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Still Striving Hard For Mobile App Engagement? Try These Secret Designing Tips

Mobile Application Development July 12, 2017

There’s no secret when you read the articles specifying you to come up with simple UI and UX and yes, they are not wrong. Every article that you go through will mention you to go simple, go easy and get the user. Well, contrary to the opinions that all those articles carry, I have something else to say, share if you agree with me. The current era is all about competition and entry of any new product will be directly set for the comparative study with others already existing ones. If your UI and UX is just simple, it will be side out instantly. To lure user attention and make them talk about your app you should apply the formula of Simplicity + classy = perfection. When you go for your attire shopping, you don’t go for flashy, you go for classy. When simplicity is combined with uniqueness, it ends up in user purchase. Same thing applies with your app designing too.


Mobile App Engagement? Try These Secret Designing Tips


Being indulged in mobile application development, your app should be at par or more in terms of features and it should lag back in terms of complexity and navigation issue. 20% of the users exploring your mobile app for the very first time will leave your app after a single use if they don’t find using the app comfortably. App designers should be in the know of this statistics as they are the one being the major part in bringing or not bringing the mobile app designing. Let’s dive in to know how can mobile app engagement be improved with improvising it’s designing.


1) Aware of the 1/5th rule?


Mobile apps face the trouble of smaller screen space and curtailed attention span. Bottom down the first part of your app idea which grabs the maximum number of eyeballs which will set off for the rest 5th part and highlight it to the extent that users can’t even take their eyes to the rest of the part.


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2) Limit to fit


Have you used any app that has way too many features? If yes, then you might have noticed they are facilitative but using them can be complex. It’s like a treasure hunt for the users to find and use the feature that they want. If the services you entail are more and there is nothing you can do about it then bifurcate them in various categories and sub-categories. This designing will give a sleek and clean look to the app making it look less messier and more dressier.


3) Be wise and personalize


Designing which users applaud include the one which takes interest in the individual choice and taste of the user. Mobile app development companies should conduct study of likes, dislikes, activities, gender, and tastes should be noticed and a personalized list should be availed. This makes the users feel privileged and they don’t have to invest more time in finding what they want.


4) Appropriate Font is they want


Let me tell you if you are not aware that font makes a huge impact on the UX. Learn this:


1) Too big fonts, big no


2) Too small fonts, simply no


3) Too small fonts will strain the users in reading and the bigger one will annoy them. The fonts should be such which are easily visible in a decent way. Colors also play a vital role along with. Low contrast colors are decent choice while app designing.


5) Pay focus to the teeny-weeny details


Teeny-weeny details can create gigantic impact. The brand value along with the UX can get really high value by focusing on the minute and peculiar details. Totting up animation effect to the icon and also to the menu part of the app impresses the users at the first sight and make them spread the positive word about your app.




Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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