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Why React Native And Not Native App?

Mobile Application Development August 8, 2017

You are not the sole person facing the dilemma whether to opt for native or react native? Well, by the end of this article, for sure you will know. Let’s start with what’s native and what’s react native. Native apps generally avail services that are more relevant with that of a website but, yes with enhanced user experience. On a contrary, what react native app deals with is extracting best of both these things and conjoining it. The focal point of react native app revolves around the concept of write once, learn once but run anytime and anywhere to cater specific features of various device types. The success quotient of reacting native app lies in the picking up the right model for development.


Basically, you are availed with three options, either you can go for local app development, outsourcing or offshoring. Make your choice wisely. You can call react native as a framework used for native iPhone and Android app development. Most probably used by the developers for the frontend framework in the web and app. Let’s explore some of the features that can compel you to head your ways here.


React Native Vs Native App


Advantages of React Native App Development


1) Time consumption


RMAD tools are on the great demand as every client intends to come up with an app on the go. Clients are not willing to devote a long period of time to come up with an app even though a great one. This is where react native app overtakes native apps. When the agenda is to deploy a simple app, react native will take a shorter span of time from the development to deploying to the app store. The reason being, there’s only a single app to be developed and not two which makes the process very swift and clients more interested.


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2) Single code base


We just discussed above that when it comes to react native app development, there lies no need to outburst with two different apps. Just a single code base is enough for both IOS and Android. You don’t need to invest time and effort in getting the knowledge of two different platforms and languages. Your work can be easily accomplished by learning just one.


3) Prompt loading time


While developing this type of app or even while making any changes post development and you save any file, immediate changes will be displayed on the device where the app is being used. This not only makes the app development process rapid but also makes the feedback loop agile and more interactive. The changes which need to be made in the app based on the feedback can be very prompt hence making the users feel privileged and keeping them engaged, probably converting them into regular customers from the users.


4) Open source


One of the major benefits of developing react native mobile app is that it’s open source. Inspecting code is something that comes along with. Understanding the framework can be enabled or rather say eased with open source. Bug fixing, framework improvement or adding new features is also improved with react native mobile apps.


5) Web to app


It can be bit cumbersome job on the part of a mobile app development agency to shift from web development to mobile app development. React native is a java script framework which is a pro in when a developer is transmuting from the web to app. With react native, the process really gets smooth. The majority of the web developers have worked their way with JavaScript. This makes them comfortable and familiar with the development process.




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