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Top 5 Mobile App Budgeting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mobile Application Development May 5, 2017

The increase in the figures of mobile users has given a huge push to the need of mobile application development companies. If you are in the same league, you will be well informed about the tough survival in the competitive world. The basic secret is to stay in connect with the users and offering them what they need at the correct time and in their convenient way. Launching best app can offer you with drastic benefits, but not every company is able to generate the desired amount of profit, due to lack of budget planning. Let’s hunt down these basic mobile app budgeting mistakes to avoid for being profitable and also keeping your consumer satisfied.


mobile app budget


1)    Apps and websites are same


Back-end infrastructure, considered to be one of the inalienable facet of developing an android app or even IOS app. This helps the app to work at its best. If you have a misconceived notion that the criteria and budget needs of website development and mobile app development stands similar then get that thing straight out of your head. CMS, front end, back end, third party services all these constituents should be taken care of which can take even more when compared to that with websites and if you set your budget encircling the website, it’s a huge pitfall you should alert yourself from. Budget goes down line on the factors like effort, time, complexity involved, human resource acquired and these all can differ from website development.


2)    Not paying heed towards cross-platform app development


App users are into contra distinct mobile platforms including the cross-platform mobile application development. Include this credentials in your strategy and it will satisfy a huge section of the end users. Several entrepreneurs determine their budget focusing on only single platform and they keep aside cross platform which will restrict their profit earning caliber.


3)    Ignoring budgeting for updates


One of the factors lowering the survival probability of the apps in the open market is update budgeting. Technology is ever evolving and you can’t stop after launch, you will have to keep up with the upcoming trends and have to come up interesting updates. Planning budget for the regular updates will carter with satisfaction need of the user and helping you to survive in the cut-throat competition.


4)    Evading app marketing budget


Marketing is the king of app development. However trendy, catchy and perfect your app is, it will not exist in the market if marketing don’t play its cards. You can pull your hands back in any other field but not in the marketing. Accurate marketing budget and framing of policy can assist to make the entire crowd aware about the features, usability and benefits of your app. This will help you achieve more downloads and profits.


5)    UI preference


Users can be attracted by making use of the UI but at last, it’s the functionality which delivers the actual value. Focusing on UI in the initial stage is good but for a long lasting result, functionality is must to be maintained.


If you are on the track of  steeping your profit figures, stay away from the pitfalls shown above. Feel free to contact us regarding any issues you come up with while developing your mobile app. We have a team of highly qualified professional to enable you with the support.




Alfred Beiley

A Senior iOS developer and a programmer by heart, I have been working at 360 Degree Technosoft since last 4 years. Engaged in all the tech and app evolution, I dedicate my part time to the company and the rest to implement in my life.

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