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14 Things To Keep in Mind Before Developing An Android Mobile App

Android Application Development April 18, 2016

How are you going to build a world-class Android mobile application?
Are you working in the best mobile app development company?
What factors will come into play while creating the same?
Also, do you know about the real-time competition that is kicking the bucket in the market?
How can you create a widely successful Android app?

If you’re an Android app developer, you will have noticed that there are literally myriad apps on the Google Play store. Some apps are flooded with downloads and great reviews like Whatsapp, Tinder, and Facebook Messenger while others suffer from lack of attention, and very fewer downloads (there are plenty).

There are almost 1.6 million and 1.5 million Android and iOS apps respectively. Mobile users around the world are likely to reach to 5.07 billion by 2019. So, the numbers will definitely increase. The above statistics show that the demand for mobile phones and mobile applications are consistently rising. But, the quality of mobile apps should not be deteriorated and should be evolved as much as possible.Things Before Developing An Android Mobile App
Check out these 14 tips to help you build a successful android mobile application development:

Things Before Developing An Android Mobile App

1. Serve something different

It should be noted that Android users are quite different from Apple users. The same is the case with mobile applications. Human beings get bored with one thing very easily. Mobile users want to be served with something new. Hence, you should create something interesting that keep the users engaged with your android mobile app. Android mobile applications totally serve a different purpose since they know who their customers are.

2. Deep Market Research

Before developing an Android mobile app you should conduct proper market research. Analyzing the market will let you know about your competitors, their strengths, and strategies, etc. Researchers often overlook customer reviews. These reviews become very helpful and can give you a glance at the likes and dislikes of users about a particular type of app. This will win over your competitor’s customers. This is one of the reasons why Android users are more than Apple

3. Efficiency

It goes with the famous going, “If you are doing something, do it with 100% efficiency, else don’t just do it.” This applies to Android developers significantly. The quantity of Android beats Apple but the quality of Apple in mobile applications easily beats Android. This factor distinguishes both importantly.

4. The Match-winning Marketing strategy

Creating that buzz before the launch is vital to get an overpowering response at the launching time. You need to ensure that you begin marketing your mobile app at the appropriate time.

5. Budget

This is crucial. We know that most Android mobile apps are free, unlike Apple. Developers should then know their budget in advance before beginning to develop the app.

6. Pricing Perfectly

Pricing is one of the most challenging yet crucial tasks which should not be ignored. There are a number of factors that a developer needs to consider before determining the correct price of the application. It should not be too high or too low; it should be as per the market standards and befit the customer’s expectations.

7. Effective and Elite Description

For someone who is checking your mobile app for the first time in Google Play, it is important to make the first 2-3 lines catchy enough to convert your app users into potential customers.

8. Know your target audience

Defining your target audience. If you meet your user’s expectations, your smartphone app is likely to get more popularity. There is no sure shot success pill of anything you do in this entire world, but these tips can definitely help you if you are planning to develop your mobile application and want it to last long.

9. Understand the Android market

Android has a bigger market share compared to iOS, but iOS users spend 4 times more money on apps. Meaning, iOS developers can potentially make more money, but those targeted at Android users have access to a bigger user base.

10. Design flexible layouts

Android devices take numerous sizes and shapes. Make sure to use layout designs that stretch their content to fit different types of screens and still look great. The best practice, in this case, is to follow the official design guidelines created by Google.

11. No-clone

“One of the most common mistakes Android mobile application developers do is they cone iOS apps. Imitation, replica, duplicity, etc., are not appreciated by the users.

12. Simple and Sassy

What about the texts? Is it intuitive? Are the buttons big enough? Take notes and continue to iterate. Sometimes the best apps are the most intuitively simple apps. New users will drop off quickly unless you offer a super easy-to-use design.

13. Support Different Languages with Localization

Android users are present across the globe. Since Android apps are hugely popular in different regions, wooing your users with a localized version is a smart move. By specifying the configuration language and region qualifier, the app will automatically switch to the device’s default locale.

14. Follow Android Design Guidelines

It is one of the critical factors. It’s like ‘If you want to live in my house, you will have to obey my rules.” Developers should strictly adhere to Android Design Guidelines. Only then it will be organically recommended and be listed in the top charts if that particular Android Mobile app is ‘awesome’.

Additional Tip – Keep Up With Latest Trends

Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollipop and now Marshmallow. The Android mobile application developers should create such an app that is compatible with the latest versions but should also support previous versions. This is very important.

These 14 tips will certainly help you build a successful android mobile app development company as a team. We have plenty more tips, ample solutions for android mobile app development and experts to make it through successfully. Contact us for more detailed instructions and illustrations.

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