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Why Is Retail App Development Booming Very Fast?

Mobile Application Development November 1, 2018
MWhy Is Retail App Development Booming Very Fast?

Well, it would not be correct if I say the retail app is on its growing stage. Gone are the days when it was an option whether to indulge in developing a retail app or not. Now, its a necessity for the retail business to create a digital presence not to maintain their profit standards but to survive in the competition. Maybe that is why half of the retail brands have already developed and deployed their apps in the market. Some of the popular brands who have followed this path are Walmart, Starbucks, and Macy. So, who should think of developing a retail app:


Booming Industry Of Retail App Development


Entrepreneurs : These are the people who intend to start or are already running a retail business needs to come up with a retail app for their brand.

Retail Chains : These are the ones who have their stores in several locations and have the vision of expanding their business in many more for their customers should think of developing a retail app.

Retail Store Owners : These are the one who is looking for a complete guide for developing their own retail application for their retail business.


What’s A Retail App? Does Your Business Really In Need Of It?


Retail App Development ServicesWe have read and known the importance of restaurant apps, travel apps, and such other apps but we haven’t really explored retail app that much. The level of importance is equal but it is a little different category-wise. The retail app basically stands for an app meant to improve the buying process, make the shopping experience of the customer better, and generate newer and improved way of getting in touch with new employees. So, next time when a customer approaches an entrepreneur or a retail business owner, he can divert him to his app.


Also, it is important to specify that a retail app is a great add-on to the business and not an option. Also, looking at the statistics 30% of the online purchases are made through smartphones, developing a retail app for the business would act as an added channel of revenue to grab this set of customers.


Mobile App or Website: Which is a better option?


Well, the website is nice but the mobile app is the best. For a retail business, it is more profitable to develop an app instead of a website. Despite the fact what product you are selling, the customer tends to buy things online. The trend of buying products online through smartphones has grown since 2015 and is still on the rise. It grows by 5 to 10% annually. Well, the mobile app would be of no use if it is just a source to attract the users, the main motto is to compel the users to make a purchase.


Retail Mobile App Development


Well, the option of developing a website is always open but just ask yourself, will be as beneficial as that of an app? If you can’t come to an answer, let me do it for you. The answer is “NO”. I also have clear facts to support this NO.


1. Compared to the retail websites, the shoppers tend to browse apps more by 286%.

2. The conversion rate of apps is 120% higher than that of the websites.

3. The ratio of add to cart is 90% higher in the mobile apps.

4. Compared to the websites, the users tend to spend more time browsing apps.


The basic reason why apps are loved and used more by the users is the user experience. Mobile apps provide rich user experience and also some extra and special features. Push notification is one such feature which apps have and website don’t. The loyalty and brand awareness are build in a greater and better manner with apps.


Features To Have In A Retail App


1) User Profile

The user must be offered with a list of choice to pick from. By knowing the user’s preferences while creating their profile, you will serve them with what they like and would like to buy.


2) Product Listing With Description

The app must have a feature to list all the products. Every listed product should be tagged with a description of the same. This will help the user in making an informed decision about the project.


3) Customized Search

A retail app must have a customized search option to give the users with exactly what they want. They can’t search the entire website to find that one product they are looking for. The user can search the specific product or a specific category or through price range or brands whichever they deem fit.


4) Notifications

A retail app must notify the user about the order made, payment made, about any offers, discounts, price reduction in their searched products and any such thing that a user need to know about.


5) Payment Integration

The user should be availed with multiple payment methods while making the purchase from your retail app. Restricting users to just one or two modes for payment will make them abandon the app at an early stage. So keep the payment options open for them.


You have a full-fledged guide on the retail app, the statistics, the demand, the better option app or web, and the features that can make it best. So, its high time you should stop thinking and bring the plan into action. So, go on hire a mobile app development company and give a head start to developing the app.

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