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Best Mobile App Ideas For Startups In 2021

Mobile Application Development January 27, 2021
MBest Mobile App Ideas For Startups In 2021

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]The mobile app development industry has seen a skyrocket hike in the past decade. There are millions of mobile applications available in app stores of different platforms; iOS & Android. According to a survey, there are over 5 billion smartphone users around the world. According to another survey conducted in 2019, the average time spent on mobile devices per day is 3 hours and 35 minutes.

Most of the time spent on smartphones is on apps such as social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter), game apps (Pubg, Call of Duty, & Asphalt), media apps (YouTube, Netflix, & Amazon prime), and work-related apps (Zoom, Duo, & Google Meets). Most of the apps we use every day are free to install and free to use.

Do you ever wonder how these apps earn if they serve for free?

The answer is the ads.

It is estimated that more than $186 million will be spent on mobile ads by the end of 2020.

If you too wish to begin a new start-up by developing a mobile app, the first thing you would require is the app idea. In this blog, we have enlisted top ideas for mobile app development for startups. If you already have an app idea, then you can get suggestions from this blog. If any great app idea has not struck you yet, then we assure you will get one after reading the entire blog. Let’s get started.

1. Delivery Apps

The very first app idea that comes to mind is delivery apps. In the current period of the pandemic, people are unable to step out of their houses.

What else could make us feel better than tasty food?

In recent days, surprisingly food delivery apps have seen a great hike in demand. It is all for convenience! Any app idea should deliver ease and convenience to users. Also, grocery delivery apps have seen an increase in the number of downloads since the beginning of the pandemic.

Important features to add in delivery apps

GPS tracking, excellent customer support, order history, excellent UI, easy payment options, rating options, push notifications, and rewards.

2. Cab Apps

We all have used Uber at least once! A taxi or cab app requires minimum but crucial features. Instead of buying a vehicle or even standing in long queues to get a cab, people prefer booking cabs that will pick them up from their locations and drop them at the destination at affordable prices.

Important features to add in-cab apps

Online payment gateway, pre-order option, GPS tracking, referral bonuses, and vehicle choices.

3. Fitness Apps

The awareness of fitness has raised as compared to previous years. People not only want fit bodies but bodies that are in good shape. There are many people willing to get good physic but aren’t able due to busy schedules. The fitness application can help people learn new workouts, search for exercises suitable for their requirements, and track the activities as well as results.

Important features to add to a fitness app

Goals and tracker, wearable device integration, customized diet plans considering medical history, push notifications, personalized experience, gamification, and sleep tracker.

4. Trip Planning Apps

Planning even a small trip with friends or family is a tough job. It involves a lot of tasks like booking flights, hiring cabs, booking hotels, scheduling what place to visit at what time, and much more. A trip-planning app takes care of all these and enables users to plan a fun loaded trip with just a few clicks.

Important features to add to a trip planning app

Hotel booking, online payment service, food place recommendations, important information about the destination, currency converter, in-app language translator, climate forecasting, and geo-tracking services.

5. Car-Sharing Apps

A car-sharing app allows car owners to enlist their car and share the travel route so that other users can share the ride if it is in their way and split the cost accordingly. This app is a great option for those who cannot afford to buy cars or hire a cab.

Important features to add in a car-sharing app

GPS tracking, car detail sharing, real-time push notifications, and calculator to calculate bill splitting.

6. Task Scheduling and Motivation App

Do you often forget important tasks? Or do you lack the time scheduling skills to perform all the tasks? If yes, then you must have understood what a task scheduling and motivation app should perform.

Important features to add to the app

The friendly user interface, real-time push notifications, friendly reminders, use of animated characters to motivate the user, options for prioritizing the tasks, and activity history.

7. A House Finder App

This app could help people struggling to find a good place to rent or buy. Users can simply add the set of requirements and the app will search to find the best fit available houses. The best part for users is they need not pay extra to brokers or agents. Your startup can start charging for property registration once the app is a hit.

Important features to add in a house finder app

Option to enlist properties, categorization of properties, list of amenities, facility to book online, and excellent customer support.

8. Video Sharing App

Musically, now known as Tiktok is a globally known video-sharing app. The application has earned immense popularity in just a couple of years.

The major reason behind this popularity is the application allows everyone to showcase their talent, built their fanbase, and even attract brands for paid collaborations. Though the app has a huge scope, it requires a lot of extraordinary features.

Important features to add in a video sharing app

Video editing (crop, rotate, special effects, animations, speed, and background music), video preview, video uploading, live streaming, social sharing, duet options, following & followers, likes & comments, QR code scanner, push notifications, etc.

9. Virtual Interior Designer App

While buying a new house is redoing your home, hiring a team of professional interior designers to decorate your place involves a lot of time, energy, & money and can quickly lead to a path of disappointment. Technology can be used in any sector and nothing is surprising about it.

A virtual interior design app can help in the complete renovation of the house or even minor home redesigns. It involves the pairing of professional designers with clients according to their budget and requirements. These designers will help clients shop for new furniture, paint the walls, buy decorative stuff and change the look completely.

Important features to add in a virtual interior design app

List of professional interior designers and their charges, 3D image converter, visualization of expected design, personalization, etc.

10. Rental Apps

The rental app allows users to rent clothes, accessories, gadgets, and other stuff online for a particular duration. Such apps allow users to use highly expensive stuff whenever required by spending a little amount. For such apps, the startup needs to collaborate with shops and create a rental platform.

Important features to add to a rental app

Non-ambiguous terms and conditions, list of things with detailed specifications and prices, option to select durations, ratings, etc.

11. Job Searching Apps

You must have heard about online portals where job aspirants can search for jobs. An app that serves the same objective must include extraordinary features. Such apps can help both recruiters and job aspirants in the process of job hunting.

Here, users can feed information such as qualifications, degree, work experience, university details, list of skills, certificates, desired job designation, desired job location, etc. By analyzing the information of each user, the app should be able to list down the best-suited job vacancies.

Important features to add to a job searching app

The easy signup process, resume uploading, filters, bookmarking, resume writing, easy contact to recruiters, and push notifications.

12. Dating Apps

Dating apps are one of the trending app ideas nowadays. A typical dating app allows users to find dates with similar likes, dislikes, hobbies, careers, etc. Users can create their profiles by uploading their photos, basic details, and desires. The app analyzes the details and showcases a list of best matches to the users.

Important features to add to the dating app

Easy profile creation, user authentication, geolocation, data analysis, personalization, blocking option, chat option, social media integration, and push notifications.

13. Buy and Sell Apps

A typical buy and sell app allows users to search, browse, and buy second-hand stuff. Users can also negotiate the prices over a chat. Any user can sell or buy anything right from clothes to used smartphones.

Important features to add in a buy and sell app

Image uploading, short descriptions, chat option, search option, categorization, and push notifications.

14. Expenditure Tracking App

Have you ever run out of money before a week to a salary day?

That is probably because you are poor in tracking monthly expenditures. A startup app development company can consider developing an expenditure tracking app with unique features where users can feed the amount of daily spending, and track where they spend most of the money.

The mobile application development company can integrate with popular payment gateway apps such as PayPal and Google pay for better services.

Important features to add in an expenditure tracking app

Receipt scanning option, integration with payment gateway apps, friendly reminders about over expenditures, and high security.

15. Anti Smartphone Addiction App

More or less we all are addicted to our smartphones. An anti smartphone addiction app will track the time spent on smartphones and notify if the normal time limit exceeds. Such apps are high in demand by students, parents, and working employees.

Important features to add in an anti-smartphone addiction app

Time tracker, number of unlocking tracker, grayscale option, gamification, animations, detailed reports, and push notifications.

16. The Brand Identifier App

Such apps allow users to click images of the brand logo to identify the brand. It uses image recognition technology to scan and analyze the image. This is a great way of learning new brands.

Important features to add in a brand identifier app

Image recognition software, and suggestions about the nearest brand outlets.

17. Party Planning App

Be it your child’s birthday bash or your wedding anniversary, a party planning app lets you plan and arrange for immediate parties within the app. It suggests decoration ideas as per the type of party, recommends nearby cake shops, restaurants, and even a list of performers.

Important features to add to a party planning app

Define party type, time and location feeds, list off party related shops and food outlets, social media integration, electronic invitation cards, and a list of performers.

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18. Fashion Assistant App

Mobile application development services can develop a fashion assistant app where users can feed in their clothing interests, choices, body shapes, complexions, occasion, etc. Based on the data fed, the app will assist users in deciding attire, dress, and style. It will also recommend nearby fashion stores to help users find exactly what they are looking for.

Important features to add in a fashion assistant app

Image uploading, data feeding, social media integration, recommendations, and real-time notifications.

19. Photo Editing App

There are plenty of photo editing apps in play stores. To stand out from these apps, the mobile application development company should include unique features that are never seen before. Users can edit the background of images, add animations, add graphics, create a collage, adjust complexions, remove unwanted elements, etc.

Important features to add to a photo editing app

Uploading images, collage making, option to add or eliminate elements, special effects, graphics, animations, social sharing, etc.

20. Video Editing App

A video editing app can edit the background music of the video, cut the video length, add special effects, and much more. Such videos are more in demand since Instagram and YouTube have launched short video uploading options.

Important features to add to a video editing app

Creating videos, uploading videos, filters, graphics, animations, the option to change the background, manage video speed, split-screen effects, etc.

21. Audio Editing App

An audio editing app not only allows users to cut a short part of the audio and use it as a ringtone but also allows them to manage the technicalities like changing bass level, charging guitar chord levels, remixing, echo, etc.

Important features to add in an audio editing app

Managing audio speed, remixing, social sharing of edited audios, etc.

22. Karaoke App

A typical Karaoke app allows users to select any song of their choice and play the music of the song eliminating the singer’s voice so that the user can sing along. Users can see the lyrics and sing along to record the song in their voice.

Important features to add to a karaoke app

A huge collection of songs with lyrics, song recording, social sharing of recorded songs, option to save the audio in the smartphone, etc.

23. Song Recognition App

We all are familiar with that awful feeling when we are not able to remember the exact song that is stuck in our minds. A song recognition app allows users to sing or hum the song tune and displays the song name along with the link to download it.

Important features to add in a song recognition app

Voice recognition technology, user history, providing a link to download the app, etc.

24. A Public Transport App

Users can get details of the train or bus to their destination before reaching the station. The public transport app not only enables users to track their medium of transport but also book tickets online to avoid standing in long queues. It displays information such as schedule, routes, timings, conditions, etc.

Important features to add in a public transport app

GPS tracking integration, real-time schedule updates, view schedules and offline routes, map for guidance, online booking system, online payment gateways, and push notifications.

25. App for Women’s Safety

This is one of the most unique and great app ideas for a startup app development company. Users can simply tap the emergency button installed in the app and it will notify the user’s family about the emergency. The app will also notify the nearest police station of the user’s live location. This type of app is extremely useful especially for women working night shifts.

Important features to add in an app for women’s safety:

Geolocation, real-time messages to family, friends, and cops, easy access, etc.

26. Online Tutorial Apps

Such apps allow users to select courses from a wide variety of courses and enroll themselves to learn online. Such apps create a platform for students to meet professional tutors and learn new technologies.

Important features to add in an online tutorial app

List of professional tutors, a wide range of courses, free trial packages, high security, online notes, online exams, and certifications.

27. A Text Reader App

A text reader app reads out the text for users who are busy driving, cooking, walking, or even babysitting. Such apps are a great option if you like listening to stories but not reading them!

Important features to add in a text reader app

natural-sounding speech synthesis, highlighting currently read text, and push notifications.

28. Image Recognition App

This app idea is one of the most promising ideas for mobile application development services. These apps allow users to point their cameras at any object and display primary vital information related to that object. Imagine you are at a party and you saw a girl wearing a beautiful pair of sandals.

It would be awkward to ask that stranger girl where she got those sandals from! You can simply point your camera to the sandals and the application will tell you the pattern, brand and also recommend links where you can buy some sandals. Now that is the magic of image recognition technology! It can help you identify objects, brands, fruits, veggies, flowers, and much more.

Important features to add to an image recognition app

Artificial intelligence algorithms, image recognition technology, saving the searchers, real-time answers, machine learning, reinforcement learning, etc.


In this era of digital evolution, unique mobile applications have changed the technological world. Users prefer application solutions for almost everything. Hence, you can select any of the above ideas for your startup app development company.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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