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Shortage As A Strategy To Attract Users To Mobile Apps

Mobile Application Development January 2, 2018
MShortage As A Strategy To Attract Users To Mobile Apps

People these days are fully FOMO ( fear of missing out). When it comes to human tendency its astonishing with its powers and similarly baffling with their own set of limitations. The concept of shortage strategy in terms of conversion optimization takes three things into consideration:


1) Heuristic approach for app conversion potential

2) High obsession with data and testing

3) Profound understanding of human behavior


When something is rare…it’s of higher significance and it creates thriving demand. If the same thing is in abundance, the demand vanishes like vapor. The Shortage is basically economic problem which is related to the human needs in an era of limited resources. The same rule applies to the application sector. With the flood of apps, the era of shortage disappeared long ago which made the user engagement quite difficult for the mobile app development company. This concept has been widely used in app business for driving sales and when it comes to gaming, it is the secret to monetization. Fundamentals of scarcity include timing, desires, access, driving actions and availability. Let’s check out how shortage works to drive the users to mobile apps.


Strategy To Attract Users To Mobile Apps


1) With Context to Shopping App


Creating a sense of extinction in the users will attract the users on the spontaneous basis. This specifically happens with the e-commerce apps. This won’t leave the user with the option of keeping the decision pending, when something is scarce they have to make an immediate decision of buying, increasing more users and in turn their sales. This is very clearly depicted in the case of flash sales. Visitors will be converted into buyers on the spot.


2) Limited Edition


Offer the market with limited quantity, this will create a wave of the rush for the users to get their hands on first and there’s a win-win situation for you. When you create an illusion in the market about rarity, this will higher the perceived value in the mind of people.


3) In Context of Gaming Apps


You will be quite aware of Pokemon Go, this app has driven people crazy all across the globe. The reason being, it has explored some really rare Pokemon which have astounding supernatural powers and really tricky to capture. Users are eager to catch these Pokemon but they appear only in specific zones and catching them is also not that easy. These evoke curiosity in the users and force them to invest their time to use this app.


4) Time Barrier


There are apps which allow the users to access the app for certain timezone only. Once used they can access it only after 8 hours or 10 hours, this will make the users very anxious and they will keep on checking the app time and again and when the using time is open, it will be the first thing they will do leaving everything aside.


5) With Reference to Dating App


Tinder accompanying with several other dating apps makes optimum utilization of the shortage strategy to gain user engagement. The basic function of tinder is that you will need to have both sides swipe right if you want to make a match. Well, well, well….hold your excitement as you are available with the only limited number of right swipe and this makes each right swipe very significant. To make the users even more engaging, you have to wait for a time period of 12 hours for getting the swipes restored. This will make the user obsessed.


6) Deal of the Day


Developers have to come up with different mobile app development tactics to keep the users interested. Deal of the day is one of such tricks where the apps have huge discount deals on several products but just for a day. These triggers the old users and also invites the new one. There is also a feature of the countdown to thrive the users to make rapid decisions benefiting the apps.




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