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When Should You Change Your Mobile App Development Team?

Mobile Application Development March 13, 2018

Does it ever happen to you? Everything is alright, you have got the right things, each and every required resource, yet you fail to get the required output? Somewhere something is going wrong that is for sure. You are just not able to pick it out what’s wrong. If it is about the mobile app development, you have the right clients, the right technology, right knowledge set, right financial aid, yet you are not able to generate the desired output, what’s going wrong? If you have been working with the same team and everything was great before and things are just the opposite at the moment, it might be the team that’s not right. Ever given that thought? You would have scrutinized the background of the employees before hiring them and they even proved to be good. But, just like electronic things can go wrong after buying, people can also work wrong after hiring.


So, how do you know it is the wrong team that’s holding your business and revenue back from achieving the desired result? Here are some of the indications that will help you decide whether its the team that is at fault or something else?


When Change App Development Team


Change Your Mobile App Development Team


1) Crossing the Deadlines


Deadlines are meant to be fulfilled. It reflects the company’s reputation. You explore the company’s website and they would have mentioned on-time delivery of the project and it is breached, this created a negative impact on the goodwill of the company and incoming business. In certain instances, it can be understandable to surpass the deadlines, but when it happens on a continuous basis, this is an indication to take action. You can’t just remove the entire team, you need to find who are the weak ones. Take the project that is missing the deadlines, look for the resources allocated to that specific project, keep a track on tasks assigned to them and time taken by them to accomplish it. You can determine the productive hours and result through this.


2) No Involvement


Employees are an integral part of the entire app development project. They are not just limited to the tasks assigned to them and if something goes wrong, they can’t simply raise their hand saying it’s not my job. Employees should be fully charged with energy to tackle new challenges and come up with the innovative ideas and ways to execute them. They must be participative in the project discussion, brainstorming sessions and research work. If they are not any of these, you know what your next step should be.


3) Repetitive Malfunction


We are humans, we do make mistakes. No one can be picture perfect without any flaws, we can accept mistakes if done countable times. When it comes to Android or iPhone app development, there can be bugs post development, its natural. The thing is, before it is launched, all these should be resolved and a perfectly functioning app should reach the users. Now, if the app is submitted to the client and he reverts back to the bugs, this is a black spot on the company name. If any of the members of the team does this, they are one of the reasons for the low business.


4) Lack of Interest in Follow Up 


Your team developed the app, they launched it. Now, this is the exactly why you have hired them. However, if you want to keep the clients satisfied and boost your business, follow-up is a must. If your team is not an enthusiast and don’t reply the client on time, don’t provide post app launch support, don’t make minor fixes or ignore them after receiving the payment, this can be one of the reasons for the negative review of the client and business getting deteriorated.





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