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Little Diaries

Little Diaries is a Digital School Diary connecting Parents and Teachers on one platform. With Little Diaries app, parents can track a child’s daily activities, receive notifications, interact with teachers through real-time chat, and view invoices. Teachers can notify parents about their child’s progress and schedule parents or staff meeting with Little Diaries app.

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We had to develop a mobile app for parents to check their child’s progress in various growth areas and Web Module for Teachers to update children’s data and do many other tasks smoothly. Main idea of the app was to connect parents with their child’s teachers. But challenge came in when it was difficult to make the mechanism of building connections if parents have multiple children in different schools.


First of all, we made a flowchart of the mechanism on how to connect schools with parents. Then we developed an access code-based mechanism for each school. This means if the schools make registration of the children then parents will get an access code to connect with their children in different schools with the same id.

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User Interface

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Our simplistic and refined solution with graspable layout help the parents observe the modules clearly and connect with the schools to see the calendar-wise progress reports of their children

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A consistent design, apt icons and visual hierarchy with all the features in a single frame suppor the hassle-free activities of parents and teachers on the app. The dashboard informs parents about the class schedule, lectures and the timings, conducted tests and the results, attendance, and pictures of the class activity.

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The learning assessment will score each kid on the basis of their performance during various activities like drawing, attendance, sketch, and every other thing done in the classroom. It’s a delight for parents to be aware of their child’s performance, expressions and monitor every day practices through a single app.

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Soft colours and simple design were chosen for conscious awareness and instant response.

Designed engaging modules like Daily Activity, Photo Journey of Children, Progress in interested areas and student’s attendance, as target children are Pre-schoolers.

Developed a mechanism for the parents to access each child in different schools with a Single ID. Get notifications of new activities to be conducted and performance of children on the activities.

With our technical expertise in Firebase (Real-time Database) we created a chat module where Parents and Teachers can chat and share insights with each other.



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