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Why The Future of eCommerce Depends On Mobile Apps?

Mobile Application Development April 15, 2016

Ecommerce is bewitching the customers and its booming emergence is the talk of this decade.

Don’t believe this exaggeration? It is a fact. Not to mention why it has augmented since past 3-5 years as it’s because of tremendous growth of smart-phone users which substantially becomes potential users of mobile apps. So, is there any association with this two? Of Course, rich and deep connection between mobile app development companies and Ecommerce business.Ecommerce depends on mobile apps?
The Junction of mobile app development and Ecommerce shopping

Need statistics? Go through this figures:

  • 155 Million Consumers own smartphones – only in USA
  • 62% of smartphone users have become reliable e-buyers in last 6 months
  • 1/3rdof all ecommerce shopping in 2015 were made on a smartphone
  • ECommerce dollars now comprise total of ten percent of all retail revenue
  • 80% of shoppers used a mobile phone.

Stunned! I was just trying to grab a tiny slice of your attention but I didn’t make that numbers up. Actually, it’s increasing and the reason you’re smelling it is because the market is still striving to fill the 20% market void. 20% of those above shoppers who uses mobile phone. That is why, many ecommerce merchants have been dishing out instead of eating up. Who will survive then? It’s serious but not impossible. Many ecommerce business is sustaining and that, my friend, is the most influential survivors.

How will app development companies affect Ecommerce Business?
What impact does mobile apps have on Ecommerce Business?
Is mobile app development future of eCommerce?

Let’s find out.

Ecommerce Graph
People today now are not going to any physical stores to buy any physical things. Irony. But it’s the truth. The graph or percentage ratio of people buying online things has increased 60% than it was 5 years ago. ECommerce companies therefore are taking their mobile strategy a step ahead. There are still some retailers who jitters for being deprived of the benefits of not adopting this new age technology. Super frustrating. Industry stakeholders feel mobile apps are the way forward. But they cannot be the sole medium.

ECommerce industry now, seems to have reached a point where websites (mobile responsive or not), are about to become obsolete. Specifically for the eCommerce market, it has become a trend for companies to move to an app only experience.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for eCommerce Retailers
1. Meet cross channel customer demands
2. Increase adaptability
3. Improved shopping UX to boost customer loyalty
4. Insight to meaningful data
5. Convenience Payments and check-outs

You as a retailer should be smart enough to understand that people do these things through mobile apps only: Booking a movie, Learn tutorials of any subject, get health tips, read books and play games, watch live telecast of any important events or search for nearby party places or places to visit. You should adapt mobile strategies in order to meet customer expectations and boost customer loyalty. Trust me, this is the time where retailers could and should,do more for mobile shoppers, as they are the reason for the sustainable existence of eCommerce industry.

Importance of Mobile Apps
Flipkart, had planned to go the only-mobile-app-way. Recently, Myntra, which it acquired, also went app only.Grab flipkart big billion day offers list.

75% traffic is already coming from mobile app. Still, they continue to offer desktop as well as mobile option for our customers.

According to MD of Google US,
“215 million people will be online in the country by 2018. Same will be 110 million in rural areas.”

The enterprise is truly understanding the mindset of the customers & accordingly, they try to entice customers to engage, convert, and shop. Mobile Application is an intermediate path to attach the end users and the organization. It is a kind of breakthrough in the tech-world that the bridges the gap in the market. It is dependent on, and solely subjected to the customers satisfaction. This connection is the shortest way for the mobile app developers to be lucrative.

Users consume internet data, memory and time to download your eCommerce mobile app only to get valuable products that meets their expectation in return.

Mobile Application Development has a way bright future ahead, so are you prepared with any special strategies to be the part of this revolution? We are here for you to design ecommerce mobile app with optimal user experience and benefits

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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