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Travel Apps: New Best Friend Of Wanderlust

Mobile Application Development July 17, 2017

It’s been history when we used to carry a paper map and faff around encountering vivid people and striving hard to pull a conversation to find the way while exploring some tourist spot. In this era, you carry a multi-talented guide with you 24*7. It can translate the language, show you directions, locate you anywhere, book your stay, entails you with comparative price study of different hotel rooms, act as your boarding pass and the skills of your guide goes on. Well, well, well, it’s none other than your mobile apps.


Travel app development


you do these all already? Of course, yes and this has placed the travel apps in the category of 7th most downloaded apps. The reason being, on the go access to all the detailed information, beneficial deals, discounted prices just at the finger touch. app development company has mutated travel industry from top to bottom. If being indulged in travel industry you stand alone refraining having app, dear friend you are on the way of your business demolition. Let’s introduce you with some of the upper hand travel apps have over general tour operator.


Benefits Of Travel Apps


1) Don’t look, just tap and book


Well, save some extra bucks by eliminating the need of agent for ticket booking when you can do it right through your smart phone. Plan the date and book your air tickets right through your travel app, Feed your route and these apps will also show you lowest airlines or the days with the lowest fare. You don’t need to hurry to grab the best seat as you can also do this right through your travel app. Cab booking can also be done to and from airport or search for the other travel channels therein.


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2) Less pay better stay


Travel apps also depict lists of hotels bifurcated with the category like luxurious, standard or budget stay. List of hotels is depicted with price comparison and the facilities available therein. Hotels have also conjoined with mobile app development business and for some hotels, they also have a policy that if you book rooms by using their apps, they will offer a special discount. Without visiting the hotel, you can have added information about rooms with best views or any such detail needs.


Benefits of Travel Mobile App


3) Don’t wait just navigate


Travel is fun but it can be difficult if you are in a place with language difference, finding the place or asking for directions or getting lost can be a real pain in the head. Well, stop this ache with the mobile app. Travel apps will suggest you with a list of best places to visit, easiest directions to reach there and cheapest ways to travel there. Don’t get lost and use travel apps the most.


4) You want it, you need it, you get it


Tech has fueled the traveler with impatience. The wait is not something which today’s users are not meant for. 44% of the travel junkies plan their holidays through travel apps. The process is damn simple, you don’t have to call make calls, take follow up and approach different people for different booking and bargain with them to get a reasonable package. With travel app, with some taps, you can book everything without the hassle of call, confirm and bargain.


Juicy tit bits of travel apps : 


1) 80% of the holiday bookings are done online.


2) The role of tour operators is vanishing with 7 out of 10 people planning their holiday through mobile applications.


3) While 8 out of 10 actually book their travel online and among the remaining 2 also, 1 opts for planning and scheduling online leaving just one step back, the booking part.


4) Generally, for 6 out of 10 people, travel is the most costly expenditure they have done online through apps.


5) In the US 40% of the wanderlust do their bookings through app last minute while they are already traveling.


6) Almost 61% of the mobile travelers and 40% of the US travelers book their hotel through travel app.


7) While already on a trip, 15% of the travelers use travel apps to plan the trip further.


8) Weather checking is also one feature that travel apps offer and 55% of the travelers uses this feature while on their trip.



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