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Mobile Application Development Trends In 2020

Mobile Application Development December 18, 2019
MMobile Application Development Trends In 2020

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]The integration of apps into the business is entirely changing the way people do their business. Every industry you name, mobile apps have disrupted them and gave them a whole new perspective to generate revenue. The mobile app development industry itself is experiencing a massive increase in its revenue numbers. Check out the past revenue stats and its expected growth in the upcoming years. 

Worldwide App Revenue from 2014 to 2023


Year Revenue
(in Billion USD)
2014 97.7
2015 152
2016 218.2
2017 285.3
2018 365.2
2019 461.7
2020 581.9
2021 693
2022 808.7
2023 935.2

The revenue figures are undoubtedly impressive. High revenue invites the high competition. There are ways to stay ahead of the competition and get a fair share in the revenue. 

App development is an evolving sector. Stay tuned with the innovations or your app will soon be history. Now that we are on the verge of stepping into 2020, know what are the trends you should know. Once you learn the emerging trends, integrate them to stay competitive and lucrative. 

1) Beacons Are Beaming

Beacons are wireless transmitters using Bluetooth technology to send signals. This mobile phone app development trend has been widely accepted by hotels, healthcare, and museums. It can be a great fit for location-based apps. It is very easy to use which makes users easily hooked to it. The retail sector is highly influenced by beacon technology merged with IoT. Here’s how Beacon works:

  • Beacon sends a signal.
  • Users phone fetch the beacon signal.
  • The beacon-enabled app transmits the signal to an online portal.
  • User gets a personalized message.
  • The app will format the information for the user.
  • The platform will send a sign to the app to act.

2) Get Ready For the Speed…5G 

This trend is not limited to mobile app development, it would be by far one of the biggest trends of 2020 and would be in buzz beyond that. Developers not considering this trend would be making a huge mistake. 5G comes adjoined with the speed, probably a 100 times more than what 4G provides at present. Here are some of the impacts 5G will bring in the technology sector.

  • 5G will decrease the latency as low as 1 ms.
  • It will enable efficient signaling for IoT connectivity.
  • It will bring uniform and multi-Gbps peak rates.
  • It will optimize the network energy consumption with highly efficient processing. 
  • It will enable more bits per Hz with better antenna techniques.

Well, benefits of 5G are not limited to the speed, it offers plenty of other things like:

  • Data security
  • AR
  • 3D gaming

With such hype of 5G services, developers must keep an eye on this trend and prepare for it.

3) Wearables Are Not Wearing Off 

The trend of the wearable is not new but definitely in the craze. The use of smartwatch, fitness band, and now even fitness ring are hyping in demand and use. Mobile app design and development company must focus on the wearables. The dependence on the smartphone is slightly decreased because of the wearable apps. This is one of the emerging trends in wearable as well.

  • Diminished dependence on the smartphone.
  • Increase in the use of fitness trackers.

For a better take on the wearable, check out the sales revenue of wearable devices.

Year Revenue
(In Billion USD)
2016 16.07
2017 19.35
2018 26.43
2019 33.78
2020 44.43
2021 59.41
2022 73.27

The revenue figures have been showing nothing but growth. So, this trend has potential you should not ignore to stay competitive.

4) Android Instant Apps

These are native apps functioning like websites attracting users with its functionality. The mobile app development trend set its baby steps back in 2016 but is now in buzz. The users looking to give a try to the app without actually having to download them and block their storage space, Android instant apps are a good fit. 

Here’s why users prefer Android Instant Apps:

  • Storage space is not consumed.
  • Has functionalities of a website.
  • It is small in size.
  • User experience is rich.

At present, there are very limited instant apps available in the Google Play Store. It allows the user to use the app without actually having to download it. That time is not far away when the Play Store will have these apps equal to the usual mobile apps.

5) AI Making The Apps Intelligent

Artificial intelligence has been in the buzz for a while now. However, over time, the trend is not going any stale. In fact, the demand and integration of AI have only risen. The integration of AI into mobile apps has made them smarter, saved a lot of time and effort, and make the app technologically advanced. The majority of the industries are accepting and integrating AI to improve their performance. Here’s how.

  • 44% of the companies across the world are using AI to detect and solve security intrusions.
  • 41% of the companies use AI to redress technological issues of the user.
  • 34% of the companies use AI to reduce production management tasks by automating it.
  • 16% of the companies use it for runbook automation and improving media buying.
  • 19% of the companies use Artificial intelligence for guessing customer’s future purchases and making suggestions accordingly.
  • 15% of them use it for automating call distribution.

Based on a report of International Data Corporation, AI is expected to show a revenue growth of $47 Billion by the year 2020. 

6) IoT

Just like some of the above-mentioned trends, IoT is not an intuitive trend. But, it is a trend that going to rock 2020. The integration of the IoT into mobile apps is trending these days and craze will continue in 2020 as well. The ability to control multiple devices right from their smartphone has really impressed users. So, get ready to integrate IoT into your next app. Here are some of the popular platforms you can pick from.

  • Xively: It offers features similar to IoT for your mobile apps project. 
  • Android Ubidots: Create an account on Ubidots using your Android platform and you can push your app on different devices.
  • Thingworx: It provides advanced tools for app marketing.

Are you wondering is it the right decision to integrate IoT into your app? These stats of worldwide connected devices of IoT will be a clear answer to your dilemma.

Year IoT Connected Devices
(In Billions)
2015 15.41
2016 17.68
2017 20.35
2018 23.14
2019 26.66
2020 30.73
2021 35.82
2022 42.62
2023 51.11
2024 62.12
2025 75.44

7) Wallets Are Going Mobile

The demand for eCommerce apps and online banking has immensely increased the trend of eWallet applications. There is an evident shift to mCommerce with the advent of Google Pay and Apple Pay. With each passing day, users are getting hooked to the convenience. Mobile wallets offer easy transfers in no time. The security measures are also tight making users trust mobile wallets. Tech giant like Samsung is working for improved scanning and paying technology. Also, Apple is trying to allow the peer-to-peer payment system with its Apple Pay.

8) Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Tech giant Google in collaboration with Twitter developed AMPS.  They are an advanced version of HTML. It allows the developers to develop heavy feature-rich websites with the faster loading speed and low bounce rates. AMP is popular for better performance on mobile devices. AMP is great for improving user retention rates, better conversions, and enhanced user experience. Google said it is going to provide a mobile search box to enable users in searching the mobile-friendly websites. It is one of the trends that will dominate 2020.

9) Chit-Chat of 2020: Chatbots

The integration of chatbots is about to grow tremendously in 2020. Do you have a chatbot in your mobile app? If not, it’s high you should probably start working. There are a plethora of mobile apps but very limited with chatbot integration. It is one of the best ways to attract and retain users and look different from other apps. Mobile apps providing services like food delivery, taxi booking, online shopping will be highly benefited with chatbot integration. 

  • 36% of the US developers use chatbots into their apps.
  • 11% of the Indian developers use chatbots in their apps.
  • 4% of Germany developers, 3% of UK developers, and 2% of Brazil developers integrate chatbots into their mobile apps.

10) Cloud-Based Apps

If you are looking to make your application function flawlessly across multiple platforms, integrating cloud technology is a must. Not just cloud technology is in the trend but it offers an ample amount of benefits to the app developers.

  • Decreased cost of equipment.
  • Reduced hosting.
  • Streamlined operations.
  • Improved productivity and collaboration.
  • Increased storage space in devices.

The integration of cloud technology will enable the applications to store plenty of data and conduct complex functions with ease. Majority of the mobile applications use AWS (Amazon Web Service) for their Cloud computing. 

Wrapping Up

The word “Trend” itself has an “end” in it. Before these technology trends end, make the most out of it in 2020. Now, that you are aware of what’s waiting for you in 2020, make sure to add these trends to your upcoming apps.  [/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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