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Why Design Is The Most Important Factors In A Mobile App Development?

Mobile Application Development November 22, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]Most of the users get this misconception that the mobile application is a mandatory thing to do if you are an established business and doing it anyway wouldn’t matter. Well, let me tell you one thing. It isn’t the real mantra in this cut-throat competitive market. Being the CEO of a reputed mobile app development company, it is my responsibility to take care of the project I undertake.

Design Is Important Factor In Mobile App Development

What I do is I look at their business physically and digitally and develop the application. It is not the end; it’s just the beginning. Looking at the dazzling and astounding addiction of smartphones, users focus on mobile applications and they are very serious about it.

We come into the picture when we are told to create a dynamic and marvelous looking mobile app. How an app attracts users? Features, User-friendliness, and Design. Let’s say before a user even gets to know the features, he /she is either fascinated or bored by the design.

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The only factor that totally divides the mass in the first step itself is the design. Why not concentrate on this attribute of development and then make efforts in the rest of the characteristics and functionality? The developers are aware of it and today, they are creating the application more appealing and catchy. Just as the primary capability of serving a purpose well, the company as a whole thrives to develop it perfectly.

Let’s go in detail about it. Yes, here is an Infographic that is a design itself to show you how to design an iOS or Android application. This will help you understand and select the best mobile application development company onwards.

design of mobile app

The above Infographic must have given you the clear idea on why it’s important and becoming one of the crucial factors nowadays.

Importance of Mobile App Designing

1) Attract Users

Of course, attracting people needs visually appealing designs. To have those into your mobile app, you need a creative mobile UI designing company. They have enough experience to come up with a design that can entice and attract the users on your app. The ultimate agenda is to make them stay as long as possible on your app, use it, get addicted to it and share it with their friends and relatives. Good mobile app design is the key to it.

2) Get Featured

The number of installs, likes, ratings, and reviews given by the users decides how good the app is. One of the best ways to get your app noticed and drive more users it to get your app featured in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. In any case, this won’t be possible without a great mobile UI design. It is mandatory to hire an experienced mobile app designer to get the desired output for your mobile app.

3) Create an Astonishing Brand Image

If you are developing an app to represent your brand, you want to be perfect. Normal or average design for a mobile app is not going to make your app or brand stand out from plenty of other competitive brands. A good mobile app design will create an impactful first impression for your brand and you will never know it can make your brand the trending talk of the tech town.

4) Create A Loyal User Base

With plenty of other similar apps, users stick to certain apps. There are plenty of factors behind it. But, one of the most impacting factors is a beautiful user interface and the simplest user experience. Users must get satisfaction with the experience which will, in turn, make them spread the word about your app. There is no better marketing than word of mouth and great application design is the key to it.

Things To Consider While Designing A Mobile App

1) The Simple The Better

Overdoing the design is not a great idea in today’s era. The users don’t appreciate extra colors or extra features or having to click or swipe multiple times. The simple the features, the better it will be for the users.

2) Keep it Rapid

The speed at which the app works is equally important as that of the design. Ignoring the speed and laying extra emphasis is one of the common mistakes made by the startups. If you are up for buying a car which looks great but doesn’t work that well. Would you buy that car? Of course, not. Your app must also well and fast.

3) Target Selected Things

Overcrowding the screen of the app will do nothing but confuse your users. Provide users with the result of what they are searching for. Providing with too many options will drive them away after a certain point. Make your mobile app design in a way that does not overcrowd the screen. Target on selected features at first and then it works well and loved by the users you can roll new features eventually.

4) Hire the Right Mobile UI Design Company

That’s right it is important to choose the right designing agency for your mobile app development project. Check the previous project and what kind of design they have implemented. You can also ask the company to create a wireframe before you assign them the actual project. Check the experience and work samples of the designer in the company to be sure you are handing your dream project to the right company.

If you are a newbie and confused with questions circling your head. Read ahead and clear your confusion cloud with these frequently asked questions.

1) What is UX in a mobile app?

UX stands for user experience. It is basically how a user feels when they use the app. UX has to be attractive yet easy and simple to understand for the non-tech people.

2) What is mobile UI?

UI stands for the user interface. It refers to the designing part with graphical elements, the theme of the app, and uniform look for devices of different platforms.

3) How do UX and UI work together? 

They both go hand in hand to create a perfect mobile app. The user interface works to make them look good for the users and user experience works to make the user feel good when they use it. Both had to be good to make the user like the mobile application.

4) Does UX design need coding?

Well, UX is majorly related to designing and does not need in-depth coding knowledge or experience. It wouldn’t harm if the designer has the basic coding knowledge for ease of working.

5) Where can I design a mobile app?

There are several tools available for designing a mobile app. Here are some of them:

  • Adobe photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Sketch

The best option is to leave the task in the hand of professionals by hiring a designing company.





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