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Uplift Your Mobile App By Adding These Things

Mobile Application Development July 25, 2017

Hyping usability, enhanced security standards, ever changing tech trends, evolving and upward rising user expectations, rapid app development needs, the threat of survival has increased the pressure on the developers to stay ahead of the technology and keep on surprising the users. You can’t just pick the line there is no such thing as innovation left and sit back and relax and still expect the users to download your app. This is not 2008 when there were just 500 apps when users come to you looking for you and you don’t have to strive hard to reach to them.


Uplift Your Mobile Apps


Well, that’s more than a decade back, and the world has altered from head to toe. In the current era, to flourish your app and engage the users or drive new users, if not major then minor changes have to be integrated on the consistent basis. If being an app development company, you are not able to figure out ways, here are some you can analyze and if useful integrate.


Features for Mobile App To Uplift


1) In-app Chatting To Stay In Touch With Users


In-app chatting has an essential role to play in reducing the clutter, miscommunication issue and hype up their conversion rate. Every developer intends to engage more and more new users and upsurges their retention rate. With this feature, both these agenda can be achieved successfully. The real time customer service can be achieved from inside app only and this feature is the most effective way to drive your mobile users into customers. This will act as a support system and enhance the experience of the users. This can prove to be a helping hand in the consequences when they can’t find something they are looking for redress any trouble. All the queries can be resolved and generate a satisfied client base. This can also be a great tool for marketing as these set of satisfied clients will spread positive reviews encouraging other users to try and test your app.


2) Multi Platform App Development


Well, when you create an IOS app and if it just works on iPhone then users won’t acknowledge it much. The market for your app will be curtailed and it won’t get a much wider scope for getting downloaded. Instead, come up with an app which if developed for IOS would also work on iPad also on iWatch and AppleTV. This would need some extra efforts to make your app compatible with different devices of varying screen size. Being indulged in mobile app development, you can opt for tactics like app thinning which will assist you in increasing the apps footprint. Well, this will only be applicable for the devices running beyond IOS9. Another tactic is to try app slicing which will make your app eligible to work for devices having different size variants. Make your app universal so that more and more class of people can install it.


Features for Mobile App To Uplift


3) Notify but only who needs and with what they need


Heights of irritation are surpassed when there is a bulk of notifications in your smartphone and none of them are relevant or useful. Track your user’s activities, their interests, and their transactions and then decide which type of notification would prove to be purely useful and something that users can act on.


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4) Touch ID Enabled


With the advent of touch ID in IOS apps, it entailed the developers with the capacity to add up an added layer of security which is tough to breach. Mobile apps have data which is highly confidential and revelation of which can cause high loss to the user. Fingerprint authentication is something that can ensure the users that none other than themselves can access their apps.


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