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Popular Tactics To Sell Your Android App In The Market

Android Application Development, IT Technology, Mobile Technology March 20, 2018

Competition is greater than ever, 3.5 million (apps in the play store) is not a small number. Well, this might give you a thought that making money in this abundance of competition is next to impossible and there is no point in launching one more in the herds of apps. Hell, no. Despite all these competition, there are still a plethora of chances to generate a sound revenue if you act smart. If you are not quite aware how to make this happen, keep reading and you will gradually know how to sell your Android app development.


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Tactics To Sell Your Android App


1) Paid or Free? I Suggest Both


You want to make money out of your Android app, it is but obvious. So, you keep the paid version of your app. That’s fine but not entirely. Just give it a thought, there are already apps existing in the app store which are just like yours and are available to the users for free. Give me a single reason why will users pay for your app when they are getting a similar thing at no cost? So, this thought will drive you to launch the free version of your app. Now, how will you make money out of it? So, the best thing to do to create a balanced between the user base and revenue generation is to launch both the paid and free version of your app. The basic version should be free for the user and for using the advanced features, there should be paid version.


2) Register With The App Store


App stores are a great aid in selling your app. For availing that aid, you need to get yourself registered with the Google play store. There are some annual charges you need to pay for signing up there. Registration will entail you with some of the testing tools and also liberty to publish on other devices. Well, the nice thing is that the annual registration charges are that of a big deal. It’s just $25.


3) Keep Inserting Attractive Content


If the app is all about your forte, there is no point of concern. You have the knowledge and information of that category and you can easily share it. When you are an expert in the field you know what’s new and what’s trending, you can keep your app trending with unique and latest content. Users will be delighted to know nuances and if they find it worth they will also pay for the same. So, unique content in the is a massive factor in driving revenue to the app.


4) Adding Ad is Not That Bad


This is the best way of keeping the app free to install and yet earn an attractive amount of money out of it. Keeping the app free will attract more users to your app and giving ads will help you recover the cost you made on the mobile app development. Based on what category of app you have launched, there are some of the potential options to host relevant ads.


5) Keep it updated


The primary thing that users hate is when the app is not responsive. They will abandon the app at the very moment when they find that the app is not responsive. Also, roll out the app updates in the timely manner. Both these factors will give higher ratings to the app which will drive even more users to the app. So, updates and responsiveness are two factors helping you sell your app.



Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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