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Red Alert App Designers: UX Pitfalls Ahead

Mobile Application Development, Mobile Technology December 19, 2017

We are cognizant of the fact good app development without good design is a wasted resource. The preliminary focus that drives any user towards any mobile app is the design. There are two integral chunks of the mobile app designing: User interface and user experience. Both have equal weight. User interface deals with the look and feels of the mobile app, whereas user experience deals with the working of the app. You put your heart and soul right from the development to the deployment and a teeny weeny user experience can screw your entire user base and make your app to fail. Users are bad with patience and when they find even a minute issue with the app function, they will drop it on the go. So, read the article ahead and stop your app from getting dropped.



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UX Pitfalls in App Development


1) Improper Introduction


We are talking about the first date of your app with the user. There is no second chance given if your app fails to impress the user on the first date. So, what the user expects from first app date? Simple and user-friendly. Yes, that’s it, your app should not be confusing the user while navigating the app. They don’t need to think twice about exploring the intuitive features. Do you fall for a guy who is mysterious and complicated? Or you fall for a guy who is simple, friendly and easy going? The second one, right? The same thing applies to the user experience of the mobile app as well.


2) Offbeat Onboarding


Onboarding is a brief tutorial to get the user acquainted with the features and content of the mobile app. Tutorials are boring if they are extremely long and users just swipe through it. When the users are already aware of the app, they just want to jump right in and start using the app and a long tutorial on the way might cause them to lose the interest from the app.


3) Feature Stuffing


Many mobile app development companies perceive a misconception that filling the app with a bucket of features is the best way to drive more traffic and engage more users. If this is your thought process and get it eliminated from your head right away. The mobile app designer should fairly be in the know of the fact that design should be elegant and aesthetically appealing. Identify the objective of the app, analyze other competitive apps, determine the must need features and add only those to the app.


4) Be Unique


There might be certain color trends in the app designing and you might follow them. Well, this doesn’t mean that you blindly copy them. You might take inspiration and add your creative touch. Your mobile app design is your identity and it must be unique and entirely yours.


5) Complicated UX


In the heed of doing something intuitive and unique, don’t fall for making it complex and complicated. Users are not going to like it for sure, The basic principle of UX is keeping it simple and classy.


6) Ignoring Test


Well, you might have ample amount of experience in the designing and you must be confident that you have designed out of the box and trending user experience. However, launching the app with this thought is taking you nowhere but out of the user device very soon. The user experience of the mobile app must be tested with the actual users and timely feedback and updates as per their feedback must be promptly taken.



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