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How Can A Great User Experience Set Mobile App Apart

Mobile Application Development May 17, 2016

The task of mobile app developers is not over just after he/she wholly patterns the application. The primary concern commences after that. Will users admire it and its interface? Is there still any need for final touches? These questions definitely give an edge over the competitors.

Today, people’s use of smartphones has exceeded than expected. They spend 4-5 hours in total, engaging in chats, calls, games, surfing, and using applications. Not only that, the charm of desktops has diminished nowadays. It can be said that the mobile world is diffused in every sector of the present economy. The robust tools for marketing strategy are involving mobile ostensibly. Well, you can be James Bond if you want an instant scintillating experience.

How can a great user experience set Mobile App apart

If you want to have staggering success in mobile app development, then the first and foremost thing is to take care of ‘User Experience’, there is no objection to that. This will eventually build a strong brand image in the market. There is a thin line between big and small app development companies; that is the extent of the user experience of the mobile app. There is some misconception in people’s minds that getting a mobile application developed is expensive than desktop software, but it’s totally reverse. Let us try to figure out how a great user experience can set your mobile app apart and make it more interactive?

Great User Experience Set Mobile App Apart

User Experience: The user gets the real flavor

There are different types of mobile apps supporting various OS of Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Windows; also, there are varieties of apps dealing in diversified concepts. From online dating, e-commerce shopping, chat-based, free calling, location-based events and places, news-related, to cab services, mobile applications are developed nowadays. The main goal of developers is to cater the placid and peppy experience to the user by outstanding design, easy-to-use menus, well-fixed UI. This is because consumers’ expectation about everything has increased to a higher level as they are open to choose from hundreds of available options as an alternative, in the market. Zomato is the best illustration of its respective theme/concept; it delivers deliciousness in its app.

Delivering desired value

For instance, a user has downloaded an app for a certain purpose. That is, if that purpose is fulfilled by the app instantaneously then, he is delivered value service. But, if the mobile app goes on annoying the user asking his/her attention for the things he/she doesn’t mean to; he will, therefore, uninstall the app. As the survey says, around 75% of apps are uninstalled immediately after the first use (day). 95% of app users don’t prefer to come back once they have uninstalled the app. That’s one reason why Google+ never got users’ responses as Facebook does. Finding the right balance and connection between users’ wants and applications’ features is vital.

Persuasive Presentation

The best example: 9gag mobile app, focus on the categories of the customer’s visual, engaging content rather than gawky, desktop-era controls. That is why, its presentation is simple where you see: Home, Explore, News, Videos, and Profile tab separately. Users can easily go to and forth with just a simple single touch. When Tinder started as a mobile app, the customers were happy like anything for 2 reasons: One, it was the most reliable online dating mobile application where 90% of users are authentic. Second, they just have to swipe right or left, do nothing stressful. Where can you get such a delightful and cool user experience? This simple, intuitive design made the periphery of reviewing fun and helped increase the Tinder user base dozen times. If your mobile apps are flashy, and UI requires too much learning, it’ll probably stumble.

‘Eyes wide open’ effect

Yes, the feature that no other mobile apps, even its competitors don’t have, would certainly put a WoW on users’ mouths. It certainly flatters them when they see things for the first time and feels comfortable with them. Uber, did the same when it was launched. They made their app quite distinctive and vivid, so anyone will associate it from a mile away. This is what few renowned app development company has succeeded in doing till date, and that’s what you need to do as well.

Up to the mark

They optimize efficiency. Your initial product definition i.e. Mobile app specifications should address every major aspect of the product: quality, marketing features, and overall user experience. Mobile use is characterized by short bursts of partial attention throughout the day. When the app is ‘Up to the mark’, it will attract millions to your doorstep.

Users like to enjoy the apps which deliver an enjoyable, quick, and hassle-free user experience. If your app is capable of satisfying users’ needs , you will absolutely win their hearts to form a long-lasting relationship with them. It is so well suggested to opt for a hybrid approach that introduces new, unique and useful features; it sets you apart from the competition. Do you want to set the bar in the mobile apps too?

Not only will the user experience makes better app store optimization but also set your mobile app to stand out in the crowd.

Jignesh Audichya

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager and Sales Generation Leader who thrives to take the personal and professional growth to the next level.

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