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Which Mobile App Development Strategies can Help You after COVID19 Lockdown

Mobile Application Development May 26, 2020
MWhich Mobile App Development Strategies can Help You after COVID19 Lockdown

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]We all were suddenly caged for several months (in our homes though). Now, we have a release but do we really don’t know how to make a comeback. Do we? We have got the liberty to bring our business back into the business. But, the real question is how to bring the people or let’s say their customers.

Even though the work from home managed for most of the mobile app development company to continue their ongoing projects. But the struggle of finding new app development projects is real. The business cannot continue the same way it used to in pre lockdown time. The mobile app development strategies need some change to cope with the ongoing changes around the world. It’s difficult to plan for things that we have never experienced and find a way out of it.

Here are some of the ways to help you with that.

Focus on Customer Engagement

Despite the fact, you get sales or not at this point of time, it’s very important to stay in contact with your regular customer. You can just ask them about their well-being or how they are coping with the Covid-19 situation. This will keep you connected with your clients and whenever they have a need for your services, you will be their first choice. Keep your customers engaged by posting content on your app and sending your clients personally. This will keep them engaged and know you are still there.

Pitch Your Presence

Post lockdown business is getting back to business. But, do your customers know you are ready to work as usual. Create a convincing pitch to let your customers know you are upbeat with your team and ready to take up the responsibility. Let them know you have the skill, talent, and responsibility to handle their projects as usual.

Accumulate your Resources

It’s very important to collect your team. Check the status of your team, boost their motivation, and bring them out from the work from home mode. It’s important to bring their work efficiency to the optimum level. The comfort of home and pajamas will now be at bay. In no time, the routine of getting dressed, packing the bag, and tiffin will be back. To get your customers confidence it’s very important to get the required resources ready.

Adjust Your Service According to Customers Needs

The customer has always been the king. Now is the time when service providers are many but customers are very few. They must adjust their iOS and Android app development services according to the customer’s needs. At this point of time, customers must get what they want, or else they will easily turn to your competitors. To survive your business in the post lockdown world, make sure to fulfill your customer’s needs. Give whatever they ask, in fact a bit extra to stay to make your customers loyal and satisfied.

Shifting Focus from Big Projects

There can be two scenarios after the lockdown opens. The first one is people see the high demand of users preferring online instead of offline shopping and they want to develop an app. This is a good situation for the mobile app development company. The worst-case scenario is people not intending to spend money. Already the savings will be gone during the crisis which can make users take a break from any expenses. This can be an issue for mobile app developers.

People want to spend less money and your business definitely needs more. So, don’t just focus on big projects, accept the small ones as well. As long as you are getting work of any kind take it. Just keep them coming. Here are certain things you can make them understand to make them develop an app or update the existing one:

  • Your Restaurant needs Online Ordering

Even though the lockdown has ended but people are still scared to step out and eat in the restaurants. Having an online ordering system will help you survive your business in the post lockdown era. There is still some time for the people to go out like for dinners like before. Till then manage with the online ordering. This makes it important for restaurants to consider restaurant app development. You can consider developing an MVP with just the necessary features to save money at this time. Also, if the app proves to be a success, there is always an option open to add new features later.

  • Your Salon Services Needs Online Service

Even though salons have implemented the policy of book appointment and then come to avoid the crowd. But, people would still refrain from going to public places. If you develop a salon app and provide a specialist to provide service at home, it will increase your customers. So start developing an app and start sending your service providers at your customer’s home.

  • Online Shopping will Rise

Your store must have an online presence. People might shop online instead of going to stores. So, you must consider developing an app to sell your products. They won’t prefer going to malls or local stores for buying products. There will be a crowd and most people would like to avoid that in such a time of crisis. Having an app to sell and a person to deliver will be wise.

  • Meds on the go

If you have a medical store, don’t wait for the patients to come to your store to get their medicines. Deliver them to their homes. Hospitals and the medical store might seem like the hub to get infected. Make them feel safe by delivering their needed meds at their doorsteps. Make a dual channel to get customers and generate revenue.

Create a Strong Marketing Strategy

Marketing does a miracle if done the right way. So, you should create a good marketing strategy to put in front of your customers. It’s very important how you showcase your services to your clients. It makes a huge impact on what you show and how you show. Create a social media plan, decide what to post to keep the users engaged. People were extremely hooked to social media which give an added advantage to catch the user’s attention. Work harder to frame a powerful marketing strategy.

Data Security

Any app must secure their data. Users won’t choose any company that cannot provide data security. Make sure to create powerful data security to gain the user’s trust. An app has a pool of private and confidential data that needs protection. There should be a streamlined process to collect data, store data, and protect that data. There should be complete control over the collection and utilization of the data. Make sure to never share the data with any third party.

Focus on Mobile App Performance

Your competitors would have pulled all the loose strings back by now to get back with a bang when the lockdown ends. You don’t want to leave the defects in your product or service. It has to be perfect, attractive, captivating, and never allow users to leave once they visit the app. If there are any loose ends like bugs, fix it. If there are any design glitches, hire the mobile app UI design company and rectify it. If your app crashes, ask your developers to make it stop. The performance of the app should be up to the mark.

Get a Competitive Edge

Now, it totally depends on your business, how you can be ahead of your competitors. You can expand the type of services you provide. Whatever your business is, making it digital should be your number one priority at this moment. Establish something in your business which your competitors don’t have. Conduct some competitors’ research to know what you don’t have and start working on the same.

Lure them Out

Definitely it is not like the usual days where discount or sale will drag customers to your business. People are still scared to gather at public places but they need what they need. It’s been a long time they haven’t been on a date or shopped. At times these things are addictive and they become a habit. You can take advantage of that. Lure them out with the best products and services at lower rates.

Frame Your App Monetization Strategy

It’s very important at this stage to keep the money coming in through any means possible. Frame a strategy through which you can earn money through your business app. One of the ways to earn revenue is by placing an ad. If your mobile app is popular, you can place ads of other companies they will pay you money. If there is a loss of customers during lockdown and revenue is not coming from there, open other ways, and keep it coming. In-app purchase is also one of the effective ways to make money from the app. Keeping some of the features locked and charging money for them is also an option to generate revenue. However, I won’t suggest that at this time of crisis. You might lose your users by keeping some features locked.

Final Words

Get ready for the post lockdown world with the best mobile app strategies. Pour your best efforts to make your business ready and get the grip back. It’s very important to consider your customers and your employees both while framing your strategy. Don’t forget to take care of the health tips because lockdown has ended but the fight with Coronavirus yet to win. Win your business back by implementing the right strategies at the right time.


1) What is a mobile strategy?

People access information and conduct a routine transaction through mobile apps. This makes it very important for the business to create a mobile app and drive business through apps. It’s the mobile-first time and making your business ready for mobile-first time is mobile strategy.

2) What is the process involved in mobile application development?

Here is the entire process of developing an app:

  • Idea generation
  • Wireframing the idea
  • Mobile app designing
  • Mobile app development
  • Mobile app testing
  • Bug fixing
  • Mobile app deployment
  • Mobile app marketing

3) Why do people create apps?

People use mobile devices more than desktops. It’s easy for people to use mobile apps on the go for ordering things, booking a cab, searching for information, getting news updates, and many more things. Mobile apps provide added convenience to people, People use apps and this is why people create apps.

4) What is a mobile-first strategy?

Giving priority to designing and developing apps for smartphones and tablets over designing a website for desktop is a mobile-first strategy.

5) How hard is app development?

It is hard of course, you need to enroll yourself at an IT training institute and then you can gain basic knowledge. Mastering it can take much more time and effort.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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