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Car Wash App Development

Car Detailing App Development

Cars are one true love for many people. It is just like the wife, getting married is not enough to live happily ever after. It needs regular maintenance. So, the car would also not run with just petrol or diesel, it will need regular washing and maintenance to run smoothly. But, at the same time, people have also become the couch potato, they don’t like to take even a bit of effort and do things they are supposed to do. This is why on-demand apps are so much in demand. Every task can be done right through some clicks on the phone.

Now, even your car wash can be done in a similar manner to the car wash app development. Well, if you are one of the leading mobile app development companies and looking forward to grabbing the market opportunities, this is something you must indulge yourself in. If this is your next plan, here are some of the features you must have in your car wash app.

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Features To Have In A Car Wash App

A start to end guide on the process of car washing app, the features to integrate into it and the best one to hire to get it all done for you.

  • Sign Up Or Log In
    If the user is new, he will have to register himself with the app using social networks or email address for placing the service request. The user can place the car washing order based on the packages provided by the different service providers. The user can select the service provider, suitable package, feed the location, and proceed with placing the order. There are several service providers with different packages, pick the one which suits your need and your budget conjointly.
  • Availability Of The Technician
    While placing the car washing request, check whether the technicians for the work are available or not. You don’t want your car to be in the wash for more time than expected and for that checking the availability in advance is more convenient.
  • Check The Request History
    The users can keep a track on their order history. They can view how many times have their car been for the wash, when, to which service provider, and how much did it cost?
  • Payment Methods
    The user has several methods for making the payment like through debit or credit card, through the wallet or even cash as per their convenience.
  • Sign-Up
    Just like the user, the detailer also has to log in with the app using the password and username given by the admin.
  • Notifications
    The detailer can send the push notification to the user about the request received or about the service completed or about the payment received.
  • Feed The Location
    Detailers can add their location to allow the users to know about their nearby centers. The users can get an idea about their closest centers and drop off their car at those centers.
  • Accept Or Decline The Service
    The detailer can accept the car washing request and also mention the estimated time required for the completion of the service. If the detailer has already scheduled the number of services, he can decline the request by the user.
  • Ask For The Payment From Admin
    Based on the number of services completed and the packages of those services, the detailer can send the request to the admin for making the payment.
  • Track The History
    The detailer can know about the number of jobs completed per day or in a week or in a month. This way he can figure out his working ability.
  • Registration Of Technicians
    Admin can track all the technicians, their name, number of years of experience, their location, charges to be paid to them and any such other details needed for the job.
  • Manage Ratings And Reviews
    Admin can manage and answer the ratings and reviews provided by the users to the detailer about the services.
  • Manage The Payment
    The admin can manage the payment to be made to the detailers and also the payment to be received from the users.
  • Manage Service Timings
    All the car washing services assigned to the users at what time and when will it be completed is all managed by the admin.
  • The first step is the user send the cash washing request to the admin.
  • The admin receives the user request and shows the nearby cash washing detailer to the user.
  • The user then picks one of the detailers and admin send the request to the car washer.
  • The car washer then goes to the user location.
  • The detailers then wash the car as per the package selected by the user.
  • After the car is washed, the user makes the payment to the admin.
  • The admin then makes the payment to the detailers.

Why Hire Our Car Wash App Development Company?

Our company has the knowledge of the latest tools and technologies to integrate the above mentioned featured into a full-fledged working mobile app. We can give everything that you seek: Dedicated developers, interactive designs, latest features and functionality, quality assurance, and post-deployment support. We also provide you with the wireframing of the entire project to assure you how will the flow of the app be and how is it going to look like. Also, we keep you updated with every teeny weeny detail of the project and ask for any changes from your end to have a smile of satisfaction on your face when you are done with your Car Wash App Development Project.

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