to calling a cab, from shopping to searching the place, mobile apps does it all. It kind of dominates our life a lot. The best example is, there was a time when we use to ask people to get directions to an unknown place. Is it same these days? No, now we have Google maps. Even if we ask for directions to people, they will answer don’t you have Google maps? This is the dominating effects mobile apps bring to our life. Another effect I would like to discuss is on the real estate industry. With the VR apps, now people buy property without even having to visit the property. This is the change and tech world is something which never remains constant.


With each passing day, there is some innovation entering this world and it changes the way we live. Now, the year is about to end and the top mobile app development companies are embracing themselves for the coming year. Let’s take a look and prepare ourselves for what is waiting for us in the future.


Trends in Mobile App Development


1) Cash Payment to Mobile Payment


We do know cash is becoming extinct. More and more people are preferring to pay through the digital wallets. Well, this is just the personal experience speaking, let’s talk about the statistical facts:


1) According to the reports of BI, the in-store mobile payments are expected to reach $503 billion by the end of 2020. The compound annual growth rate is also expected to grow 80% in between 2015 to 2020.


2) Coming to the US, the in-store mobile payment is expected to reach 150 million by the year 2020. This will amount to 56% of the consumer population of that year.


3) According to the financial times, the use of mobile payment in China was almost 50 times more than it was in the US. Also, it is expected to multiply by 7.4 times in the year 2019.


4) The annual transaction volume in billion dollars for the year 2019 is 1080.


The two tech giants Google and Apple also have Google pay and Apple pay to stay in tune with this mobile payment trend.


2) AR and VR are not going anywhere anytime soon


Well, this was the trend that flourished 2018 and the same is going to continue in 2019 as well. One of the app categories that is going to integrate AR into it is social media. The popular apps like Instagram and Snapchat are on the verge of releasing AR filters which will turn the human faces into any of the digital characters.


Even healthcare is one such category which is ingraining AR and VR on the high level for the complicated surgeries and operations.


3) ML, AI, and Virtual Assistants


Well, all three of these are working wonders in the current year and they are going to do the same in the upcoming year as well. Even though it is not a new technology but there are many pages left unturned which will be in the next year. The business gets a deep insight into the data and analytics with the AI. The users, their behavior, the revenue numbers, the timing of usage and accurate result of every teeny weeny details can be fetched with the integration of AI in the apps. AI can help the app transform from app failure to app success. The market of the virtual digital assistant is 5216 million US dollars for 2018 which is expected to grow 8559 million US dollars in 2019.


4) Geolocation and motion sensing


The smartphone these days are preferring to come with the location sensing technology. Not all are like that but very soon in the near future, most of the devices will be equipped with motion sensing and geolocation. Apps with motion sensing are the best to the outcome the problems like power saving, anti-theft, and security issues. Coming to the location-based apps, they are a good fit for gaming, fitness apps, and also for the vehicle navigation.


5) IOT Enabled Devices


The lights, TV, or any electronic device in your home can be managed with your mobile device, this is what IOT is all about. The day to day life can be eased up with such IOT connected devices. First, it was just the watch and phone but now any software that can be included in the network connectivity zone can be connected and controlled through the IOT apps. The IOT objects can now also exchange the data without any need for human interaction. This is a huge technology for the app development field and is one of the trends that is going to rule 2019.


6) Wear is in gear


wearable app development

No wonder this is a trend that’s not going to be obsolete not only in 2019 but for the many more years to come. Every wrist will be having a smartwatch connected to their smartphone. They track every damn thing for you. The calories burnt, steps walked, heart rate, hours slept, food intake and what not. The market for wearable is on the boom and the number of connected wearable devices across the globe is expected to reach over 830 million in 2020. Wears are the most used things to stay healthy and fit. Also, the fashion statement it adds to your dressing is an add-on you cannot deny.


7) Cloud-based App


Observing the way the technology and app development is turning, the time is not that far when cloud-based apps will be an option but the necessity. Cloud-based apps have many upper hands like increased security, surged productivity, lower hosting cost and operational cost, and the best one is uninterrupted performance.


Cloud-based apps are proved to be great for tackling many security-related issues and hence it is going to be accepted highly in the near future. Mobile apps are going to be fast, reliable, and highly secure.


8) Blockchain Apps


The blockchain is not just limited to the bitcoin and ethereum. It keeps the entire records for every digital transaction taking place. This makes the system non-corruptible. Blockchain not only keeps the record every transaction but mention everything which has virtual value. Retail, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and banking are some of the industries which use blockchain apps at the maximum.


9) Beacon


Beacon and location-based technology are booming these days. Beacon-based apps are spreading all across the globe. Beacon apps are not just limited to one or two categories, it has spread across every category. Apps developed using beacon technology can be used as the virtual guide for the users.


You have known the trends, now it’s the time to embrace your company for the same. If you want to be in the list of top Android or iPhone app development company just like 360 Degree Technosoft, watch, learn and implement every above trend.

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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