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Why You Should Hire a Mobile App Development Company Not a Freelancer

Mobile Application Development May 14, 2020
MWhy You Should Hire a Mobile App Development Company Not a Freelancer
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[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]App development is like a team sport. A single good player cannot win a match. It’s the joint effort of the team that decides winning or to lose. A similar thing applies to mobile app development as well. The application development process is not a one-man job. It requires different people with a different skillset and then a project manager to lead them all. It involves a designer to start with, developers to process it, and not just one developer. Depending on the choice of platform, the project might need Android, iOS, and PHP developers. Then the app needs a tester and a marketing team to create a buzz before launch and keep the app in talks post-launch. The same team is also needed post-launch to maintain and update the app at a timely interval.

Well, this answers the question of why to hire a mobile application development company and not a freelancer for your project. It’s a team sport and a good company with a skilled and dedicated team can create a successful app. There are several other reasons to hire a company instead of a freelancer. Let me jot down the benefits of hiring a mobile app development agency.

Hiring a Company v/s Hiring a Freelancer

1) Pre-Screened Staff


Companies have some standard procedures to follow while hiring the team. They have some pre-defined interview process to check the skill and knowledge of every person they hire. There are levels of the interview to crack before hiring an employee. The company offers job only to those employees who deserve. They check education, experience, communication skill, and knowledge before they take anyone into the team. This means if you hire a company, your project is in safe hands.


Well, there is no screening process when you hire a freelancer. You have to do all the research by yourself for every freelancer you hire. If you have technical knowledge then you can interview them and know whether they are good enough or not. If you are technically weak, you can be easily fooled. So, make an informed choice.

2) Substitute Available


This a major point giving an upper hand to a company compared to a freelancer. If any of the team members are unavailable at any moment, there are substitute members available. The client would never suffer a delay in work or communication flaw when you hire a company. Anyone can fall sick or be unavailable due to various reasons but the project won’t suffer when there is a company. The project manager takes good care and assigns other designers or developers for the time being. The client feels privileged and taken care of.


In the case of a freelancer, a single person is handling everything. If that individual falls sick or becomes unavailable, the project suffers the loss. There is no substitute available. There will be a delay in the deadline and the project will be on hold for the time being.

3) Multiple Work Done


When a company is developing an app, multiple things get done simultaneously. When the designer completes a few screens, he sends them for development. When the developer completes one part of the app, they send it over to the tester to find the bugs. The tester starts the testing. This way three people and three processes go on the app. Hence, it speeds up the process and makes the app efficient and agile.


In the case of a freelancer, a single person cannot do all the tasks at once. The client will have to wait until the entire design is complete to send it to the developer. Also, the tester has to wait until the development completes. Also, don’t forget the hassle of hiring each one of them separately. Working with the freelancer will take more time, effort, and attention as well.

4) Latest Technology and Tools


A company has its employees trained with the latest tools and technology. Top mobile application development company adapt to the new changes very quickly and easily. They also give training to their employees on how to accept, adapt, and ace new tools into their development process. Mobile apps tend to work better with the latest technology on intended platforms.


A freelancer might not be updated with all the latest technologies and languages. They might also not have all the trending tools as some of them might be paid and freelancers would not invest much in paid tools. They might also not like to upgrade their skill set and stick to what they know. This might not be good if you want to make your app compatible with the latest trends.

5) Expertise


A company comprises of various employees with different knowledge and expertise. Thus a single app gets the expertise of multiple experts when a company develops it. There are multiple developers and all can share their view and expertise on the app. There is a team lead or project manager above to verify and improvise the work done before it goes to the clients.


Well, a single individual cannot know it all. Handing over your project to a freelancer means having limited expertise and knowledge on the app. They have limited experience which they pour into their project.

6) Deadline


A mobile app development agency gives a definite deadline to its clients. Now, they work really hard to commit to the deadline. They will dedicate their every required resource and time to deliver the app on the time. They analyze the project requirements at the beginning and share a timeline to complete the project. They stand by their timeline and complete the development in-time to satisfy their clients. Also, because of the entire team, on the occasion of the unavailability of one member, others can replace and complete the work.


A freelancer might be working fulltime at an office and then doing your project in their free hours. This way he might work slower because of the work overload. Also, there are higher chances of the work getting delayed. They usually don’t stick to their timeline and deployment of your app might get delayed.

7) Fixed Contract


The top mobile app design company has a fixed price for the entire project. They don’t fluctuate from their decided price. This guarantee is good to have on the client’s part. The cost doesn’t fluctuate apart from a certain situation. If there are any changes in the project requirements and the client wants anything extra, they will charge extra. But, apart from that, the cost remains the same.


In the case of a freelancer, they don’t have a fixed cost. Their cost fluctuates based on the type of clients they deal with. Also, they might not be working with the fixed cost at times. They work on the per hour basis which might seem costlier for some projects.

8) Project Manager


App development is a long term project. Along with a good team of designers, developers, tester, marketers, there is a need for a leader to manage them all. In the mobile app design company, there is a project manager handling all the tasks, the entire team, and clients. They handle client communication, assign tasks to the team, check on the progress of the project, and solve their queries. They make sure the project completes within the timeline. Well, they just kind of keep it together.


In the case of a freelancer, it’s like a one-man doing it all. He is one communicating with the client, the one working and he is the one judging his own work as well. It might get complicated to handle front-end, back-end, communication, and development. There are higher chances of things getting messed up. Juggling up with multiple things by one person leads to mistakes.

9) Quality Output


A mobile app design company maintains consistency in its output. They have their clients and have a reputation to live up to. They deliver out of the box services and output. You stay ensured to get the proper return of your invested money. A company has the better experience to do justice to the app of any category with any level of complexities with different features and functionality. This is why companies are easier to trust with a big project and a huge investment.


A freelancer might charge less compared to top companies but they have limited knowledge. The output can sometimes be good or contrary at times. There is no guarantee of quality output. There is the flexibility to make changes in the final product but it would be time-consuming and need lots of effort.

10) Risk


The risk involved with a company is much less. They have a portfolio, review of the past clients, an office, and legal contracts to bind the clients and the company. The client has security when they hire a company. The clients are not under constant fear of the company cheating or being wind up. They have the security of their money paid. This means the risk factor is quite low. Also, top app development companies make sure they provide ultimate client satisfaction which ensures the client.


Risk is a considerable factor while hiring a freelancer. What if he just stops receiving your call? What if your project is stuck in the midway and doesn’t complete in decided time? What if you made your payment and the freelancer just disappeared? There are plenty of what-ifs in the case of a freelancer. So, the risk factor is high if you hire a freelancer.

11) Full-time Commitment


A company has plenty of resources to allocate to a single project. This gives full-time commitment and focuses on a project. A company takes care of their project as their baby and stay 100% committed to it.


For freelancers, your project might be an extra gig and not their full-time job. The attention and commitment they give to your project might not be 100%.

12) Post-Launch Support


A mobile app development company doesn’t end their job with the landing of the app in the play store. They take care of the app even after the launch. They maintain the app, make necessary changes, or roll the update. They look after the app very carefully after deployment as well. It is one of the major benefits of hiring a company instead of a freelancer.


In the case of freelancers, they don’t take responsibility after delivering the app. They don‘t provide post-launch support or take care of the app, their updates, maintenance, or any such things.


1) How much does it cost to hire someone to build an app?

There is no fix price to build an app. It fluctuates depending on whether you hire a company or a freelancer, what are the features, functionality, timeline to deploy, and various other factors.

2) How much do freelancers charge for an app?

Every freelancer has different charges based on their experience, the technology they work on, and their skillset. The charges might vary based on the type of project, fixed cost model, or per hour model.

3) How do I hire a freelance app developer?

There are various sites like freelancer.com where you can connect freelance developers and get your work done.

4) How to become a freelance mobile app developer?

Freelancer or not, to become a developer all you need is training and experience of the technology you choose. The right skill set, timely delivery, and quality output are what get good clients.


Well, we are not anti freelance people but there are benefits of hiring a company instead of a freelancer that we cannot deny. So, if you are considering developing an app of your own, you know whom to choose.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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