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Why is Native App Development Better Than React Native Development?

Mobile Application Development, Mobile Technology June 11, 2019
MWhy is Native App Development Better Than React Native Development?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The clients intending to get an app developed for their own often gets confused with the thought of picking the right platform. With the constant increase in the use of the mobile device and the need for apps to do every task, the business hubs are focusing even more in having their own app on the app store. To the matter of fact, mobile apps are expected to generate global revenue of $189 Billion by the end of the year 2020.


Sure, business people out there want a fair share in this ravishing revenue. If you have made your mind to get on those stores, we will do every other thing to get you there, make you successful, and help in making the right choices. Let’s start with the most basic choice of picking the platform.


Lets Compare Two App Development Platforms


The two popular platforms are Native and React native. Native has been here since like forever and React native is trending at the moment. Both have their own benefits and it can be intimidating to choose one of them unless you have an industry expert to give a decision and explanation for that decision.

Without wasting a single moment here is the answer you seek, Native is better than React native. If this is enough, you can directly start looking for the best mobile app development company and get the development started. If you want to dig more and know why it is best, keep reading.

1) API

In case of the React native, one of the issues that developers face is that it does not support every native API. The common APIs are supported but there are certain which React Native does not support.

Well, the native platform supports every API and functionality. It doesn’t have to rely on any third party source as everything that a developer needs can be availed with native. Also, there is no concern about rolling the update as there is no extra layer mapping the functionality.

This is one of the reasons why developers choose Native over react native.

2) Community

React Native has been in the market since 2015 which means it is still a bit young. Well, the progress and success rate is still impressive. However, it has a smaller developer community. This way if you get into any trouble, you are not sure you will find the solution from fellow members. Since the platform is fresh, there are high chances of running into unexpected issues and average chances of getting the required help from the community.

In the case of native, the platform is very antiquated and hence have a very large community. Most probably every issue arising on this platform has been discovered and have a solid solution for that. The community is big and active and have answers to every question. Also, the probability of running into unknown errors is also low.

3) Third Party Libraries

There are third-party libraries for React native platform to integrate into the development process. However, they are kind of limited. If you get everything you need from these libraries, it’s great. But, in case you don’t get what you are looking for, you are kind of stuck.

The native platform has plenty of libraries. If one doesn’t work, you always have another option which is great for the developers.

4) Designing Difficulties

Being a developer, you must have known Android and iPhone both platform. You must also be familiar that both have different look and feel and looks really different. Also, both have a different set of designing guidelines to comply. In case of react native, a single app functions on both of them. This makes designing really difficult. At times, it also kills the charm of the app and sets several restrictions as well.

In the case of native, there is separate development for Android and iOS. This gives the creative liberty, ease, and no restrictions. Both the developer and the user have better app experience with native compared to that with React Native.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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