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Want A Mobile App? Tight On Budget? Here’s What You Need To Do

Mobile Application Development March 3, 2018

Investing money is no fun that too when you lack extra bucks to spend when dealing with a massive project. Well, there’s a mental block you can never get the most out of low cost. Well, the realistic approach to this concept is yes you can, or let’s say of course you can only when you know exactly what you want, where to spend and how much to spend.


mobile app budget


What To Do For On Budget Mobile App


Mobile app development is not a scanty project and the prediction that we see by the year 2020 in the app revenue is 188.9 billion US dollars. You don’t have to cut the corners if you plan like a pro. But, yes, you always have an option. Let’s make you aware of that option.


1) How much would a mobile app cost?


Before you come up with this question, the first question striking your mind should be, what features and functions you want to integrate into your app. Without taking these decisions, it’s unfair to approach any mobile app development company and ask for cost estimates. Costing also depends on the platform you choose for app development. The expense of developing android app would be different from that of IOS. Put on a bit of effort and a hunt for a freelancer. Ensure that freelancer is trustworthy and reliable. Check out his past clients review for safer side.


2) Set your priorities


Make a brief research on who’s going to use your mobile app, that’s identifying the target audience. Why you need a mobile app? Because if your competitor has it, then you have to work a step further and integrate something that your competitor lags back of. Don’t fall for the layman features and put your money into all those things which are chewed out in the market. Drop those and just come up with the feature that solves user issue.


3) SDK


The SDK can reduce the workload by 50%. It’s a shortcut for app developers for app building. If you opt for pre-built SDK, then both time and cost can be saved a lot. If you are intending to develop an in-app messaging app, opt for a third script and integrate your app into it instead of building it from the intuitive stage.


4) Save time, it will save money


If overheads are cut down, then the app development time can also be brought down. Both this cutting down can ultimately result in saving your overall cost. Small business owners and incubators generally get trapped into gibberish overheads resulting in the increase in time and cost. Plan smartly and saves smartly.


5) App development partner


You want a quality app, right? You will hire a top-notch development agency and get it. But, this won’t fit with your budgeting standards. Instead, you should opt for a mobile app development India. Labor is cheap there, but the quality is rest assured and you get it both quality with a pocket-friendly budget.


6) Pricing model fixed


When the budget is tight, opting for a fixed price budget always proves to be beneficial. Yes, of course, it implicates some restrictions on your end product. Locked budget means you are not left with any room to make any alterations in your project needs once you have signed the contract. Filter a well-defined list of features beforehand and make sure you don’t need anything extra. Make sure the company doesn’t charge extra beforehand to cover up for the additional features which might come in the way. Stick to the budget and stick to the features.





Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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